Up like a bird and high over the city

Up like a bird and high over the city
Three men are Gerry Adams is missing” I heard the warder Deputy cry
“Sure it must have been a bird that flew into the prison Stormont
Or one of those new Ministers” – Wolfe Tones re-write of “The Helicopter Song”

An MLA it was, Gerry Adams in his Provo Birdie. The Irish News reports:

However, if the prescribed mood for the day was understated, Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams mustn’t have got the memo. He stole the limelight and attracted a crowd by departing in fashion by helicopter bound for Cork.

Agriculture minister Michelle Gilder-new was on hand to wave her party leader goodbye but remained cagey over who the helicopter belonged to.

“This one belongs to a friend of the party in Fermanagh,” she said. From hilltop bellowing to a subdued final speech and from angry attacks on British army helicopters to leaving Stormont in a chopper, it is clear our political leaders have evolved to the point of being almost unrecognisable.


Altogether now:

The screws were all astounded they knew not what to do
They just stood there dumbfounded as off our rebels flew
And in the gaol the traitors were shocked and quite aghast
As they looked up and noticed the Provos flying past.
O’Hagan, Twomey, Malan, God bless those gallant three
And Britain she is furious as off our rebels flee
But everywhere in Ireland wherever the news is heard
The people cheer the Provos and their marvellous flying bird.

PICTURE: Colm Lenaghan/Pacemaker (Irish News)

  • Mick Fealty

    Was it from Lord Ashcroft? Or the Duke of Westminster?


    Nothing Like the Common touch, eh Jerry ?

    You have to feel sorry for all them oppressed wee ones in Ballymurphy who will never know the joy of rotary propelled aviation, while privilaged big ranchers like this one zip around, rather like they own the place.

  • Rory

    I suppose he could have travelled to Cork in a more traditional manner like donkey and cart but then that would have only raised the hackles of some contributors like Observer who fly into paroxysms of flem-flecked outrage at the first sign of anything that might be deemed symbolically “Oirish”.

  • Grand Old Lord Gortahork

    Old Lord Gortahork
    He flew up in the air
    And when he was up he was up
    And when he was down, he was down.
    But when he was only halfway up,
    He was neither up nor down!

  • Rory

    …or even “phlegm-flecked outrage” for those unaccustomed to the banalaties of text spelling.


  • Mick Fealty

    What’s more Irish than a helicopter these days Rory? You’ve been away too long! 🙂

  • Ulick

    I take it the driver is well insured?

  • “by helicopter bound for Cork.”

    Why the panic? Sure it’s only a ferry story – and there’s not even a whiff of Junior 🙂

  • circles

    Jeeez Aces High get a life

  • francesco

    the good old lorry load of volunteers must have broke down on the way to Stormont…

  • Chocs Away !

    lol good one Rory.

    One would have thought that a man who’s people are suffering the brutal occupation and negligence of the hostile British Empire would have been insensibly reduced to such humble means of transport.

    It seems, however, that for a man labouring under an oppression so heinous it warranted foul murder and the total economic sabotage of his constituency, Gerry Adams is not to badly off under the occupation.

    (why, it’s almost as if his earlier position was a contrivance to help sanitise public opinion on a grubby sectarian campaign of persecution)

    And surely old boy, the sight of a millionaire British MP affecting the limited resource of a 15th century Irish peasant would hack at the heckles of those with the opposite form to the good Observer…..

  • Perhaps it was the flighty Quinn, Mick

  • Waffler

    never mind the driver being well insured,
    more like was he well bugged as with most of gerry`s drivers.
    As for changed times(not so)Gerry and marty are no strangers to british army helicopters having had lots of sneaky little trips on them without blindfolds or restraints.
    A comfort not awarded to the hooded detainee`s

  • Aim for the sky

    Jeez Circles Dude, say something vapid for a change, I dare you.

  • Ulick

    “Perhaps it was the flighty Quinn”

    I hear the Fermanagh insurance man is considering buying the Viridian Group (which includes Northern Ireland Electricity).

  • PeaceandJustice

    Michelle Gildernew: “This [helicopter] belongs to a friend of the party in Fermanagh”

    Sean Quinn certainly owns a helicopter and I understand that Fermanagh isn’t exactly awash with such privately owned helicopters. I expect the media outlets will be contacting the Quinn brothers and asking for a statement. Oh I forgot .. the Nationalist/Republican bias in the media means they’re only interested in the business connections of Unionist politicians.

  • Ulick

    “I expect the media outlets will be contacting the Quinn brothers and asking for a statement.”

    Why should they make a statement? I don’t think we ever got to hear who paid for the private plane to take the DUP hierarchy down to Dublin for the meeting with the big money-men the other year.

  • the green baron

    The only question that would need answered in this instance (if it is so) is why is the head of a Socialist / Nationalist party accepting favours from an arch capitalist and captain of industry ?

    Shouldn’t he be more concerned with the environmental impact of the groups operations and the welfare of their workers at home and abroad ?

  • harry

    champagne and helicopter socialist.

  • Steve

    Geez you guys don’t half look for any excuse do you?

    If my friend offered me a helo ride you could bet your bottom dollar I would take it too.

