What’s in a name in Ballycastle-O…

THE BBC recently invited comments from people with unusual names, and I have to say I pity the poor Manchester fellow who parents named him ‘Lammasfair’. Mr Rossman explains: “At school I used to get annoyed when people made fun of my name. My parents (both sadly deceased) gave me the name because they met at the Lammas Fair in Ballycastle in Ireland. Now I think Lammasfair is a wonderful name because people always ask me about it and I can tell them the story of how my Mum and Dad met and fell in love.” I wonder did his dad treat his Mary-Ann to some dulse and yellow man to capture her heart?! Any more local rarities out there?

  • Rory

    I once worked with a woman who had a friend named Penny Moneypenny-Coutts. And, yes, apparently she was related to a certain banking dynasty.

  • A friend of our family once called their daughter Hazell, which would have been peachy except their surname was Nutt. To lower the term somewhat the Mamager of the Inshops in Belfast is called Michael Hunt and insists on being called Mike.

  • joeCanuck

    I heard that chap being paged at a place I worked, Pounder. Shortly after that movie (Porky’s ?) that used it.
    The receptionist blushed when I went round to tell her.

  • Dewi

    Played Rugby with a bloke called Justin Case honest – he had a brother called Ed.

  • Gerry lvs Castro

    I went to school with a bloke named Glen Gormley.

  • T.Ruth

    One of my granddaughters is called Sasha Luisa Rio. Sasha ,because they liked the name. Luisa,because her maternal grandmother was Portugese. Rio,because she was conceived there when her parents were on holiday.I content myself with realising it could have been worse. They could have been on holiday in North Wales. Sorry I have to go, Lurgan and Larne just called to play with Donaghadee.

  • Kilian

    A poor wee thing born here recently was given the hip moniker ” Filadidas “….

    Presumably because his parents couldn’t decide between Fila, and Adidas as being their favourite brandname.

  • Donnacha

    Jesus wept, Filadidas? That’s worse than that poor kid 4Eva or whatever its name was before the Govt stepped in and beat the parents about the head and face. I went out with a girl called Annette Curtin once…

  • USA

    David Beckham and the Spice girl (?) called their first kid Brooklyn because the child was concieved there.

  • Donnacha

    If everyone did that there would be a lot of Ford Cortinas wandering around Ireland.

  • No thanks

    I once worked with a Chinese colleague who was always only ever known as “Casey”. He used to spell the name as “KC”, so I thought there was some affectation involved. It was only when he applied for a job reporting directly to me and I saw his CV with academic certificates attached that I realised that the “KC” was in fact the initials of his first two names. Obviously “Kok Chu” was somewhat less startling in the language of his parents.

  • Judas McElSleeveen

    I pal around with Seán Curtin, and his sister Annette is a cracker.

  • A staff member in the Institute of Horology was called Gay Hoare.

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