When Adams Falls, Who Benefits?

Squinter’s column has hit a raw nerve somewhere, generating some 51 comments (so far) on his blog, which was, until now, a tumbleweed winding across the desert end of cyberspace. Most of the comments are generally supportive, as for once he is actually articulating the honest view of many in West Belfast. But he has managed to get up the nose of some party faithful – which apparently has come as a surprise to him. Still, the question of what it actually means is debatable; after all, Squinter himself has been no friend to those who have been saying much the same thing over the years, using his column and paper to silence and belittle those who had the courage to question Adams and his leadership when it wasn’t popular to do so. And let us not forget also that the British government has given significant financial support to the Andersonstown News which has no doubt skewed its pro-peace process, pro-Sinn Fein editorial line (£1,275,412 as of June, 2005). So what are they at now? We have seen informers close to Adams being exposed, which has damaged his credibility, especially so in the wake of his disastrous performance in the southern election. The revelations in Jonathan Powell’s book aren’t helping, either. Can Squinter’s piece can be seen as another salvo in what looks like a push against Adams; or is it “managed criticism”, meant to draw the sting away, much as Eoin O’Broin’s article in the wake of the southern elections was seen to be doing? If Adams is being pushed, who does that leave standing but McGuinness, a man the British are quite comfortable doing business with, and so too, Unionists. The Irish Times and the Guardian have picked up on the article, with Adams dismissing Robin Livingstone as an “anonymous scribe”. Some choice comments from his blog follow.

Anonymous Says:
20 March 2008 13:44

well said squinter. i’m a 22 year vet of the RM, voted for adams and endorsed the political direction believing it would bring a measure of social justice to our communities. now all i see is a very wealthy leadership who have abandoned west belfast to the hoods and scumbags: it is more dangerous living here than at any time during the war. but that doesn’t matter to adams and co. they have their “other” properties a million miles away from the mess they have left in west belfast. the leadership betrayed our loyalty to them. Despair is all we have left to show for our noble efforts.

Anonymous Says:
20 March 2008 13:55

Squinter is well named. Bad eyesight and a brain to match. Look at where we were 25 years ago when Gerry Adams was elected MP for this area and where we are today. The situation has been transformed. We are in a better place with great opportunities for the future. Are there still problems? of course there are. But it seems to me that the next election will not eb the first Squinter has stayed at home for. But then given your salary you can afford to. The rest of us will get on with trying to make a better place for our kids and Squinters as well.

Anonymous Says:
20 March 2008 14:41

Poor old Squinter… well seen the ‘Big Guy’ didn’t do 20 years at anything… come to think of it, how would Squinter know anything about Long Kesh lectures unless he heard about them over a pint in the Roddies? Having said that – fair’s fair – Squinter has spent all his time during Gerry A’s tenure as MP helping to turn the Andytown News from a staunch and courageous community flagship into an crappy advertising sheet for cheap labour and off-licences. And on that basis alone Squinter’s entitled to shout and squeal from the sidelines… and anyway how long is it since Squinter gave up ‘balefully’ standing on the other side of the barricades so he could sup tea in that sumptuous button back leather armchair with the Chief… ’bout five years of retirement now, isn’t that right Squinter?

Anonymous Says:
20 March 2008 16:02

As a Sinn Fein activist, let me start by thanking Squinter for having the courage to honestly make his case against the leadership of my own party for letting down the people of west Belfast.

It gives me no pleasure to state that I believe he is correct in his criticisms. As republicans, we have succeeded in a number of key initiatives in the past 10 to 15 years, not least bringing an end to the war and negotiating a compromise which brought an end to centuries of British and unionist domination over nationalists. For that success, the Irish people- not least the catholic and nationalist people of the six counties- will remain indebted to the current leadership of Sinn Fein.

But our leadership has failed to date to develop the same strategic approach to what I would term ‘real politics,’ i.e. those everyday issues affecting people’s lives beyond the politics of the British-Irish conflict.

To this day, Sinn Fein has no economic policy nor economic spokesperson of note in the Assembly, which explains why the DUP has been permitted to shape economic policy for the new Executive without so much as a word from our leaders.

The leadership of Sinn Fein has never prioritised the development of imaginative, coherent and effective strategies and policies to tackle problems as diverse as tourism, enterprise, agriculture, health, transport nor education (the consequences of those failings regarding the last area being painfully obvious at this moment in time.)

Consequently, we have been left with a political leadership which has found itself exposed as the new era of ‘bread and butter’ politics has emerged.

As worrying, the similar shortcomings of a middle-ranking leadership and panel of political advisors employed by the party have been exposed, given that the expertise of these respected individuals belongs to the conflict era and not an era in which professional, political and legal expertise is the currency of worth.

For west Belfast, this has meant Sinn Fein has yet to take the initiative in developing a tourist nor economic development strategy, never mind getting beyond the type of nonsensical ramblings of one MLA recently defending the right of young thugs to not have their criminal records revealed after they turn eighteen.

I mustn’t have been alone in our community for wishing that our political leaders had’ve taken a leaf out of Ian Og’s book and use the negotiations with the Brits to bring economic investment and transport improvements to our communities!

The time has long since come for the Sinn Fein leadership to address the mammoth shortcomings within our party in terms of the failure to develop tangible policies and strategies to improve the lives of our people.

Squinter should not be lambasted for his contribution. Rather, he should be praised by genuine republicans and we in Sinn Fein should commit ourselves to delivering the policies our people deserve.

Sinn Fein activist,
West Belfast

Anonymous Says:
20 March 2008 17:30

Communities need leadership, that was why i supported sinn Fein. i think Gerry Adams tries his best, but has depended on his councillors and MLAs to be the voice of communities and give leadership at local level. This is where the problem lies. For the most part they are a bunch of time wasters and play no part in the development of the upper springfield. they will of course respond with a list of ‘we do this’ and have done this’ I went to a number of meetings attended by these so called councillors and felt they were taking up space reserved for someone with intelligence. How they were elected was anybodys guess. The upper springfield safer neighbourhood scheme is another farce……..gerry will send them into the lower falls to initiate something there, while the murph goes into recline. Jobs for the toothless boys.

