“made it clear that you are open to foreign investment..”

On the anniversary of the devolution of our “experimental form of government”, the new Taoiseach, Brian Cowen, flies into Belfast on his first official public engagement. He’ll meet beleaguered Prime Minister Gordon Brown for lunch and then on to the Assembly to talk to delegates from the investment conference. They’ve already seen video messages from EU President Jose Manuel Barroso and from out-going US President George Bush.

In his message [George Bush] said: “Free market policies have been proven effective in economies across the world, and Northern Ireland has made it clear that you are open to foreign investment.”

One point from the RTÉ report requires clarification.

At a time of falling pension fund values, New York has committed €150m for investment purposes in the North.

Should read – “New York City Pension Funds have committed $150 million for investment purposes in Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and in the US.”

The details are in this previous post.