£266,000 – water way to go…

THE former chief executive of Northern Ireland Water, who left under a cloud last month, got a severance package of over a quarter of a million pounds. Katharine Bryan carried the can for a reported £30 million shortfall error that will no doubt be passed on to the public. It’s hard to have much sympathy to someone getting a £266,000 pay-off after screwing up so badly, putting my water bill up and preparing a public utility for privatisation. But I’m a nice guy – so it’s all water under the bridge, Katharine. Or money down the drain.

  • steve48

    sure its just another few quid on the bill we will all get

  • Shore Road Resident

    They’re not getting a penny off me for this farce.

  • Dick Swett

    You would think Murphy would grow a set of balls and just clear his department of the clearly incapable deadwood.

    It’s coming more and more to the attention of the public that he’s doing a sh*t job, ah well we can thank the IRA for destroying Northern Irelands education system, but if we ask nicely they might pay all our water bills. Well im sure they could spare a few quid out of all that Northern Bank money, which the DUP now see as an embarrassing relative. 🙂

  • Jer

    Sarkozy is proposing that there be some type of measure to stop fat cat pay outs for company exec. Shell’s top man van der weer gets about 300 times the average wage. i support these people getting it in the ear when they deserve it.

    I must say though that its a bit ridculous to blame Conor Murphy. What does it say in her contract?? Bryan was appointed in dec 2003 and thats where the problem is sown. There was no minister at the time! The last ministers were DUPers but to blame them for the contract that was put in place is as stupid as blaming Murphy. Would it be more useful to look to examine the current culture of corporate responsibility. In this regard Willie Walsh has to take a bow as he has done much to demonstrate what a responsible CEO looks like.

  • ulsterfan

    I don’t know why everyone is so annoyed with water bills. After all SF before the last election and during the canvass told us all that there would not be any water charges.
    They even spoke to Tony and Gordon.
    How could Conor go against party policy.
    Surely Gerry would show him the door.

  • The Raven

    If water had been fully in private hands, I very much doubt the outcome would have been any different. Except the bit we got added on to the bills for the cost of f*ck-ups would have been so very much higher…

  • DC

    What a wet dream…£266k, thats roughly enough to get two apartments bought and live off the combined rental fees to the figure of about a grand a month, in comparison to those poor bastards that have to go and work to get that back.

    Unreal, it’s tough at the top, bullshit, but it goes to show implementing change is one of the hardest things to do, and she didn’t do it right therefore what an expensive idiot, please avoid.

  • 0b101010

    Sure, we can just switch to the competition if we don’t like it… right?