Murphy trial edges closer

A short report from yesterday which almost slipped under the radar. The trial of “good republican” Thomas ‘Slab’ Murphy in the Special Criminal Court, on charges connected to alleged revenue offences, could begin in late May or early June.

Mr Murphy was remanded on continuing bail until April when the case will be mentioned again.

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  • SlugFest

    Whatever happened with Bic McFarlane’s trial?

  • Pete Baker

    Good question, if not on the actual topic..

    Here’s a post from the last time I heard anything.

  • patrique

    He will probably be sharing the dock with 96 MLAs and the boss of Tesco.

    Revenue offenses? £12 billion unpaid tax by big business last year.

    Are they thinking of giving “Slab” a knighthood?

  • Twinbrook

    another pathetic attempt at an anti SF rant by the T`internet warrior Pete….

  • sceolaing

    you’re dead right. every knows that people like Slab, and the rest of the Slabs by the way, are entitled to do whatever they like. Court and things like that are only meant for the small people, not the big timers. And, don’t forget, he did his best for mother Ireland leading his troops into the promised land of coalition with Dr No (no wonder they all get on so well looking at Ian og and his antics.)after the deaths of over 3000 people in the name of ‘freedom’. Freedom to launder and smuggle diesel, freedom to hijack goods and sell them on.
    How dare anyone suggest that one of Beardy Adam’s friends could be a crook, the cheek of it!!

  • heck

    It seems like those who complain about the bloody sunday inquiry or republicans wanting information on state collusion with loyalist death squads have no problem with the state going after ex republicans for victimless crimes like tax evasion.

  • Twinbrook

    I don`t know this fella Murphy personally, unlike the above posters…

    all I see or hear about this guy is innuendo or what the papers print,(and what wannabbe intellectuals like pete, post) which off course must be true!

    Anyway its great that the most vaunted ideal of innocent until proven guilty doesn`t apply to Republicans/Nationalists/Catholics/any anti-establishment figure aslong as they`re not Protestant or a drug dealing member of a loyalist group….

  • Oh what a tangled web we weave


    Son of Quinn campaign organiser arrested By Barry McCaffrey

    A son of former Sinn Fein representative Jim McAllister has been questioned about an attack on the home of a man named in the House of Lords in connection with the murder of Paul Quinn.

    Brendan McAllister (19) was arrested at his home in Cullyhanna in south Armagh early yesterday morning. A 15-year-old youth was also arrested at a separate address in the village.

    The arrests are linked to an attack on the home of Cullyhanna man Vincent Treanor last month.

    A police spokesman confirmed that two males had been questioned but were later released while a report was being prepared for the Public Prosecution Service.

    Mr Quinn (21) died after being

    savagely beaten by a masked gang at an isolated farm house near Castleblayney across the border in Co Monaghan.

    The dead man’s parents blamed the PIRA for the murder, but Sinn Fein has denied republican involvement.

    In November Ulster Unionist peer Lord Laird used parliamentary privilege to accuse Mr Treanor of being an IRA leader in south Armagh and requesting Paul Quinn’s murder.

    He denied the allegations and challenged the politician to repeat the comments outside the House of Lords.

    Confirming the arrest of his son with the 15-year-old, Mr McAllister said: “They denied any knowledge of any attack on the Treanor home.

    “They were held for a few hours and then let go.

  • austin

    Don’t you know that Pete has very selective radar?….

  • mark doyle

    let the man have his day in court.

  • IRIA

    We do get updates whether such and such was done by the “good” UDA or the “bad” UDA. Come on guys!

  • Reader

    heck: for victimless crimes like tax evasion.
    Let me guess – “there’s no such thing as society”? However, for the rest of us, the taxes we pay are the price we pay for universal education, the National Health Service, public services – in a nutshell – society. And how many parties are there in the Assembly that don’t want to *spend* other people’s taxes?
    However, if you think tax-evasion should be de-criminalised, should that not apply to unionists as well as republicans?

  • joeCanuck

    You’re quite right, Twinbrook, (just like your cousin P&J;).
    I wouldn’t be in the least surprised if that man Murphy didn’t appear in court charged with anything yesterday.
    That Baker guy makes up a lot of stuff. I’ve no proof, but that is my conviction.