    How about you bunch of wagon jumpers would you turn down a free ride through the country side?

  • Rory

    All I really want to know is if my pensioner’s travel pass will be valid for helicopter flights in the New Ireland. Mick’s allusion to how common this mode of transport already is in the ‘Oul Sod certainly raises my hopes.

    The promise post-bellum in the former Confederacy was for “forty acres and a mule” might we yet after our war each hold out for “a wee bungalow, two acres and a whirlybird”?

  • Mick Fealty

    The only serious question of probity is whether it has been declared at Westminster. I expect it has, but I guess we’ll find out in time.

  • Driftwood

    Plenty of Gerry’s associates got a free ride in a Lynx or Puma over the last 30 years I would imagine.

  • Getting sarky now.

    Its a shame Bobby Sands died for a “Racially and culturally distinct 32 County Socialist Republic”, as a bird lover he would have, I suspect, loved to get up in the air along with them.

  • o’biggles

    Serious questions of ethics would remain valid,
    given as well the gravity of the actions Gerry and co. took with said ethics as justification.

    confirmed integrity, under the standards of British law , is a very different thing from confirmed integrity by ones personal and political standards.

    Declaring ones self a champion of the oppressed, then enjoying the excitements of the privileged raises question of probity quite apart from the goverments standards thereof.

  • [aside]Cowen looks forward to Adams visit to the independent Republic of Cork – not.

  • circles

    Lets not stop at the helicopter now. I’m sure Gerry is wearing some seriously expensive male smelly product there too. What an outrage!!
    Is this what those IRA men died for – so Gerry A could wear probably very expensive cologne and smell like an Englishman!!!!
    I’m positively frothing at the mouth in indignation.

    And don’t get me started on those capitalist socks! Sell-out socks if ever there were any.

  • and-squares

    Never let it be said the man turns down a dare.

  • Makes one wish the South Armagh Provies still had their SAM7s (and knew how to use them). But then, Ireland’s own anti Christ probably still has work to do.

  • GAA fan

    Sorry to disappoint, folks but I’ve seen Sean Quinn’s helicopter as he sometimes uses it to travel to GAA matches (the best way of bypassing the traffic-jams on match days!!) I have to say that its certainly a lot more impressive that the cramped four seater model that Grizzly is in.
    I believe the make that Quinn owns is an Agusta Grand 109, not unlike the one you see Alan Sugar flying about in during “the Apprentice”.

  • Could it be a ‘Pride of the Raven’ Robinson helicopter?

  • PeaceandJustice

    Ulick – “Why should [the Quinn brothers] make a statement?”

    A lot of people would want to know if Sean Quinn is “a friend of the party in Fermanagh”. The miracle man who started with £100 and is now a billionaire without the help of any legal or illegal private funding ..

    Is the richest man on the island of Ireland a supporter of a gang who carried out murder, torture and ethnic cleansing – and whose terrorist council still exists?

    GAA fan – “I’ve seen Sean Quinn’s helicopter .. I have to say that its certainly a lot more impressive that the cramped four seater model that Grizzly is in.”

    Does the richest man on the island of Ireland have only one helicopter? Does he hire others? I’m sure the Sean Quinn Group would be happy to declare whether or not they have links with Sinn Fein PIRA.

  • Cahal

    I think you may be risking your house there peaceandjustice.

  • PeaceandJustice

    To Cahal – are you suggesting that we can’t ask questions if someone is rich and a Nationalist/Republican? I didn’t notice any such reticence on this site when it came to asking questions about businessmen linked with Unionist parties.

  • Dave

    Sean Quinn is a Fianna Fail supporter. Check which political party the Sean Quinn Group Ltd donate to if in doubt. Indeed, the idea that a successful businesman would support a bunch of unmitigated failures/quasi-Markists like the Shinners is laughable.

  • Mr Angry

    [i]”are you suggesting that we can’t ask questions if someone is rich and a Nationalist/Republican? I didn’t notice any such reticence on this site when it came to asking questions about businessmen linked with Unionist parties.”[/i]

    I think he’s suggesting [i]”..you may be risking your house”[/i]. The “clue” was in what he wrote.

  • PeaceandJustice

    Dave – “Sean Quinn is a Fianna Fail supporter. Check which political party the Sean Quinn Group Ltd donate to if in doubt.”

    Which means he will have no problem stating that he is not a “friend of [Sinn Fein PIRA] in Fermanagh”. That would clarify the situation. Of course, there are different donation rules in Northern Ireland. And I wouldn’t have thought a terrorist group like Sinn Fein PIRA would follow the rules anyway.

  • Rory

    I haven’t yet seen this new movie Mongol which I believe is an epic based upon an imaginary account of the life and career of Genghis Khan, but I wouldn’t mind betting that there will be a scene where some whingy geezer bangs on about how ol’ Genghis was always riding around on the best steed and it wasn’t fair.

    But I shall check it out on DVD first so that I can warn you all before it reaches the big screen – thanks to the wonder of dodgy London pubs and enterprising Chinese women with energy and large bags.

  • GAA Fan

    Did anyone bother to read my previous post?

    The Quinn’s seen to be being hased by others because they have a few pound?