Paranoia Rules OK!

All those who would support CCTV cameras filming your bedroom window, please raise your hands! Because Newry & Mourne Council has a fabulous apartment they have no problem filming, rejecting the resident’s complaint about said camera on Monday. Lawrence O’Keefe said, “I’ve been in this apartment for three years now … But now I am stressed, I can’t sleep. I can’t even get out of the shower or get dressed without wondering if I am being watched.” CCTV Cameras started filming his bedroom window in March, and became officially activated on April 8th. Newry & Mourne Council have no sympathy, saying his is the only complaint and “If we receive one complaint about each of the 20 cameras where do we move them?”, and claiming that as there is special software that blocks out windows, Mr O’Keefe shouldn’t have anything to worry about. Nothing mentioned about the damaging psychological effect of the paranoia inducing camera, nor the drop in property value that a camera trained on the bedroom 24/7 would have. Would you like to have a public camera filming your bedroom window? Is Big Brother really without a heart?

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