Anonymous Says:
20 March 2008 20:08

Is this the News Letter or Telegraph or was squinter on the swall with Willie Frazer.Well Squinter, you and your mate must of had a few jars when you started talking Politics and Gerry bashing in the Roddies on St Pats Day. I can just hear the many romatic republican tunes playig in the background eulogising all those dead and sacrificed republicans. They didnt die so you could sing about them squinter. Maybe you should have been standing outside the off license in west belfast with your rag of a newspaper (which will never be bought by me again) showing all the kids the latest offers off alco pops that were on sale advertised in your rag. As a young republican who has family members buried in the milltown plot i say shame on your paper. Next time one of your papers go down the pan Mr O Mullieor dont be asking Gerry A for help, ask squinter and the super provos he was gargling with on St Pats Day. Maybe it was Anthony Mc Intyre he was drinking with. Need I say More.
PS: Community Newspaper my Backside. Make money for O Mullieor more like it.

Anonymous Says:
20 March 2008 20:18

I whole-heartedly agree with the substance of Squinters article. I have been a Sinn Fein voter for the last 20 years but will never agin give them my vote. I lived in the Lower Falls for all of my life and still have family living there. I fear for their safety every day and night. Whilst the Sinn Fein hierarchy have indeed abandoned us for holiday homes all over Ireland and Europe, the real residents are forced to deal with what they can’t or won’t. They have led us into a stabilised Northern Ireland with no foreseeable end, only dreams of the 32 County Socialist republic that all genuine Repulicans yearn for. Yes, politics is a great career. The only difference in Britsih Direct Rule and Stormont administration is that Sinn Fein ministers and MLA’s get the big fat cat wages. They have disgraced a noble ideology. The ultimate irony is that men like Bap McGreevy who fought to free us from British rule and to guarantee freedom for all citizens is murdered by the lowest dregs of our own society. Not British troops, not the RUC or their Loyalist proxys, but a child of people raised on his own doorstep. Maybe CRJ and Sinn Fein will organise a lunch in the Balmoral or a black tie dinner in the Europa to discuss the matter with their new comrades in the PSNI. We were better off with the IRA looking after our areas. I WISH THEY HADN’T GONE AWAY, YOU KNOW!!

Anonymous Says:
20 March 2008 20:28

So the mask slips. Squinter, that closet SDLP middle-class wannabe, deigns to turn his sideways look on some real issues facing the people of west Belfast. The people whose money gave him the comfortable lifestyle he enjoys courtesy of a good community paper that he and his cronies subverted for their own grubby ends and for personal profit. Robin secretly despises his own community, being the snob he is. He smarts because he wouldn’t have been able to cut it in the world of ‘real journalism’.
For once, however, instead of snide remarks about pyjamas and sideswipes at those addicted to nicotine, he uncharacteristically goes for the throat.
From this bar stool, crawthumping coward, who wouldn’t be fit to lace the boots of those he now denigrates, it is all a bit rich. Were it not for the fact that Mr Livingstone, who likes to draw a discreet veil of secrecy over his own identity, has to fill the few non-advert inches in Marty Millar’s rag then this bum would spend all his time in the Roddies having his ego massaged by those who haven’t the wit to realise that he only rubs shoulders with the snooker room crowd so that his ‘mighty intellect’ may shine.
Robin you wouldn’t know how to find your way to Ross Road or Ross Street they are just a little bit out of your normal orbit and your comfort zone. Stick to the witty remarks and to the company of the wine and cheese brigade where you feel so much more at home.

Anonymous Says:
20 March 2008 22:29

Squinter, Hold your nerve my friend,
in the morning pull your shoulders back and get out and about west belfast , especially the lower whack where your own people are from, your own family are a proud republican family who have gave more than most , at such a heavy cost, this in itself gives you a definate right to say what you did ,as you thought was right, when journalists are lambasted or prevented from doing this then newspapers and indeed us all are finished,major and the free state tried it and it didnt work,i am in no way a dissident, but i have no doubt that there would be many who would love to label me one for commending you,you have just taken ONE GIANT STEP FOR WESTBELFAST!Thank you, wont be missing the atown news for a while, that is if its still there.

Anonymous Says:
20 March 2008 22:37

The Sinn Fein thing gets more like Animal Farm – some are more equal than others etc – the longer it goes on. Closed siopa methinks. Could someone tell me why there are 3 Councillors Maskey in the city hall? Dare I go into the QUANGOs as well? Mr Adams has fooled too many for too long – and I’m sure Squinter you will be labelled an ‘extremist’ like anyone who dared to question the strategy of the SF leadership. Gerry may have cut his teeth in the war – but in the ‘peace’ he is a political flyweight – dare I mention the elections in the 26 last year? As for Catriona.. tell her thatthe people of “Wist Billfest” know that she is a blow-in and a pretty inept one at that .. but then again .. it’s not what you know…etc

Anonymous Says:
20 March 2008 23:44

Bap McGreevy was killed by a member of a well known criminal family. What’s the big surprise? Nothing, except that on this occasion Robin Livingstone, who has made a career out of playing to the lowest common denominator, has eventually had the ‘dutch’ courage of his convictions and has been goaded by his beer-buddies into speaking out against Sinn Fein.
Costly mistake Squinty boy. The life of ‘haircuts’, ‘picking up at the airport’ and generally skiving and lording it over your ‘yellow-pack’ journalists may well be at an end.
At least your ‘out of character’ outburst is a step up from slagging off a mother who had the audacity to smell of drink at your daughter’s confirmation and to breath on your ‘dry-cleaned suit’ I wonder how often Bap had his suit dry cleaned?
You don’t really give a shit about Bap Robin let’s be honest. Robin you really hurt that ‘hung-over mother, who recognised herself in your obnoxious piece. You really are a sanctimonious b****** and your ex-friends in SF will now hopefully bury your non-career and Mairtin’s rag with it.
We all know who will applaud you for your anti-SF diatribe:

Dear Robin, sorry squinter, welcome to the club,
Signed by your newest and dearest friends, Malachi, Suzanne, Ed, Mackers, Eilish O’H , Pól O’M, Kevin M, Conor Cruise, Eoghan H etc, etc, etc.

