WAC and the politics of half truths…

Last Thursday we noted a video of We Are Change activists questioning of Prionsias De Rossa. As we noted then the video was rather dark and indistinct, and edited to end rather abruptly. So what happened next? From what we’ve been able to gather since picking up some scant detail on Damien’s blog yesterday the WAC group approached De Rossa after the meeting, despite raising their issues during the meeting and were as one source told Slugger, “highly aggressive and provocative”. De Rossa was trying to get away by going around him when they tripped him up, whether intentionally or not, and then sat on him and continued their ‘interrogation’.The video that was posted online tells the viewer what they are supposed to be seeing but it stops short of showing themselves sitting on a man who is hitting his 68th birthday next month. It is understood that they actually recorded the whole incident from start to finish. So it has to be asked why they only showed the heavily edited part online? One answer seems to be that their counterparts in the US been making hay on the back of it.

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  • Briso

    No Mick, that doesn’t add up to an apology.

  • Dave

    They forgot to mention that De Rossa’s walker frame was kicked out from under him by the Anti Lisbon Treaty camp (because those Eurosceptics do mean things like that just for fun). Despite Mulley’s laughable (and ageist) melodramatic hyping of De Rossa’s entitlement to an old age pension (along with a minister’s, TDs, and MEPs pension), he is as fit as a man in his forties and has the broad shoulders of a heavyweight. If they sat on him, then I’m sure they did so to prevent him from assault the cameraman (who De Rossa lunged at on film) and to contain him until the Gardai arrived. As De Rossa aggressively overreacted to questioning that was far from “highly aggressive and provocative” but was more akin to Roger Cook Lite, perhaps the camera crew sensibly deduced that he should be subdued. My guess is that De Rossa reacted aggressively because he doesn’t like others pointing out that he was the only Irish MEP to support a resolution stating that the EU should ignore the outcome of Ireland’s vote on the Lisbon Treaty if the people of Ireland vote against it. It’s a damn shame that the outcome of the European elections weren’t ignored in the same fascist fashion, thereby depriving the buffoon of his seat and whopping great MEP’s pension (to age to his litany of other state pensions).

  • Briso,

    Your one liners are getting shorter and more inscrutable each time you post. What was there to apologise for?

  • Rory

    I was initially willing to believe that de Rossa had not been knocked over and that he was playing for sympathy to cover-up his embarrassment, but since watching Alex Jones on the YouTube clip highlighted above I have completely changed my mind. This is not because Jones supports de Rossa’s account – quite the opposite in fact – it is because I found Jones to be so absolutely repulsive that I am prepared to disbelieve almost anything he says.

    So I now support de Rossa’s account entirely on the basis that Alex Jones is an even less agreeable figure than he is.

    I always knew that prejudice had to be good for something sooner or later – otherwise what’s the point of having it in the first place?

  • Garibaldy

    So shocked was I by Rory’s assertion that Jones was so bad that it caused him of all people to believe De Rossa, I opened the link. And he’s totally right.

  • Rory

    Have you read Mark McGregor’s respone to Damien Mulley’s blog? Priceless! Mick is to be admired for his modesty in not drawing attention to it.

  • Garibaldy

    Yeah I thought it was a great response. Laughed out loud. And that Mulley’s presentation of slugger’s coverage was way over the top. And completely mistaken.

    Jones is clearly a nutter, but the inarticulacy of the WAC Ireland guy was a pleasure to behold.

  • Rory

    But not a harmless nutter I suspect. He struck me as rather sinister. I think I’ll stalk him and make him my pet hate project for a few weeks until I get bored and start looking around for a fundamentalist preacher to hassle.

  • Garibaldy

    Sounds like a plan Rory. He is clearly a wannabe demagogue. I can even suggest some fundamentalist preachers if you like.

  • Mick Fealty

    Another snippet. They did not flag down the cops. A guy who had been at the meeting saying he was a no voter (probably to distance himself from the other lads) and said that he had seen the scuffle start and called the cops, who came straight round from Pearse Street Garda Station.

  • Garibaldy

    Murkier and murkier

  • Briso

    You dived in too quickly Mick, in my opinion. Not a major crime or anything, but I think you should have said sorry for giving the WACo’s a free ride.