  • steve

    UMM are you all taking the mick? You do realize he is not on trial in nIreland but in the good ole free state

  • NP

    “Good Republican” as in Goodfellah ?

  • Heck- Tax evasion while not brutal murder is still a crime and should not be taken lightly by society. Certainly there are degrees of criminality, but it would be foolish to say since a crime is not murder that it isn’t a crime. Regardless of what side of the fence people sit on, they must be held responsible or at least called upon when taking advantage of the public.

  • Mark McGregor

    While not really following this case I’m continually surprised it is being heard in an Cúirt Choiriúil Speisialta. Since people claim he belongs to a movement that has respect for and accepts the legitimacy of both 26 & 6 county forces of law and justice surely he should be facing an ordinary court? Or am I missing the a clear reason “the ordinary courts are inadequate to secure the effective administration of justice” in this case?

  • joeCanuck

    C’mon Mark. Not even you can be so disingenuous.

  • Dec

    A short report from yesterday which almost slipped under the radar.

    And to think some say spending 10 hours a day googling ‘Slab Murphy’ is a waste of the precious gift of life.

    I’d just like to say I still find your use of the ‘good republican’ hyperlink fresh and not at all tiresome.

  • Mark McGregor


    Disingenuous? I think the man deserves a normal/fair trial as I’ve heard no reason to exempt him from one. Clear enough? I don’t think innuendo is a mitigating factor…..

  • steve


    As soon as you liink any ones name with the IRA it is no longer innuendo but cold stone fact! Silly man I thought you understood that!

    Question is if convicted will his sentence be any more harsh then those two brothers who were convicted of with holding millions from their hotels?

  • joeCanuck

    Fair trial, Mark? Absolutely. I, of course, know nothing about the man other than what I read in the press and here, but, for now, I’m willing to accept that there is justification for the Special Court. Didn’t a senior Judge rule on that a few months back?. I doubt that the Judge had some ulterior motive.

  • steve

    You mean like an appointment to a higher court in appreciation for services rendered to FF?

  • joeCanuck

    Don’t know anything about their courts appointment system, Steve.
    But I would accept that there at times seems something dodgy about it in most countries.

  • Pancho’s Horse

    Joe Canuck, are you not being a little hypocritical? Did you never smuggle butter in your knickers from the Free State during the Emergency?

  • joeCanuck

    Judge Mahon doesn’t seem to particularly favour Bertie.

  • joeCanuck

    Pancho, you do me a disservice. I have never expressed an opinion about my belief as to whether or not he is guilty. I endeavour to do that in every case. I prefer to let justice run its course. There is certainly no room for trial and conviction of anyone by innuendo.

    As to the butter and fags too, and eggs, etc., No Comment.

  • steve


    I am a Canuck with a kind of backwards tie into nIreland but your politics are fascinating in their ever changing dynamic so I like to watch

    By the way I have smuggled beer in my pick up from the states into Canada but then I developed taste and realised cheap beer is not good beer

  • Pancho’s Horse

    Steve, as you mature you will realise that politics here don’t go forward – just round and round and until the ‘constitutional’ question is settled, thus it will continue. And secondly, as you mature even more, you will come to realise that all beer is good beer.

  • joeCanuck

    I’m with Steve, Pancho. You must not have had the pleasure of cheap US beer. It will quench your thirst and you can get it in almost any store, but with no great pleasure.

  • Pete Baker

    I realise that the topic is not much more than an update to an on-going court case of interest – rather than an “anti SF rant” – but if we could get back to the topic..

  • joeCanuck

    Well, there never was much meat to begin with, Pete, and we did quite well initially staying close to topic.
    I think we have drifted off quite simply because we ran out of steam

    It’s been quite a while , btw, since we had an “open” thread.

  • Pete Baker

    “Well, there never was much meat to begin with..”

    That would be because it’s an update to an on-going case of interest, joe.

    The kit, rather than the kaboodle..

  • joeCanuck

    Understood, Pete.
    And, yes, we drifted at the end. Quite right to remind us.