Squinter writes:
Dear crew thanks a bunch all is forgiven, I hope. Home at last, your long-estranged but prodigal friend.

Anonymous Says:
21 March 2008 00:26

I was at the vigil on thursday and Squinter you must have struck a raw nerve,Alex Maskey made a comment about hiding behind a pen , I agree with some of your comments Squinter , some i don,t but is Alex Maskey now telling people not to vent their anger , or write of their fear or critisize our elected politicians through letters to papers, since the end of the war against the british or since since the new phase of the struggle our community has been attacked within murders ,rapes , robbing , death riding , drugs i, m to old to fight any more , i and people like me are scared i have served my community well the only thing that i can do is pen a letter or have a pint and give off about what is going on so Alex, Gerry , Martin and all the rest i haves been loyal all my life remove the reasons and causes of our fear , lead our people and stop using vigils to complain about your critics our lives are at stake

Anonymous Says:
21 March 2008 00:31

Your brothers and your father, who all contributed mightily to this community, would be thoroughly ashamed of you. Look into your heart sqinter stop playing to the gallery.

Squinter certainly has hit a raw nerve. Cui bono?

  • Comrade Stalin


    Basically it says that Adams and Paisley will both be gone as leaders under Gordon Brown, who won’t last much longer himself. They’ll go in disgrace and in turmoil “thrown alive into the fiery lake of burning sulphur”.

    I can predict that without reading the bible. There are many people in political circles who think that Brown will not make it to the end of this term, and there have been questions over Adams following the disaster in the RoI elections last year.

    It’s singularly unimpressive when you “predict” things that are widely expected by most people. What really takes thinking about, though, is the idea that the book of relevation was actually a description of the events unfolding in the NI political process. All those hundreds of years ago, God gave John a vision about the NI peace process. Do you really think this is credible to anyone with a correctly functioning brain ? The book is widely held to predict the end of the world. Not the machination of two-bit politicians who have little relevance on the world stage surely ?

  • Ty

    At least something is going to be done in that area now. Late but better late than never.

    Neighbourhood group in west Belfast gets direct line to police By Marie Louise McCrory West Belfast Correspondent

    VOLUNTEERS patrolling a west Belfast neighbourhood where a father-of-two was beaten to death last weekend are to be given a direct line to police.

    Members of the Safer Neighbourhoods Project patrol the streets of the lower Falls in a bid to clamp down on anti-social behaviour.

    They have been given a mobile phone number to call should trouble erupt.

    Until last night the group contacted police through the police switchboard, which had prompted complaints alleging slow response times.

    Now volunteers have been given a phone number that will connect them directly to a duty inspector, who can dispatch officers if necessary.

    The moves comes just days after the murder of Frank ‘Bap’ McGreevy.

    The 51-year-old died on Tuesday following a brutal beating at his home in Ross Street in the lower Falls last Saturday evening.

    He suffered massive head injuries.

    One man has been charged with his murder.

    Amid outrage at the killing and serious concern about street violence and anti-social behaviour in the area, the West Belfast Community Safety Forum met for the first time yesterday.

    It is made up of residents’ groups, the police, statutory bodies and political and community representatives.

    “There is fear and anger in the community and a sense of hopelessness,” forum chairman Steven Corr said.

    “People feel let down by the police.

    “For the first time, representatives in the area will also have a direct line to police, to the duty inspector, should anything happen.”

    Mr Corr said police chiefs who attended the meeting had said extra officers would be on patrol in the area over the weekend.

    He said police would also visit all off-licences in the lower Falls area to ensure alcohol was not being sold to or bought for minors.

    A clean-up of the area was planned for next week by the Housing Executive and the Probation Service, which would bring ex-offenders into the area to remove graffiti, Mr Corr said.

    “Leaflets will also be delivered to homes in the area tonight with emergency numbers and the number for the police,” he said.

    Superintendent Nick Purce said officers would “deal robustly with those who are causing misery to people living in this area”.

    “The safety of residents is very important to us and together with people living in the area and other organisations we will continue to work hard to tackle criminality and anti-social behaviour here,” he said.

    The funeral of Mr McGreevy will take place today.

    Hundreds of mourners are expected to attend a service for him at St Peter’s Cathedral at 9am.

    He will be buried in the City Cemetery.

    Because his funeral is being held during Holy Week, Requiem Mass for Mr McGreevy will be celebrated on Thursday at 7.30pm in St Peter’s Cathedral.

  • RedHaze

    Fair play to Squinter on this one, I haven’t been much of a fan of the ATN as of late, but he is only reporting what so many people in West Belfast feel.

    I hope he sticks to his guns on this one, he has earned the respect of many ordinary people in my area.

  • Antichrist

    “NI is a backwater”

    So was Palestine 2,000 years ago. Actually the North of Ireland is full of all the tensions, exaggerated in reality, that fill the world generally. It’s an appropriate place for the Book of Revelation, which is not about the end of the world, but about the revealing of Jesus Christ.

  • Northsider

    Slugger mods is gloating over a person’s death allowed on here?

    There’s an wanchor posting under the name of avenging angel doing just that – shouldn’t he have his wings clipped?

    Hey mate, crawl back under your stone, and enjoy the rest of your bitter, self-loathing wretched life….

  • Comrad Stalin

    “I can predict that without reading the bible. There are many people in political circles who think that Brown will not make it to the end of this term, and there have been questions over Adams following the disaster in the RoI elections last year.

    “It’s singularly unimpressive when you “predict” things that are widely expected by most people. What really takes thinking about, though, is the idea that the book of relevation was actually a description of the events unfolding in the NI political process”

    It is a complex prophecy that really can only be seen when other things fall into place.

    I interpreted it last May on the resumption of Stormont. But it gives us all the basic hope that the Troubles will be truly over soon and that the world will begin its journey to a better place.

