Invasion of South Belfast

This is day two of the Balmoral Show, the event when South Belfast is invaded by country people and assorted ex country people like us now trapped in Belfast. The Newsletter has vast coverage of this veritable extravaganza of farmerishness. We had a great time, Elenwe unfortunately was sick with the cold so dropped me and the boys at the show where we sat on tractors and diggers, looked at cattle, sheep, horses, rabbits, hens etc. etc. Whilst clearly not everyone’s cup of tea it was extremely good harmless fun and involved meeting various friends and some of Elenwe’s endless collection of relatives who always seem quite indulgent of my inability to remember that I am related to them. I guess if you are not from the country you do not really get it: or do townies go to sate their unfulfilled desire to be culchies as well?