  • Steve


    have an american “lite” beer or a bud and tell me all beer is good beer

    I will allow that most beer is good beer

    whats closer to an Irish heart then good beer

  • Steve

    Oh and Pancho

    after 5 years i have realized that nIreland politics never move forward but watching unionists trying to justify nIreland and th government death squads is more entertaining than watching Rush limbaugh trying to explain how georgie dumbya bush is actually a good president, or the sleep inducing Canadian parliament

    infact if we didnt have one of the most succesful economies in the world it would hardly bear watching the yahoos in Ottawa

  • Comrade Stalin


    another pathetic attempt at an anti SF rant by the T`internet warrior Pete….

    Is this your single transferrable rebuttal or something ? I remember you made exactly the same criticism of me a couple of weeks ago.

  • Tobar

    Funny how the Shinners mockingly and arrogantly scoff at any “anti-SF” commentary on here or anywhere else for that matter. It’s as if they genuinely see themselves as beyond reproach. “There are none so blind…” and all that!

    They need to open their eyes to the fact that the SF does not and never has held the moral high ground with regards to Irish Republicanism. SLAB represents all that was bad about the dark days. We all know about his cellar at “Southfork” and can only imagine what went on their. “Proof”, “democracy” and “human decency” were denied to so many citizens of the Irish Republic state and in my view the man should be tried for treason. Shame on him and all those who support the Provisional movement. Ireland doesn’t and never has needed your plastic brand of Irish republicanism.

  • George

    “You mean like an appointment to a higher court in appreciation for services rendered to FF?”

    That’s a very serious accusation. Can you point to a single judgment made to politically favour FF by a higher court containing judges appointed by the government? Just one will do.

    Or can you name a single legal authority whatsoever who has ever claimed that there has been such a thing?

  • steve


    If you can’t understand the insinuation that this trial is more political than practical well I don’t know what to tell you

  • sceolaing

    o what a tangled web..
    re the report which ‘slipped under the radar’ about mcallisters son being arrested and questioned about incidents relating to v traynor.

    The 2 teenagers were released without charge. Most people around cullyhanna believe that if it does go to court it will be worse for vincie and sinn fein because all the dirt about the baseball wielding thugs seeking to exercise control on the young will come out as will the fact that a well known provo (and SAFETY GROUP MEMBER) beat up a woman in Crossmaglen earlier in the night that the fireworks were let off as it has a direct bearing on the issue.
    Poor old vincie is once again being refered to in the media as ‘…a man accused of connections to the murder of paul quinn’. Vincie and S.F. are inadvertantly helping to keep the issue of paul’s murder live! Sinn Fein seem to have forgotten that sometimes it is better to keep quiet. It is also interesting that Cllr B, Curran, chair of the Newry D.P.P. now seems to equate being questioned with being guilty, funny position for a republican.

  • alan

    “…this trial is more political than practical…”

    There is no denying this case IS political but it is so AND lawful which is what makes it different to the type of “justice” metered out by the Provos, (people to whom this “republican” is allied”).

  • George

    If you can’t understand the insinuation that this trial is more political than practical well I don’t know what to tell you

    I was referring to your remark about the judges appointed to the higher courts.

    Firstly, judges don’t bring things to trial, the DPP does, so I’m not exactly sure what you are on about.

    As the report states, “the DPP has the discretion in any case to certify that ordinary courts are inadequate to deal with it and to send it for trial to the three-judge non-jury court”.

    Is your problem with Murphy being investigated or the fact that the DPP has successfully petitioned for it to be held in the SCC?

  • steve

    I have no problem with Murphy being investigated or even being tried its just obvious that it is being tried in the SCC in an attempt to preselect the result!

    The real trial will be what the sentence is? Will it be like the 2 hoteliers when convicted for a second time of defrauding the Irish tax system? If I remember correctly they wrote a wee check and went home for tea! Will Murphy be metered out the same punishment?

    Summary “justice” was practiced by every body including the supposed forces of law and order, epecially on the english side of the border. And by the way so was torture.