    If Adams’ demise is so expected why then are the Republicans buying up copies of my Medjugorje book in Derry in the run-up to Paisley’s demise, as if both of them are conniving with one another to keep the whole thing under wraps.

    It may seem trivial to you, but it won’t to them, and they’ve been dealing with it for years. They know that every leader who has used evil over history has been taunted with prophecies, but they also realise that they cannot shake these ones off as other leaders have done. These are the real thing. They could do a lot of damage.

    These prophecies simply predict that Adams (the Antichrist) and Paisley (the false prophet) whose names come out at 666 will rise from the abyss and dominate their world. Sound familiar. But its nearly over now and Christians will see the face of Christ soon.

  • Gerry Adams’ secret fear

    I was a student at university in Galway this time twenty years ago when I had the most amazing spiritual experience that any human being could have. While writing an essay as an entry to the UCG Philosophical Society’s competition, I felt the most amazing sense of peace descend on me. I felt an absolute sense of love for all people and an overwhelming sense that I was loved too. I was filled with love.

    My essay concerned two babies, whose nametags were switched at birth, and who grew up in families that opposed each other, one a republican and the other a loyalist. These two children ended up murdering their natural fathers in violent incidents during the Troubles. The moral of the story was straightforward, I felt, and in a philosophical sense it meant that all violence was futile and that sectarian violence was simply patricide – or a desire to simply end the human race.

    But the feeling of love would not go away after I wrote the essay. I felt that I was in the midst of something really profound and my mind began to search for what that overwhelming significant matter could be. Then it struck me.

    It was like lightning struck me. It was to do with the other part of a calculation a friend had shown me in my days at St Columb’s College as a fifteen year old. That calculation worked out the name of Ian Paisley at 666. I had checked the references in the Book of Revelation at that time and I knew that there were to be two beasts.

    “Gerry Adams! It has to be!” I roared to myself in the kitchen of the small flat where I had my experience of great love and peace.

    I set down the same numeric alphabet, and calculated Gerry Adams’ name at 666. It was the icing on the cake. I now had an equation to back my essay up. My thesis, which in large part was the SDLP thesis, was being validated by God.

    I never had any doubt that the SDLP thesis was Christian in orientation, or that the republican campaign of violence was evil in orientation. But now I had the proof. I tried it out on a few people, mainly Sinn Fein members at UCG and they were very interested (and worried). It seemed that I had something on them.

    But it only impacted on them. It never impacted on others because others didn’t consider themselves to be doing anything wrong, as opposed to the Sinn Fein members who were assisting the IRA in their campaign of violence. I was left in no doubt that my discovery had gone straight to Gerry Adams.

    It wasn’t long before I heard from Sinn Fein. Others may make up excuses but I know that the attack on our home, smashing several windows, in August 1986 was a warning from Sinn Fein. But it was too late. Their war was over. I had taken out their king and all good chess players will know that that is the game over.

    Within months of that time, Gerry Adams was sending signals through Fr Alec Reid that he was prepared to end the IRA campaign. My experience had sown the seeds of doubt in Adams’ mind and unnerved him completely. He didn’t want to be the Antichrist. More accurately, he didn’t want to go down in history as the man who was regarded as the Antichrist.

    In Spring 1987, a year after my experience, the peace process began in earnest with talks between John Hume (who I’d told about 666 names through Mark Durkan) and Gerry Adams arranged through Fr Alec Reid, and so the history books record a rational explanation of the ending of the IRA campaign.

    No-one – especially not republicans – really wants to contemplate the possibility that something got to Gerry Adams to make him decide finally, after months of dithering, to give up the violence.

    That something was God. Gerry Adams was confronted with what he had become by God – through me, his instrument – in 1986 and he very quickly developed a yellow streak. They say that Gerry Adams was never all that hot about the war and that has led to all kinds of speculation that he was a top level agent of the British and so on.

    But I can end that speculation. Gerry Adams finally came to the conclusion that the war had to end when he realised that history will record him alongside Ian Paisley as the one of the two beasts of Revelation.

    God had hit the Republican Movement at its weak point. It was thought that Sinn Fein was impenetrable because of its egalitarian structure which meant that Adams could have been replaced if got to. But the republicans had made a big mistake. They had relied heavily on Adams to fight their case in the public domain so he came to matter more than all the others. God got to Adams and it was checkmate.

    See http://www.johnoconnell.org/ or click on my name below.

  • Jo

    After that last post no-one can blithely assume that the Internet is inhabited by weirdoes.

    Happy Easter, all.

  • Jo

    Happy Easter to you too, Jo.

    God (probably) loves you too.

  • fair’s fair

    The people of Sandy Row who knew the man McGreevy murdered in his sectarian attack on civilians can surely be allowed to feel a certain schadefraude at this turn of events? Or the young barmaid – now having lived a life of suffering – who lost an eye in the same event?
    Kharma always comes around. The plaudits and lionising of this piece of terrorist trash by the good people of West Belfast has not been lost on the rest of us. You live in a morally bankrupt shit hole of your own making.

  • Comrade Stalin

    John, do us a favour and stop spamming the place.

    If Adams’ demise is so expected why then are the Republicans buying up copies of my Medjugorje book in Derry in the run-up to Paisley’s demise, as if both of them are conniving with one another to keep the whole thing under wraps.

    What evidence do you have for this ? Anyway, if all this information you claim to have is so important, why don’t you post it on your website for free instead of trying to make money out of it ?

    But its nearly over now and Christians will see the face of Christ soon.

    No, they won’t.

  • Comrade Stalin

    “What evidence do you have for this ? Anyway, if all this information you claim to have is so important, why don’t you post it on your website for free instead of trying to make money out of it ?”

    The book was selling at a trickle (after Christmas surge) in shops in Derry until the week before Paisley announced his resignation when they jumped fivefold and sold out.

    It is on my website. The book was my tribute to my healing in Medjugorje. It was not designed to make money in any way, nor was it really contrived to attract the attention of Republicans. But I think that they’re really worried because it was a book aimed at the faithful where Sinn Fein have some hardy support.

