Niall O’Dowd also talks of Adams’ departure

Mentioning this in passing, as it is interesting that in the same week, two notorious Adams cheerleaders/Sinn Fein mouthpieces have both publicly questioned Adams’ future as leader of the party and Republican Movement. This blog report of a Belfast tour (“Professor”) O’Dowd led notes that, before the group were to sit down for a one-on-one session with Adams, O’Dowd suggested Adams could not take things “to the next level”, and would need to be replaced by someone with less baggage. Coincidence for O’Dowd and Squinter to still be singing from the same hymn sheet, albeit a different tune than usual? Would O’Dowd be saying such things if it were not party approved – if not by Gerry Adams, by who?

O’Dowd prepared us for our ensuing visit with the politician, acquainting us with Adams’ background and contributions to the peace processes. Describing him as a defining figure in Irish nationalism, O’Dowd discussed how despite all odds, Adams was able to hold the movement together with Mark McGinnis, current deputy minister. After years of imprisonment, Adams didn’t even see his son till the boy turned four years old.

“Can he take it to the next stage?” O’Dowd questioned. “I don’t think he can.” He explained that Northern Ireland will probably need a younger successor to follow Adams and McGinnis in bridging the gap towards peace, someone who has less baggage and is unassociated with violence of years past.

Please note I am aware that the blogger made a mistake by referring to “Mark McGinnis”. I do not think that takes away from the substance of what they reported Niall O’Dowd said.