“The door to agreement remains open..”

With the elevation of the DUP’s Sammy Wilson to the office of Minister for the Environment the Assembly’s Education Committee required a new Chairman. Step forward the DUP’s Mervyn Storey.. renowned thus far for his promotion of young-Earth creationism.. Perhaps we will now see those teaching guidelines adopted here.. We can almost certainly expect more skirmishes ahead in the battle against The Un-Enlightenment.

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  • Iris, Sammy and now Mervyn …

  • michael

    An elaborate practical joke perhaps?

  • Greenflag

    What’s the opposite of evolution ?

    Devolution perhaps :)?’

    ‘Iris, Sammy and now Mervyn ‘.

    Who would ever have thought it . Here we have the DUP brains trust more or less in direct intellectual descent from the medieval popes with the mentalities of the spanish inquisition.

    Susan McKay wrote a book on the ‘unsettled ‘ Perhaps a new one is in order on the ‘unhinged’ 🙁

  • “Perhaps a new one is in order on the ‘unhinged’ :(”

    Greenflag, that recent photo of Cowen with his hands over his head IMO indicated distress rather than an ‘unhinged’ state of mind. However, I don’t think Susan is likely to shed much light on the ‘unsettled’ Irish nationalist flock.

  • pauljames

    Here’s the British Centre for Science Education’s take on Storey and the Caleb Foundation
    Cause for concern?