    You may even see the face of Christ itself, and I don’t mean as it lands on your face. Try to be positive. Cynicism may seem the appropriate attitude for this world but you don’t need to be like that.

  • Shore Road Resident

    Clear off O’Connell you boring mentalist.

  • A N Other

    Sorry John, but even leaving aside rationale thinking, Gerry couldn’t have had his “Road to Damascus” in 1986.

    The genesis (no pun intedned) of the current peace process can be traced back to UDR sergeant Thomas Cochrane’s abduction in 1983 & the subsequent attempts by Fr. Alec Reid to save his life.

  • Ty

    lol who is the jesus freak?

  • picador


    Are you a literal believer of Ed Maloney then?


    What about those Croatian fascists?

  • Dewi

    I have a number of ill people in my family – the worse thing to do is encourage the paranoia. Please refrain everyone.

  • A N Other


    It was you that brought up the subject of EM!

    Actually, I was thinking of Dillon’s book on the Butchers, which pre-dates ASHOIRA by some 12/13 years.

    He just never added the “Peace Process (TM)” bit, because it was 1990 when his book was published & he clearly couldn’t predict the future.

    Must double check the EM book to see if he makes the same analogy..however, judging by your reply, I take it he does…

    Obviously not a fan so?

  • west belfast

    Im proud of WB in the last few days. Just shows what we know – SF is here to serve the people, not the other way round. Time will tell but I think they have heard the message.

    I just wonder what good people in loyalist areas must think when their areas are run by drug dealers and the DUP (who are their political reps) do nothing to help or confront the problem.

    As for this thread? Interesting times for SF over the next few years as realpolitik kicks in. It was easy to sit back and ‘feel’ Irish during the war. The trick now is you have to get off your arse and go get it. Its out there in abundance but shouting UP THE RA just aint good enough anymore.

  • A N Other

    That’s just a bit of spin. Gerry Adams was still in charge of the IRA in 1987 when they imported 100 tonnes of weaponry.

    So Gerry was considering ending the campaign not in 1983 but in late 1980s.

    They’ve had almost ten years (since 1999 when I revealed the possibility in my first book) to re write history and attempt to prove that they were already on ceasefire mode before 1986.

    They weren’t thinking in terms of having to prove that before my book came out, thinking that no-one would dare challenge them, so they (Gerry et al) jumped at the chance to have Fr Reid link them up with John Hume in 1987.

    But notice that they involved a priest and notice that they came to the SDLP. My father was an SDLP councillor in 1987. They could have gone directly to the British who they were at war with.

    The reality is that they went to the Catholic Church and the SDLP in order to ensure that they were not outmanouvred were they went to talk peace to the British. If they went directly to the British, they would have been risking Hume attempting to expose their weakness – that they were running scared of a prophecy that they had probably verified as “potentially” serious with Catholic priest supporters.

    If I’m wrong, then why the need to involve Hume and why the appearance of conceding to the Catholic Church. It was because SF people take this sort of thing very seriously.

  • Mark McGregor

    I’d like to add my voice to Dewi’s appeal. This is a cyclic occurrence on Slugger and people should have the decency to recognise what is going on and not contribute to making it worse.

  • Unimpressed

    Why I believe Gerry Adams is the Antichrist (and Ian Paisley the false prophet)!

    First of all, I believe that Gerry Adams is the Antichrist because of the coincidence that his name comes out at 666 on my numeric alphabet

    There’s an old revelation I hadn’t heard in a while. Ian Paisley comes out at 666 as well. Why is he relegated to the role of False Prophet?

  • Answers on a postcard

    Ease up on John there folks, he is ill.

    Creativity and Bipolar Disorder
    Nicole Megatulski

    History has always held a place for the “mad genius”, the kind who, in a bout of euphoric fervor, rattles off revolutionary ideas, incomprehensible to the general population, yet invaluable to the population’s evolution into a better adapted species over time. Is this link between creativity and mental illness one of coincidence, or are the two actually related? If related, does heightened creative behavior alter the brain’s neurochemistry such that one becomes more prone to a mental illness like bipolar disorder? Does bipolar disorder cause alterations in neurochemistry in the brain that increase creative behavior through elevated capacity for thought and expression? Is this link the result of some third factor which causes both of the two effects?

    Another recent study was the first to undertake scientific diagnostic inquiries into the relationship between creativity and psychopathology in living writers. Eighty percent of the study sample met formal diagnostic criteria for a major mood disorder versus thirty percent of the control sample. The statistical difference between these two rates is highly significant, where p<.001. This means that the odds of this difference occurring by chance alone are less than one in a thousand. Of particular interest, almost one-half the creative writers met the diagnostic criteria for full-blown manic-depressive illness. (1) This is not to say that the majority of artists are bipolar but rather that there is a considerably higher incidence in bipolar disorder among artists than among the general population.Characteristics of the bipolar disorder, such as lowered inhibition, allow for freer expression of previously contained ideas and the constant flux between manic and depressive states also gives an unusual kaleidoscopic perspective of the world.All of these factors can account for increased creativity once the illness erupts.

  • Dewi/Mark McGregor

    I think it’s fair to say that you’re on a mission. That mission is to discredit me. You can’t counter the arguments so you use smeer tactics. Is Sinn Fein really that scared? I suppose its a life and death matter for them (and for Gerry Adams, I’m sure).


    Ian Paisley is the false prophet because the Book of Revelation classifies him as such.(Rev 19:20)

    But the reason is Jesuitical in that Paisley belongs to a community that is Old Testament in orientation, where prophets and false prophets abound but has no Christ.

    Answers on a postcard

    More Sinn Fein on the job tonight. I suppose you’re getting paid the average industrial wage.

