New Securocrat Plot Exposed

Adelante over at Gaskin’s blog has tipped us off to a new nefarious securocrat plot designed yet again to destabilise the Republican Movement. This time, their cunning plan is to do so by attacking Gerry Adams, because an attack on Gerry Adams is an attack on all of us (and hence why we were so hurt and upset by Squinter’s ill-fated article; he wasn’t just criticising Gerry, he was attacking us into the bargain for being stupid enough to vote him in all the time). Adelante’s claims are shocking:

These securocrats are attacking Adams in an attempt to mask their own short comings in providing acceptable policing to areas like West Belfast.

Of course! They are deflecting the blame for their own shortcomings!

The goal of this is obviously to have the grass roots support base cast doubt on Adams, yet this will never happen.

Never, I tell you, never!

Adelante concludes:

The attacks on Adams are clearly designed to destabilise the republican movement, at a time when they have remained united and strong throughout several difficult stages of late. One can not help but wonder if the whole situation is being manufactured by the securocrats to deflect away from the internal machinations and power struggles between the various cabals within the DUP.

Indeed. A cunning plan, to be sure!

However, it contradicts what Jonathan Powell has claimed has been one of the strands of British interests in the peace process – to maintain a united Republican Movement. So why would they want to destabilise it now? Oh, they are finished with Adams, you say? Are they? Hmmmm………