“we are unable to attribute responsibility..”

More than 2 years since his murder at an isolated cottage in County Donegal, coroner Dr Denis McCauley today adjourned the inquest into the death of former senior Sinn Féin staffer, Denis Donaldson, until February 5th 2009 at the request of Gardaí .. “on the basis that a criminal investigation was active”, apparently.. Interesting, also, to look back at certain related conspiracy theories and some more recent revelations.And the IMC statement in their most recent report

“We make the same comment on the murder of Denis Donaldson in County Donegal in April 2006 as we have since we first referred to it two years ago: we are unable to attribute responsibility for it. The investigation is still continuing.”

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  • While posters are uninterested in what happened to Provisional operative Denis Donaldson, it is hardly surprising that the moderaters of the site are even less interested in what happened to their defender, Rosemary Nelson, when they got into trouble with the law.

    Recently, the inquiry into her assassination lost a top secret disc, containing the names of informers and their handlers who were involved in various ways in her killing. Of course, one can just wonder how many screwups the Brits make in such inquiries before they receive an entry in some collection of all-time cock-ups.

    The inquiry has, of course, become very alarmed about what would happen to a former PIRA leader, who was helpful in restraining republicans during the Orange Order marches when the GFA was hanging in the balance, if his identity was revealed, thinking that he too might go the way of Donaldson.

    Now one does not have to be a Sherlock Holmes to determine who this informer might be – one just needs access to the internet, like this link:


    Now why would the inquiry and reporters like The Observer’s Henry McDonald want to put Padraig Wilson at even greater risk by advertising who they are worried about? What could Wilson have done to make himself such a target? And who could really want him dead now?