No Apology Necessary

Making a point of slamming the barn door once more after the horse has long since bolted, Gerry Adams tells the Irish News the Andersonstown News’s front page apology was “inappropriate” and he was “quite surprised” at it. “The paper has a right to say what it wants,” he said. Just as an aside, Jonathan Powell has an amusing anecdote in his book describing an exchange with Gerry Adams that captured the essence of Adams’ approach to things.

“For me, Adams’ approach was summed up by a comment he made in 1999 when we were caught up in heated negotiations in the Sinn Fein centre on the Falls Road. He leaned over the table towards me and said, “The thing I like about you, Jonathan, is that you always blush when you lie.” Bill Jeffery, the Northern Ireland Office political director at the time, who was sitting next to me at the table, responded immediately, “Unlike you, Gerry.” We all laughed, but there was more than a grain of truth in the quip.”

And the Irish News article:

Apology ‘inappropriate’
By Marie Louise McCrory, 05/04/08

SINN Fein president Gerry Adams has described as “inappropriate” an apology issued to him by a Belfast newspaper after it had published a column criticising his work in west Belfast.
Mr Adams said he was “quite surprised” by the apology, which was published on the front page of the Andersonstown News on Thursday last week.
The apology to the Sinn Fein leader came a week after the newspaper had published an opinion article that had criticised Mr Adams, saying he should take his share of responsibility for rising crime in his constituency.
The article was written following the murder of Frank ‘Bap’ McGreevy in the lower Falls last month.
The paper had a front-page apology the following week.
“The paper has the right to say what it wants,” Mr Adams said.
“I considered whether I should respond to the article at all.
“It is a great honour to represent the people of west Belfast.
“I accept responsibility to do all I can do to make the streets a better place to live.”

P.S. The Ian Knox cartoon is worth checking out.

  • Great link Rusty Nail

    Could it be that you are implying that the Antichrist is telling lies (without blushing)? Surely Antichrist Adams was sufficiently annoyed at the Squinter article to demand front page coverage for some sort of retraction.

    He just doesn’t want to be regarded as the censoring dictator who rules his fiefdom in West Belfast with an iron fist. So here we get another attempt at manipulation rather than a man who wants to deal with West Belfast’s problems.

    Click on my name below and follow links if you want to know why Gerry Adams is the Antichrist.

  • Jer

    I have suggested earlier that the horse has not bolted but was instead flogged to death and remains in the stable. There are many more interesting things happening rather than pushing this story day after day.

  • Mark McGregor

    So I assume he would encourage the return off all the deleted material?

  • longlake

    Adams obviously didn’t think the horse was dead!
    Talking about horses,anyone got any good tip for the National today? and no quips about ‘flogging dead horses, please.’

  • circles

    John O’Connell is the Antichrist. Through numerology, a strange dream I had and the shape made on the floor the other day when I dropped a handful of boiled rice I have been able to ascertain that indeed his accusations are simply diversion tactics. He is the dark lord…

    No hold on thats Voldemort innit?

  • Circles

    You never know. If good is evil, and evil is good, if I had Adam in my name, which worked out at 666, if I had been commander of the IRA, challenging God’s way to liberate people, if I had been shot and wounded, fulfilling one of the propecies of Revelation, then I could indeed be the dark Lord.

    But Adams is still the Antichrist! Click on my name and follow links to find out why.

  • Bakunin

    I don’t know if Gerry is the antichrist, but I do know he is a sly devil.

    The apology was inappropriate…was Gusty’s?

  • Hogan

    Once you’ve kicked someone in the balls its very hard to withdraw your boot!

  • Lucifer

    God is for imbeciles. Up the Devil.

  • Richard O’Rawe

    If Squinter has any personal or professional integrity left, he would resign. There is no alternative.

  • jude whyte

    integrity ???? what is that re this “PAPER”

  • jude whyte

    to think once aupon a time i admired this paper .You have dealt the enemies of working class communites both loyalist and nationalist a Royal Flush[ esp the print media] Libel prevents me naming them but you can be sure that next time they see me they will have a smile on their face like a cheshire cat and will not make explicit what is implicit told you so.This is a shameful day Miller should resign if he has any integrity or have the courage to print my reply or debate the issue, any time, any place boyo I am waiting
    Jude Whyte

  • Lucifer

    now now Richard, that would require a miracle. But there is no god to perform one unless you live in that crazed universe of John O’Connell. Bet you even his god would be beaten by that one

  • Bakunin

    Geez Richard, integrity and the republican movement are never in the same room (especially these days).

    You would know that better than most..

  • [aside]MÓM speaks: “If so, West Belfast could yet get a voice at the ministerial table — something which is needed. Given the scale of neglect and deprivation over many years in the west of the city, the area (from Falls to Shankill) needs a champion at the Executive meetings.”

    A lesser criticism of el Presidente?

  • Lucifer

    now now Richard, that would require a miracle. But there is no god to perform one unless you live in that crazed universe of John O’Connell. Bet you even his god would be beaten by that one

    Squinter is certainly owed a relatively significant miracle for weilding the dagger on Gerry Adams the Antichrist. He has broken Gerry’s almost religious hold on West Belfast and ensured that it will not be long until he goes in disgrace, as prophesied.

  • Steve

    Yo John get off the ragweed

    Is Gerry going to bring about armagedon or is he going to go in ignominy?

  • Steve

    Only the egomaniac in Adams et al would make them think that Adams will go and bring the entire world with him. No, the reality is that he will go in disgrace having failed to achieve anything significant.

  • jude whyte

    To be honest Adams is not an ego maniac in any way. He is a highly respected member of our community who we allow to represent our views to the world …as a SF he is one of the more articulate and interesting people[ the bulk of them are as fine a people as you could ever meet] from a smashing family…… I will run against him in a few years and he may duff me but then again he may not to night i begin the fight for free speech shanme on the ATN you should hang your head
    Jude whyte
    Jude whyte @ireland .com

  • jude whyte

    very funny who is this above? identify yourself