  • Red Diesel

    Whatever you might think of it, the Special Criminal Court was set up specifically because juries were being tampered with in the early 1970s whenever Provos came before the courts. It is practically impossible for ordinary jury courts in any country to function in the face of highly organised criminal conspiracies for that very reason. The judges in the SCC are also specifically geared towards giving any necessary extra protection to witnesses. Now, if I was listed for jury service and Slab’s tax case was coming up, I think I might get very ill indeed and my doctor – who lives even closer to Slab than I do – would not be long writing me a cert. Slab’s legend preceded him locally long before the papers identified him as Chief of Staff and personally I would not want to be tangling with him or his extended family. So yes, the case is political, it has to be because of the defendant’s political background and the potential for political influence on juries and witnesses. That is why Slab must go to the Court House in Green Street. What would you suggest – Dundalk District Court and a jury selected at random from the Louth electoral lists? Take my name off.

  • alan


    the provos turned their guns on THEIR countrymen. They werent elected. People at the ballot box were telling them to stop. Their arrogance wouldn’t let them listen. And if the best defence the Provos have is that “well everyone was doing”, it only shows them to be no better than the people they claimed to be fighting.

  • steve

    You are right they are no better than the people they were fighting but then neither were they worse, except the people who metered out the summary justice for the crown seldom were faced with criminal charges or even identification by their managers

  • Just been faxed a copy of the Judges sentence on Tom Slab Murphy when he is convicted this coming summer.

    The Judge will say:

    “Mr Tom Slab Murphy, I understand these offences were comitted before May 2007, and fully understand the agreements made by both Brit and Irish Govts sanctioning your every move and transaction”

    “However, at the behest of both the Brit and Irish govts, I must sentence you for the Quinn manslaughter, for which there is no direct evidence of your involvement, but for which you must take the wrap”

    Next stop Bertie gets 10 years for a parking ticket, really for unproven allegations of Mahon

    So, now we know the outcome why not make the actual trial interesting.

    A Witness list to beat all lists.

    Tony Blair
    Bertie Ahern
    Jonathon Powell
    Gerry Adams
    Martin McGuinness
    David Reddaway
    Gordon Kerr
    etc, etc…..

    All of the above and many more knew about every action taken by Tom Slab Murphy and sanctioned them under the umbrella of allowing smuggling and tax evasion to keep “The Devil from finding work for idle hands”

    Or as Curley Bonce Johnathon Powell exclaimed in 2001 at the Labour Party conference

    “We would rather British soldiers, if confronted by an IRA member, see them pull out a carton of smuggled cigarettes from their holdall, rather than an AK47”

    It would certainly make compulsive viewing.

    If Slab’s lawyers issue witness orders for all and sundry in the political world then perhaps they may “think again” about proceeding, as the line from Flower of Scotland tells Edwards Army
    “Tay think again” after sending them Homeward of course.

  • alan

    Steve the fact that “…the people who metered out the summary justice for the crown seldom were faced with criminal charges…” can, in no way, justify the Provos own barbarous and inhuman acts of “summary justice”. I am glad that you are able to concede that the Provos are indeed hypocrites, being no better than the people they claimed to be fighting.

  • R.U.F.

    The South Armagh Provies, like the RUF, took the war to the enemy. After the peace, both sets of true sons are being betrayed.
    Slab Murphy has no house in the Costa del Provie in Donegal.
    Eventually, the people of Cooley will build a statue to this man and the other fighting men, the only crowd, along with East Tyrone, who were not throughly infiltrated.
    It is a show trial and another step to emasculate the fighting men and build The Bearded One and The Ginger Cat into latter day Michael Collins. (exposed in Ernie O’Malley’s book for the opportunistic Briophile that he was).

  • For those who doubt that Curly Bonce Jonathon Powell authorised the dealings in South Armagh, look no further than the book being released next month giving a first hand account of the Downing Street years through the eyes of Johnathon Powell, Tony Blair’s Chief of staff.

    A full account of how the Brit and Irish govt made a deal with the South Armagh brigade is included in the draft of the book, lets hope it makes the final published version.

    However, I am sure Curly Bonce Jonathon Powell will have plenty to say when he called to give evidence at the Tom Slab Murphy trial.

  • Steve

    Am I missing something isnt this a simple tax evasion trial where the chief witnesses will be forensic accountants?

    I know of all the crimes slab has been accused of but this isnt about them is it?

    i mean it will all come down to the accountants proving Mr. Murphy has more money then he should and more money then he claimed on his tax returns