SF threat smacks of desperation…

WHEN a colleague asked me the other week why Martin McGuinness would have to be nominated alongside Peter Robinson when the new DUP leader becomes First Minister, I replied that as the FM and Deputy positions were joint positions (in that one can’t exist without the other), for the Sinn Fein politician, election as DFM would be a mere formality. Now someone in Sinn Fein is suggesting it may not. Personally, I think this is another hollow threat, an attempt by a seriously weakened SF to exert some authority in an Executive where it appears to be unable to deliver on its agenda. And even if SF decide to use this for political leverage, I can still see a canny Robinson using the opportunity to his own advantage!

  • Steve


    You seem to be the prat or you would know hes not #2 hes 1A the only difference is the title

  • Bigger Picture


    Thanks for coming back to me.

    First of all if you didn’t mean it to cause offence that is fine, none taken.

    “Now it would appear that that comment was directed personally at me, but I won’t take it as such”

    I was talking about the Republican movement maybe in the speed I was typing it read like I was throwing this at you but that wasn’t my intention.

    “Did Ian Paisley visit the grieving family of Constable Frank Reilly? (I don’t want to get into the whataboutery too much although I can’t resist mentioning, since it’s topical, Deputy Dodds’ condemnation of the PSNI’s ultimately successful raid on the UDA meeting in the Alexandra Bar.)”

    I cannot answer those questions because, I’ll be honest, I simply do not know the specifics of the cases at hand. If I did I would give my honest view on the matter but I don’t so I don’t really want to comment on that, especially when it concerns a murdered policeman’s family sorry.

    “I still think that devolving P & J would take wind from the sails of the dissidents’ campaign somewhat – not least because the recent attacks would appear to be aimed precisely at making life difficult for SF in their attempts to achieve devolution of P & J.”

    Yeah fair enough and I am sure it is a matter that everyone in NI wants to solve as soon as possible it does not change my position on the IRA. You just cannot expect unionists to have confidence in SF in charge of the police, now, after the past 30 years of violence and murder against the security forces.

    “However successful the recent investment conference was, it would have been even more of a success if there wasn’t the nagging doubt about how stable the local administration actually is.”

    How to you gauge that? Don’t forget big multinational organisations set up in countries such as china etc despite huge reservations into how those countries are actually run. Why should they have concerns on a lesser scale to NI?

  • Ian


    In October 1998, RUC officer Frank Reilly died of wounds he received when he was shot at by loyalists at a particularly violent Orange Order demonstration in Portadown.