Young earthers, flat earthers and Sammy…

JUST a thought… New environment minister Sammy Wilson has clearly stated his belief that changes in the earth’s climate are not down to man. He mentioned ‘ice ages’ as an example of natural change. However, if we take the view of his fellow DUP members that this planet is only six or seven thousand years old, this cannot be true, since the last ice age only ended about twice as long ago. So can the anti-green DUP have it both ways? What’s the party policy?

  • CS Parnell

    yada yada, the ice age was clearly when the flood froze over. Presumably we got flooded because Adam had to impregnate his daughters.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    At least he wasn’t gay. That’s an abomination, don’tcha know.

  • Greenflag

    “I am not convinced and I don’t think that there is any firm evidence to show that all of that climate change is due to CO2 emmissions,” Mr Wilson said.’

    Send Sammy to the surface of Venus – there he’ll get a birds eye of how an excess of CO2 in an atmosphere can turn an entire planet into a ‘furnace’. Sammy is as appears to be the standard for many DUP MLA’s out of synch with the vast majority of the world’s environmental and biological scientists .

    Climate change is of course not all due to CO2 emissions . For most of it’s history until fairly recent times the general climate of the earth was hot -with no ice anywhere . About 40 million years ago the current ICE AGE epoch started and it appears that the planet has had at least 17 severe ice ages in the past 2.5 million years oddly enough the period which coincides with the rise of Homo Erectus in Africa followed by Homo Sapiens .The Ice Age made us and somehow the idea of another Ice Age destroying her ‘mutant ‘ creation may have an appeal to sci fi readers ?

    The ice cores from Greenland show a detailed record of climate for the past 100,000 years -approx from the time of Homo Sapiens evolution. The last glaciation ended 12,000 years ago and the Earth began to warm for a about a thousand years and suddenly plunged back into bitter cold for about a 1,000 years this even is known as the Younger Dryas . After this the temperature warmed up again by some 7 degrees in approx 20 years which is like changing the climate of Scandinavia for Italy.

    Based on previous trends we are
    due another Ice Age soon . Some have suggested that global warming will delay the onset of another Ice Age but the opposite may yet prove to be the case . Higher temperatures in northern climes will give rise to greater cloud cover over through more cloud evaporation . It may seem paradoxical but higher CO2 emissions may trigger a sudden (20 years ) reverse of the present trend of melting polar ice packs .

    By the time Sammy looks out his East Belfast window and sees a mile high glacier bearing down on his garden it will of course be too late 🙂

    We in the Republic will no doubt watch in some ‘glee’ as Belfast succumbs to mile high ice but this will be a short lived glee as we too will have to back our bags to repeat the trek of 40,000 years ago and hope to find refuge somewhere in Spain , France or Italy .

    Problem being that next time it will be a lot more crowded . At the time of the last ICE AGE enforced emigration to southern europe there were probably less than 100,000 ‘europeans’ spread out from the Atlantic shore to the Urals . Today there are probably 700 million ‘homo sapiens’ who will not be able to survive by hunting reindeer 🙁

  • Different Drummer

    Green Flag

    You are truly ‘on fire’ – too much information man will read it all tomorrow and post you MY arms length blog on the subject….

  • circles

    “I am not convinced and I don’t think that there is any firm evidence to show that all of that climate change is due to CO2 emmissions,” Mr Wilson said.’
    Oh thats that settled then. Yer man with the eternal spidey moustache defies the scientific community with his expert interpretation and of course he knows what he’s on about because, ahhhh, well because Peter Robinson has appointed him environment minister. It seems like cavorting starkers in the forest displayed enough experience of the natural environment for the DUP to be convinced that Sammy is the very man to sort this envrionment nonsense out. I just hope UNEP don’t whisk him off before he saves our wee province.

  • Donnacha

    Sammy is the one who recently berated environmentalists as sandal-wearing, tree-hugging muesli-munchers is he not? I wonder how he’ll square away his loyalty to the crown when the head beneath is that of Charles, a sandal-wearing, tree-hugging…etc. Just a thought. Still if he can square away his vast knowledge of ice ages with his belief in a young earth, I suppose any mental contortion is within his ambit.

