Happy St Paddy’s, creep…

JUDGE Dredd fans wanting to look zarjaz this St Paddy’s Day might want to check out this new 2000AD T-shirt. Hat-tip to NI’s very own Comic Book Guy, Mark the librarian.

  • circles

    Ahhh now this was a classic Dredd storyline – when he goes to the emerald isle.
    Art by Steve Dillon and story by local hero Garth Ennis.
    Ireland has been turned into a disney of diddly-dee and begorrahs and Dredd comes over chasing a guy on the run. Turns out though that a paramilitary group called the Sons of Erin (armed with spud guns capable of firing everything from mash to chips) wants Ireland to throw of the shackles of being a twee tourist destination and takes it place in what remains of the family of nations.
    I always thought the cover would make a briliant t-shirt and hadindeed gave it to a mate of mine to make me a t-shrt from it……. and never saw it again. Grud!!!!

  • 4th Lanark

    Not only a classic storyline, but also worryingly prophetic. The landscape in the comic strip was full of twee irish cottages in every field. What have we today – a landscape with a bungalow in every field….. Also liked the way Dredd ran over and destroyed St Stephen’s Green (all 3 blades of grass) on his bike.