  • Mr Angry



    I have waited a few days to comment because too much emotion sometimes clouds your thinking; you can’t see the wood for the trees. On reflection it is a bit unfair and inaccurate to pin the ENTIRE blame on Adams OR Sinn Fein for the nightmare situation many people are living in. What is happening is West Belfast is happening in other parts of the city, particularly North Belfast. It is also going on in Dublin, Limerick, Cork and other urban parts of Ireland. If you look across the water at Britain fathers, brothers & sons are being killed on the streets by anti social elements so it is NOT particular to Belfast. This point of course is NO comfort to long suffering people in these areas. When it’s going on in your backyard your ONLY concern is YOUR own backyard. It is also VERY true to say that the PSNI is turning out to be a totally incompetent Police Force with LITTLE or NO concern about the problems or day to day troubles of these areas, republican OR loyalist. As someone who has had dealings with them on anti social elements and loutish behaviour I can say with experience that most of what gets reported to them is logged and quickly forgotten about. It is NOT investigated. Their call out times on 3 reported cases of recent interface trouble in North Belfast were 40 mins, 35mins and 40 mins and confidence in them within these districts is virtually NIL. Their attitude is mostly distant, aloof, nonplussed and smacks of ‘I couldn’t really give a stuff, what time’s the Chippy/Chinese opened to Norman we don’t want to miss it’.
    HOWEVER the actual piece by Squinter and his criticisms of Sinn Fein are different arguements altogether and perfectly valid. This has been a pressure cooker that’s been waiting to blow for a while because the VAST majority of people across Belfast who vote for the party now feel that they have been VERY badly failed and let down. Sinn Fein is a detached, elite oligarchy more concerned about representing Sinn Fein interests than the 1000’s across the city who gave them an X. When they negotiated with the British Government & Ulster Unionists it was solely for the Sinn Fein/IRA leadership and NOT for the Republican community OR Northern nationalists. Some have commented that the standard of Sinn Fein representative in certain areas is POOR and having also dealt with some of them I would have to agree. Many Sinn Fein reps and councillors are basically intellectually incapable of formulating strategies, formulae or simple plans to deal with anti social behaviour, poor housing, unemployment or interface trouble etc. Consequently much of this is palmed off by the party to ‘community workers’, government funded local groups or voluntary agencies who are left to get on with it. Many local people who took part in rallies or got involved with anti social behaviour networks ended up being targeted by these hoods and eventually got out because they were being left to take the hits and abuse, NOT Sinn Fein. They felt abandoned and ignored and were no longer prepared to put themselves or their families at risk anymore.
    Gerry Adams & Mary Lou McDonald etc were badly exposed at the last Southern elections for not even having a basic grasp of economics, social strategy and workings of the Health Service. The Southern electorate didn’t give a twig for the North or the Peace Process and anyone with sense could have told party strategists that. Instead of tuning in to the electorate they banged on about decommissioning and what Republicans have done for the Peace Process without researching their audience and consequently fell flat on their arse. It’s now happening here. We have aloof old men in their late 50’s and 60’s without a clue and senior party members like McGuinness but especially Adams and his clique should step aside. Paisley and the DUP felt the wrath of their own constituency following the Dromore by-election and Nationalist communities are now also saying “WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH -THESE PEOPLE DON’T REPRESENT OR SPEAK FOR US ANY LONGER” and have condemned us and our families to a life of misery. The reason that their vote remained solid throughout the North was because there is NO viable alternative. The SDLP remain largely a nice, remote, rural middle class outfit with NO desire to get involved in dirty inner city street politics. The 10th Anniversary of the GFA is upon us but it might as well be for an island off the coast of Australia for MANY for all the good it has done OR it’s relevance to their lives. Yes, less people are being murdered for their religion or politics but we can’t use this as an excuse for ever and a day to justify an agreement to a conflict that many more young people don’t remember. It’s all about TODAY for them and what’s happening in their lives and to their families. On this score Sinn Fein and other politicans have FAILED badly. Bap McGreevy and Harry Holland are in their graves but hold the front page because they WON’T be the last.

  • Tús Nua

    Lurig, I’ve also refrained from speaking out, but squinter AKA Archie, like yourself, is hitting home a few home truths.

    We need to make a new beginning, yes, for the sake of Bap and others, but more importantly, to show our kids they can have hope of a better future than one that condemns them to drink, drugs, or getting the latest consumer-ware’s.

    Republicanism was never about votes to me, it was about looking after our neighbours, I Think it was called Comhar na Comharsan one time in the late 20’s or 30’s – not looking after oneself.

  • Well said, Lurig.

    But the people of West Belfast have a real problem with Gerry Adams. A psychologist might suggest that the killers of Bap McGreevy, etc., etc., are not so much acting on their own initiative, but simply expressing an unconscious desire to be the next Gerry Adams.

    The macho-culture in republican circles has been around for years. John Hume used to say in the mid 1980s that West Belfast was the most dangerous place to canvass, for example, because you could be attacked by republicans. The beast was roaming even then. Lawlessness comes with a lawless leader.

    Why I believe Gerry Adams is the Antichrist (and Ian Paisley the false prophet)!

    First of all, I believe that Gerry Adams is the Antichrist because of the coincidence that his name comes out at 666 on my numeric alphabet (see website http://johnoconnell.org/number_of_the_beast_calculat.htm), a numeric alphabet that I discovered during my years at St Columb’s College in Derry and further investigated during my years at University College Galway. If his name didn’t come at 666, using some reasonable means, then I would not believe that he is the Antichrist. He would simply be to me just another delinquent who leads a very large conspiracy to undermine Ireland.

    Second of all, due to another pertinent coincidence his name contains “Adam”, the name of the first man, and from a theological point of view, this adds much to the basis of him being the Antichrist. Adam coincidentally means ‘man’ in Hebrew, and the number of the beast is specifically described as “man’s number” (Rev 13:18).

    These are extraordinary coincidences and not to dismissed by any means by any intelligent observer of matters theological.

    The apostle Paul wrote: “For as in Adam all die, so in Christ all will be made alive” (1 Cor 15:22). Adam therefore symbolises death, and thus the question must be asked, is there significance to the ‘Adam’ in Gerry Adams’ name? Does Gerry Adams, the effective leader of the IRA’s republican movement, symbolise death?

    The descriptions of the beasts in the Book of Revelation are interesting.

