Irish News wins Restaurant appeal…

Slugger hears that the Irish News has won it’s appeal on that restaurant review. The judge is believed to have ordered a re-trial. It will now be down to the plaintiff as to whether it goes further. Costs are still to be decided. More details later.

  • snakebrain

    Fabulous news. The whole thing was a waste of time and money. I hope the restauranteur in question is liable for the costs, and learns to develop a thicker skin. (And possibly to cook better, which would have avoided the whole farrago in the first place.)

  • Stamper

    Is ordering a retrial actually a victory?

  • willowfield

    “I hope the restauranteur in question …”


  • As usual the only real winners are the lawyers.

  • Rory

    This judgement is to be welcomed – critics must be free to express fair opinion.

    Having said that – if I was so bold as to be even mildly critical of one Herself’s occasional forays into more extravagant cuisine I would be happy to get off as lightly. Believe me a £25K fine is nothing compared to execution by frying pan.

  • victor1

    Out of the frying pan and the lawyers laugh all the way home.

  • Observer

    Misdirection should only be used by illusionists and magicians.