“NIO will provide some additional resources..”

The Northern Ireland Policing and Justice Minister’s announcement of the formation of a West Belfast Community Safety Forum was pre-empted by Sinn Féin’s Gerry Adams, MP, MLA, statement in which he seems to prefer to call it a Community Confidence Forum – a title also used in the BBC report. Whatever it’s called, whether it will be more effective than “volunteers patrolling” west Belfast remains to be seen.. From Paul Goggins’ statement

“Through the Community Safety Partnership, we will create a co-ordinated approach; identifying the issues of greatest concern and then delivering practical solutions. The Northern Ireland Office will provide some additional resources to get this initiative off the ground, although the key to success will be the extent to which existing resources are targeted in a more effective way. We will also want to see how this approach might be applied to other parts of Northern Ireland”.

Adds Interestingly, the BBC report no longer refers to a “Community Confidence Forum”. And In the comments zone Nevin points to the two versions of the BBC report side by side. Update Tuesday 13th May, Sinn Féin released an updated statement, dated 12th May, without reference to a “Community Confidence Forum”.Also from Paul Goggins statement

Notes to editors

The Planning Meeting is to be held in the week commencing 19 May. Invitations will be sent to key stakeholders, including DSD, DoE, PSNI, West Belfast DPP, West Belfast Partnership Board, the Housing Executive, and the Probation Board.

Details of the Community Safety Forum – including membership, objectives and resources – will be finalised at that Planning Meeting.

The Belfast Community Safety Partnership is one of the 26 CSPs covering Northern Ireland. The Partnership brings together over 30 organisations whose services impact upon crime, fear of crime and anti-social behaviour. Its membership is drawn from the statutory, voluntary and private sectors. It is supported in its work by the Community Safety Unit of the NIO, which sets the Community Safety Strategy for Northern Ireland.