Jockeying for position..

The race may seem to be more about ruling themselves out of the race to replace Bertie Ahern but, as Adam says at Irish Election, with Brian Cowen all but crowned, “The real power struggle seems to be for the Deputy Leadership / Tanaiste Portfolio..” and, potentially, the next leadership race. It’s another echo of the Blair/Brown handover..

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  • Gerry’s Beard

    What we need for An Taoiseach is a candidate keen on the peace process, not averse to dubious land deals, capable of putting the interests of his constituency first whatever the context, and a strong supporter of Her Majesty’s £ Sterling.
    Thus, Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you An Taoiseach Ian Paisley Junior. (Though Da also has time on his hands).

  • Dewi

    How about Mugabe?

  • Pete Baker

    It wasn’t funny the first time, Dewi..


    The King is dead, long live the Fianna Fail King. The white smoke is about to bellow for the anointed head of Ireland, a man we are told who has more gut feeling, sympathy and understanding for Northern Nationalists than any of his predecessors. In Fianna Fail terms that usually means he will go overboard to appease Unionists, sideline Republicans and bring in more draconian legislation to go after ‘subversives’. Heard it all before. RHUBARB RHUBARB RHUBARB!!!

  • Donnacha

    I’m sorry, but I physically cannot reconcile the word “jockey” with Biffo Cowen…

  • DK

    Oh balls, I thought this was a thread about the Grand National. My method of picking horses is to let one of my children scribble on the form sheet and pick the horse with the most scribble on it. Oddly, most years I make a profit. Maybe FF could use a similar method?