  • Reader

    Belfast Gonzo: What’s the party policy?
    Does it have one? Does the SDLP have a policy? Does the UUP or SF? Does New Labour have a policy? Or the Conservatives? How about the US Democrats or Republicans?
    In fact, does any party in the western world have a stated position on Creation/Evolution?

  • At least the DUP have better human rights records than SFIRA/Farc. But slagging odff the DUp is all the moon howlers can do. What politicians know anything about anything? The two academically wisest Yankee presidents of the 20th century were Wilson and Carter, both of whom were disasters.
    If you are concerend about global warming, stop using planes, cars and meat. Spouting hot air invective does little for the environment, not that anyone really gives a shit about it.

  • Greenflag

    different drummer ,

    ‘too much information’ . Not at all that was just an intro 🙂

    Plate tectonics i.e the movement of continents over eons of time is also known to have major climatic impact. If the entire land mass of Eurasia and North America were to move 300 miles to the North it’s believed that the Earth would be in a permanent Ice Age- not unlike the Snowball Earth (Cryogenic ) which apparently happened 2 billion years ago when world wide temperatures were on average lower than today’s by some 80 degrees .

    It was the Earth’s volcanic interior which kept the thin thread of life through it’s intermittent eruptions which spread ash cover over the earth thus precipitating the great melt.

    The human species would not be here were it not for a long run of fortuitous events which have impacted not only our ‘ideal ‘ location in the solar system -the right size of Sun -the internal magnetic core of the Earth and the ‘fortunate’ arrival of extra terrestrial asteriods every 200 million years (approx) which ‘cleared’ most other life forms from the planet and allowed our distant mammalian ancestors to claw their way up the evolutionary tree .

    Some NI public representatives have a long way to claw in the matter of their ‘knowledge’ of the planet they live on .

  • Seimi

    ‘If you are concerend about global warming, stop using planes, cars and meat.’

    Meat? Stop using meat? That will reduce global warming? How? I’m confused….

  • michael

    Cows fart methane, methane is approx. 20 times worse in terms of the green house effect than CO2. Thats one way.

    All of the food, slaughter, preparation etc. that relates to the production of meat stuffs comes predominantly from energy derived from fossil fuels.

    Another one is the suggestion that the energy expended in catching, transporting and processing fish (particularly those of the deep sea variety, cod perhaps?) is greater than the calorific content of the food product itself. That is, your eating oil pretty much, a bit poetic, but there you go.

    Im sure my explanation of some of the factors involved is remarkably glib, so forgive me that.

  • Different Drummer

    To Green Flag on the Green House Effect

    Just kidding of course but I had to say something as I have just been fighting a long blog battle on the same subject on youtube:

    (I’am poster Irishclaudius)

  • Different Drummer

    Dave O’Connell Writes

    “At least the DUP have a better record on human rights”

    One problem with that it’s not ture – they opposed the Civil Rights Movement and British law reforms.

    In fact the DUP ran the biggest hate/anti homosexual campagin against law reform in Europe since Adolf Hiter.

    I think you maybe confusing being *anti* political correctness with being *pro* human rights. You infer often they are the same but they are not.

  • Greenflag

    different drummer ,

    Thanks for the youtube -link I enjoyed it . Bob Carter makes some excellent points . Whether it’s global warming or global cooling seems to be very much like the Bible – a matter of interpretation and ones time perspective . The question of whether 7 billion human beings and their ’emissions ‘ not to mention the ‘methanic ‘ emissions of billions of our domesticated animals could possibly effect the long term weather pattern is still out there being digested no doubt in the stomachs of the ‘sacred cows’ of India and among the drowning hogs of Iowa as it enjoys a flood . I wonder if that flood is an indication of the onset of another little ice age ?

    Regrettably none of us well( perhaps not regrettably :)will be around in 20,000 years to see the ‘rebirth ‘ of another Holocene following the next ice or mini ice age .

    I’m reminded of one of Winston Churchill’s quotes re the scientific community – ‘ Scientists should always be on tap but never on top ‘ The same I would say for churchmen 🙂

  • Different Drummer

    Yes GF

    I think I was more interested in the deliberate confusion between how something should not be done as accepted as proof that it was never right.

    But Carter is also very Australian there intellectualls have to be comedians to get a hearing so he was very funny. A bit like Barry Humphyres a high tory with a talent to amuse.