“We talked about a lot of issues..”

BBC NI set aside an hour and a half of the schedule for live coverage of out-going US President George Bush’s visit to Northern Ireland today. As it was there wasn’t much live coverage involved but there was an interesting discussion involving Queen’s University’s Rick Wilford which started with the ongoing US political involvement here, interrupted by a joint statement from President Bush, NI First Minister Peter Robinson and deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness. Here’s part 1. Part 2 is below the fold.
Here’s the second part of that discussion.

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  • spadesaspade

    A real public display of the SHAME GAME

  • Driftwood

    The news coverage on UTV and BBC was pathetically fawning and indulgent, a real embarrassment for any journalistic integrity. Bush himself was absurd and you really had to laugh at this total non event. Maybe Channel 4 news can tilt the balance back to reality.

  • ulsterfan

    I think we are all overwhelmed with apathy.
    A real non event.

  • The Raven

    …and yet looking at Pete, Marty and George, I can’t help but wonder, which one is the lame duck…? They all look so similar…

  • Comrade Stalin

    I’m left wondering what it was all about, but more importantly, pissed off at having been delayed for half an hour on the M5 between 6pm and 6:30 while Bush’s motorcade went (on the wrong side) towards Whitehouse, for some reason I’ve yet to understand. Presumably he didn’t want to go up the M2 to get to Aldergrove. It took another half hour for the traffic on the Shore Road and M5 to shake itself out.

  • Harry Flashman

    The leader of the most important nation in the world pays us the courtesy of a visit to round off his farewell tour of Europe and all we can whinge about is a thirty minute (yes thirty minute, oh the humanity) delay on the M5 at rush hour.

  • 0b101010

    I suppose we should have been laying down palm leaves, eh?

  • cut the bull

    They are three shameful bastards

  • Driftwood

    That should be three shameless bastards..

  • cut thye bull

    I agree either or either but most probably both

  • Comrade Stalin


    The leader of the most important nation in the world is so scared of people who disagree with him that his drivers take him on detours so that he won’t even have to deal with the sight of protests. Every event he went to yesterday was carefully orchestrated and screened to ensure that nobody would rock the boat. This is a man who couldn’t even go for a quick walkabout, unlike his predecessor (who was also confronted at one point by Cedric Wilson who called him a terrorist supporter to his face). So, Bush cut a pretty damn pathetic figure yesterday.

    So yes, I’m damn sure I’m pissed off that 45 minutes of my valuable time was wasted yesterday. BTW, your distance is showing. 6pm ain’t rush hour here.