    ‘The inhabitants worshipped the first beast, whose fatal wound had been healed,’ (Rev 13:12). Coincidentally, Gerry Adams was shot and wounded in 1984, but recovered. Afterwards, he became Sinn Fein president and one of the foremost politicians in Northern Ireland. The use of violence for him is a matter of tactics. That is a matter of fact and record. Gerry Adams has not stepped away from violence. He believes in his own words that “there is a time for peace and a time for war”, mocking the Prince of Peace and equating Christ with the Antichrist, good with evil.

    The first beast, who is said to be the Antichrist, is prophesied to have “seven heads” (Rev 13:1), which is coincidentally the number of heads on the IRA army council, including Gerry Adams’ allegedly.

    “Who can make war against him?” (Rev 13:7). The IRA has been described as ‘the most sophisticated terrorist organisation in the history of mankind’. Their structure makes it impossible for a conventional army to defeat them.

    Gerry Adams fulfilled another prophecy during the run-up to the 2007 Assembly election campaign in the North of Ireland. This involved him requesting the use of Clonard Monastery (Roman Catholic) church in West Belfast for a political meeting discussing his party’s policy. He still believed that armed struggle was a legitimate means of resolving differences.

    When Gerry Adams took to the altar of Clonard monastery while his beliefs were in conflict with Christ’s teaching, he was proclaiming himself to be wiser than God and better than Jesus Christ. He was in logic proclaiming himself to be God.

    “[The man of lawlessness or the Antichrist] will oppose and will exalt himself over everything that is called God or is worshipped, so that he sets himself up in God’s temple, proclaiming himself to be God.” (2 Thes 2:3-4)

    When you think of all the violent activity, brutality and attacks on old people in West Belfast, you must think “man of lawlessness” as the beast or Antichrist is decribed.

    Fror further information, see http://www.johnoconnell.org/

  • Daniel D Lewis

    Reference is often made to the Costa del Provo,the Provos’ mansions in Donegal. But here is my question: does Gerry and Collette etc live in a big house in Belfast or is he still slumming it in the Murph? What about Martin McGuinness and the others? Are they living in swish Malone Rd/Rathgar type areas? Are their negihhbours big shots (barristers, judges, op cops etc) or just Catholic non entitities? I am not talking about their holiday homes but of their main residences? Do they employ maids and the like? Are they living, if not the high life, at least a very comfortable upper class aristocracy type life?

  • Comrade Stalin


    Assuming your claims about a sales surge in your book are true (how many copies have been sold?), there is a very easy way for you to get your message out – publish the contents of your book on your website.

    Your contributions here read like little more than a spam effort to try to encourage people to buy it, and that includes this rather pathetic “The book Sinn Fein tried to silence!” efforts. I think that what’s pretty clear is that making money out of selling the book is more important to you than putting your message out to the widest possible audience. I hope God approves. I don’t ever remember hearing about Jesus asking for money so that people could hear what he had to say.

  • Muad’Dub

    [b]Comrade Stalin[/b]

    Agreed, in fact I remember Jesus being a little miffed at a certain money changing centre once upon a time which led to some nice men pinning him to a large cross. Oh dear.

    Still at the same time I don’t think it’s quite right to make fun of and encourage someone so obviously mentally ill. The pollitically incorrect expression about competing in the special olympics comes to mind.

    On topic, over the last few months I’ve noticed more than a few people dare to mention that West Belfast isn’t the utopia it should be? Who is to blame? The Parents? PSNI, Sinn Fein, Ian Paisley Junior? The Easter Bunny?

    Look at the area in question, is West Belfast and in perticular the Falls so special? Or is it in reality just like every other working class area with levels of deprevation and unemployment that are just plain scary.

    Hoods have always existed, it’s just that in the past their efforts where channeled into venting at the other side via the convenient placement of interface areas. Back in the good old days this would have been encouraged now the same hoodies exist but there is no interface riots for them

    Answer me honestly if 10 meat wagons went patrolling round the Falls Road regularially to combat crime and they even made a few arrests how soon untill Sinn Fein spun it that they where being victimised by the police and the hoods in their nice tracksuits where just misunderstood youth? The PSNI can’t win either way.

  • Comrade Stalin

    “Assuming your claims about a sales surge in your book are true (how many copies have been sold?), there is a very easy way for you to get your message out – publish the contents of your book on your website.”

    The relevant section of the book is on the website – http://johnoconnell.org/ and click on Revelation then “What will herald end of Adams and Paisley ?”

    That’s what there getting annoyed about in the main. Remember I am writing directly into the heartlands of Republicanism in Derry. This is true and facts like Martin McGuinness’ father is a daily communicant come to mind.

    It really doesn’t matter to me that anyone will buy the book. It is not an issue. Obviously I would like it to do well in Derry as it already has to a certain extent. But the point is that I would like the sales to be to interested people, not republicans trying to censor it.

    Jesus also made a living out of teaching and preaching and he took money off a poor old woman at least once by his own admission.

  • doh

    john, its they’re, not there…simple mistake from a simpleton, i suppose

  • Comrad Stalin

    This is what they seem to be worried about. I publish in full and you can say that I never charged you:-

    Qn. What will herald end of Adams and Paisley ?

    Answer. In reply, John O’Connell said, “I think that the prophecies point to an unpleasant good-bye gift from Adams and Paisley. That may mean some violence. This comes from the verse, “he [i.e. the Antichrist] once was, now is not, and yet will come” (Rev 17:8). The Antichrist who “once was, now is not” is a reference to the fact that Adams was acting once as the Antichrist (i.e. during the Troubles) and “now” is no longer acting in that way. “Yet will come” indicates that before the prophecies will end, he will return to being the Antichrist. This was always going to happen as no-one insisted on Adams repenting of his past. But the question is, when will the prophecies end?”

    John’s answer to that question was detailed. “Interpreting the next verses gives a timescale for the fulfilment of the prophecies. “The seven heads are seven hills on which the woman sits. They are also seven kings,” (Rev 17:9). The seven hills symbolise Rome, built on seven hills, so the author of Revelation is attacking the Roman Empire. The comparable empire in our context and era is the British Empire and the city comparable to Rome is London. So the seven kings come from London.

