In a rush to church

Despite my recent rash of blogs about motoring, I am not very interested in cars and drive an elderly one which is still too new and will always be too boring to be a “classic.” If however, someone wants to give me one do feel free. Anyhow on with another motoring blog.

The BBC first reported that a speeding car had been followed by the police until it turned into the car park of Aughnacloy Free Presbyterian Church. The BBC reported that when they tried to follow the police were prevented by church members. Both the BBC and Belfast Telegraph report that DUP councillor Samuel Brush said:
“The car park was pretty full of cars and the elders had asked the police to wait outside the grounds of the church while the rest of the congregation came out.”
“The police didn’t wait — perhaps they couldn’t wait.”

Whilst the Rev Geoffrey Abraham said:

“There was only one gate open that night so the motorist would have had to go back out the same way.
The men just asked the police to remain at the gate and apprehend the driver on the way out but they said they wanted to come in.
They said they had the number of the car. They then went back up the road. They did not give the number to the men. I can’t understand why they have not apprehended the driver if they had the number.”

The Newsletter reports a police spokesperson:

“We can confirm that a motorist who was detected driving in excess of the speed limit in Aughnacloy failed to stop for police at around 10pm on Sunday, May 11 and parked in a busy car park of a church at the Caledon Road.

“Attempts to identify the driver and vehicle so far have been unsuccessful. Inquiries are still continuing and witnesses are asked to contact police in Dungannon.”

Tom Elliott the UUP MLA has joined in the fun:

“There is bound to be a query over whether the police have the power to enter the car park and if they did, why did they not do it?
“I think there are a lot of unanswered questions here. I am also wondering if the police took the names of the members of the congregation who asked them not to come in.”
“There must have been a reason why they asked them not to come in. I would certainly like to know the answer.
“It is quite an unusual set of circumstances and poses an awful lot of unanswered questions”

UUP councilor Jim Hamilton who is chairman of Dungannon and South Tyrone DPP intends to raise the incident at the next meeting.