Situation vacant: Pension; Company car & Driver; Holidays: minimum 90 days

Extraordinary individual wanted

  • Pete Baker


    Company car & Driver
    Holidays: minimum 90 days
    Subsidised canteen/bar/tea trolley
    Bonus/Charity/Residential scheme**
    Make-up allowance

    **At employee’s discretion.


  • I propose John O’Connell Now that the last days are at hand, we need a true prophet to ward off The Beast and The Bearded Wan.

  • Steve

    What about Gregory

    He can spot a paedo from space so he will clean up the priest hood, schhols and playgrounds**

    ** warning may require castration of entire male population except Greg

  • Mary

    Had to stop by to wish all of you in the Mothership, a happy Kick Bertie Ahern Up the Arse day!

    Many of my fellow Americans of Irish descent haven’t celebrated St. Pats day since last year, after being offended by Ahern’s remarks. After reading the fantastic news this morning however, we’ve decided to celebrate each April 2nd, in perpetuity, as Kick Bertie Ahern Up the Arse day.. and we’re hoping to join that with an equally festive, Kick Ted Kennedy Up the Arse day in the not too distant future.

    No shamrocks, green beer or assorted nonsense necessary. Just lots of fun, laughs and a reminder to those of you on the other side of the pond that all the propaganda you’ve bought into about how you’re all so much better educated and skilled for those tech jobs that were bled out of the US will be taken away from you, and sent elsewhere, or workers from India and other countries will be imported to displace you.

    You’re already hearing the same lies about yourselves, that Bill Gates spun about Americans. Not enough highly skilled, educated Irish workers, your schools aren’t up to the job. Just remember when your collective jaws drop, that you helped promote those same lies against Americans.. so we won’t be all that sympatetic (no one else will either, despite becoming a wealthy nation, Ireland’s still had it’s begging hands out, shaking the can).

  • Danny O’Connor

    I’m available Mick

  • Gregory

    I think we only do that for choirs. but the thing you mention is detected via satelite.

    MI5 specialized in weak high-frequency pulses, from telex or cipher machines. Once the Americans got the same habit they kept going.

    Recently, ( for Glasgow over a 1,000, Edinburgh maybe 850, the internet is a facilitor.

    It is easier via NSA.


  • Danny O’Connor

    Gregoy,wtf are u on about.

  • Gregory

    Let’s not acronymize our profanity. It is a sad day for all of us, Bertie, is to go.


  • LOL. Leader. Are they looking for someone to work as the nation’s president?

  • Gregory

    I feel that we need something at the helm who can speak Polish or who has previously worked in Lidl.