    “Those kings are described as “Five have fallen, one is, and the other has not yet come” (Rev 17:10). Coincidentally during the Troubles, the Troubles being the key timeframe, five London PMs have fallen: Wilson, Heath, Callaghan, Thatcher, and Major. “One is,” or the sixth PM, must refer to Tony Blair under whom much of the changes to the North took place. The other who has not yet come is remarked: “…but when he does come he must remain for a little while” (Rev 17:10). I think that this must refer to Gordon Brown who won’t be PM for long by this account.

    “The fact that Blair is referred to as “one is” demonstrates that the major prophecies occur under his rule while he “is”, and also while the Antichrist “is not” (see above), which happens at the same time, i.e. at present. But the whole sequence of verses, ante-ceded with the proviso, “This calls for a mind with wisdom,” (Rev 17: 9), making them the most mysterious verses in the Book of Revelation, also signals that the whole framework will have outworked itself by the time of the seventh king, “who has not yet come, but when he does come he must remain for a little while”.

    So when Gordon Brown, the seventh king elect, stops being PM, which won’t be long according to the prophecies, Ian Paisley and Gerry Adams will be disgraced and in turmoil, or “thrown alive into the fiery lake of burning sulphur” (Rev 19:20). The intriguing question is what happens under Gordon Brown that leads to this outcome.”

    Do you feel enlightened?

  • UFB

    John, didn’t you post the exact same diatribe a few pages back on the same thread?

    At first your egomania seemed amusing now it’s just boring.

    Spot on analysis Lurig

  • Comrade Stalin


    I’m not enlightened by your spam, and I hope Mick deletes it. I have already read it once, you do not need to post it again.

    It really doesn’t matter to me that anyone will buy the book. It is not an issue.

    I’m sure there’s part of the bible that says that lying is wrong. If it didn’t matter to you, then why would you invest so much effort writing and publicizing it ?

    You didn’t answer my question about how many copies you’d sold. But at least you concede to profiteering rather than trying to maximise the reach of your message by publishing it entirely for free. For your conspiracy theory about Sinn Fein to make any sense, there must be something in the book that they do not want revealed, and it can’t be what’s on your website, otherwise what would the point be in trying to restrict availability of the book ?

    I have to confess that Jesus making money out of healing people is a new one to me. Can you quote the relevant parts of the bible ?

  • Comrade Stalin

    “I’m sure there’s part of the bible that says that lying is wrong. If it didn’t matter to you, then why would you invest so much effort writing and publicizing it ?”

    Why would I lie? It matters to me because I’m on a mission from God (like the Blues Brothers). Notice the present tense. They may be a little nest egg for the future, but the nine books have actually cost me money.

    Don’t be judging people by the way.

    “But at least you concede to profiteering”

    I don’t. You seem to have problems with logic in your vain attempt to convict me of being, well, normal.

    “For your conspiracy theory about Sinn Fein to make any sense, there must be something in the book that they do not want revealed, and it can’t be what’s on your website, otherwise what would the point be in trying to restrict availability of the book ?”

    Ever heard of damage limitation? The website is not well known, but the book is sending messages straight into the heartlands of Derry republicanism.

    “I have to confess that Jesus making money out of healing people is a new one to me. Can you quote the relevant parts of the bible ?”

    Jesus had to live and support disciples. (See Mk 12: 41-44). See also references to Judas as the keeper of the purse.


  • Ty

    Pity pathetic showing at the easter parade on the Falls road today. People were sparse on the ground as far as I could see.

  • Dewi

    Leave it out Joseph – it’s dangerous.

  • Muad’Dub

    John tell me you didn’t compare yourself to the Blues Brothers, you are no Belushi man not even a Dan Aykroyd. You’re more on a level with Mr Bean.

    Judas kept a purse, call me picky but I’d like a quote of the big JC saying “That’ll be 12 shackles” to the blind dude. How much did he charge for the water into wine trick, and what about the fish and loaves. Since you are in communication with him can you ask him if he’d do the catering for a party I’m hsoting next weekend.

  • Maud’Dub

    <>Since you are in communication with him can you ask him if he’d do the catering for a party I’m hsoting next weekend.

    He will. That’ll be 12 shackles.

  • Republican

    Comhar na Comharsan mentioned above- along with the proclamation of Easter 1916 and teh democratic programme of the 1st Dail- is th foundation of all RSF social policy. Just take 5 minutes and have a read of SAOL NUA on their website http://www.rsf.ie

  • Unimpressed

    Did Squinter not write a similar criticism of Adams a few months ago?

  • jadedobserver

    This has got to be the best thread dereailment ever.

  • Mustapha Mond

    “But the reason is Jesuitical in that Paisley belongs to a community that is Old Testament in orientation, where prophets and false prophets abound but has no Christ.”

    Old testament in orientation???

  • Mustaphw Mond

    Old testament in orientation???

    Believing in the laws of God as meaning an eye for an eye basically. The fixed desire for a nation state is important too – Israel. God giving them the promised land, somebody else’s land.

    Paisley is the “false prophet” fighting against much of the Old Testament dogma but with too shallow a knowledge of the New Testament to do much about it.

    Adams is “the Antichrist”, belonging to a New Testament community, but rejecting it’s values, and fighting against it, but with too shallow an Old Testament knowledge to do much about it.

    Adams has committed the more serious sin because he is someone who had an awareness of Christ. Paisley has little or no awareness. (From their actions, of course.)

    But see my book Love is the Answer: The SDLP, Christianity, and the Northern Ireland Conflict. Click on my name below and follow links.

  • Mustapha Mond

    “Believing in the laws of God…” as opposed to?

    I think you’re a little muddled on the meaning of an eye for an eye, to put it down in my own ham fisted, sloppy way.
    It means a wealthy person, can’t screw a poor person into the ground for stealing something from him.
    I’ll have to disagree with all your other points to.

    Thanks for the offer on the book, I’ll wait for the film to come out.

  • Mustapha Mond

    “Believing in the laws of God…” as opposed to?


    As for the rest of your points… some you win, some you can never win.