Is ‘Three Job’s an electoral liability to the DUP..?

JUST been catching up on some of the analysis of the Dromore poll, and while there was clearly a tactical protest vote to keep the DUP out (as can be seen from the level of TUV transfers to the UUP), what exactly will the DUP MPs be mulling over in Lisbon, as they contemplate the results without the Paisleys around? Virtually every analysis points to the presentation of power-sharing as one, if not the main, reason for the DUP’s failure – which will be something for Ian Paisley to think about, since in general unionism seems to have reconciled itself to power-sharing per se. Noel McAdam also quotes a party source as noting the Paisley Jr factor, with the constant negative press ‘Three Jobs’ attracts being mentioned on the doorsteps. After decades of building the party up, are the Paisleys turning into an electoral liability for the DUP, or was Dromore just a blip? Paisley Sr reckons the result was a ‘flash in the pan’ and that Jim Allister ‘has another think coming’ if he reckons he can hold onto his European seat. If the DUP did see Paisley Minor as a liability, perhaps it is to Europe that he could be farmed out to, keeping him out of the Commons and Stormont, while giving a better candidate than ‘Plug’ Poots the chance to redeem himself without losing too much face when he loses his father’s protection…

  • Buggerhed

    “Is ‘Three Job’s an electoral liability to the DUP..?”

    A rhetorical question surely?

  • harry

    you are living on cloud cuckoo land if you believe that pasiley jnr will the the dup european nominee.

    He will never fight another election in Northern ireland again

  • Paul P

    He will retain his seat as MLA for NA. That’s it.

  • steve48

    I would have thought that the dup would be aiming for a reshuffle in the new year which could have seen Paisley stepping down and jnr and plug being sidelined (once plug took flack for Maze). Now with Dromore and the seemingly weekly revelations of wide boy activities by jnr the summer looks like the time for the end of the dynasty. Paisley will have left his church role and his political role realising that neither of his sons were up to creating the dynasty the patriarch wanted.

    Jnr will not be the candidate in europe, given his relatively limited opportunities to screw the system here he has made the most of it, imagine his snout in the strasbourg/brussels trough.

  • dodrade

    Call me naive but, apart from his gay comments, what exactly has Junior supposed to have done wrong? He’s hardly the first politician to be in a businessman’s pocket.

  • suchard

    Wee Donaldsons doing reet well. He’s bagged Major with the first barrel and got Minimus and Slug with the second.All he’s got to do is neutralize Robinson and Dodds and he’ll be Cock a Doodle do; in fact he could well go on a bender in Westminster to celebrate.

  • Former Jnr voter

    Jnr should resign immediately.

    He is a disgrace to the Party and to his fathers name.

  • Junior looks about four sheets to the wind. Could he have been with the party that started off at a ‘Safety in Pubs‘ (SIPS) official function in the Old Bushmills Distillery on January 29, made its way via a number of hostelries to Ballycastle Harbour and ended up on the rocks in Church Bay, Rathlin Island? Perhaps it was a case of too many SIPs.

  • lib2016

    The idea that any unionist in full possession of his faculties doesn’t approve of taking as much money of the government as possible is almost as bizarre as the idea that smuggling is not a highly regarded profession in South Armagh. What country are you people from?

  • joeCanuck

    What country are you people from?

    Obvious! Either here or there.

  • Bigger Picture

    European question is an interesting one. I personally think that Jnr or Poots would be terrible candidates to put up, even though it is more of a sidelined role. Don’t know who they could put up really after that unless one of the MP’s was willing to give up his seat. After that none of the MLA’s are credible and vote catching. It may be that the DUP would look towards an ambitious councillor but who there? Diane Dodds perhaps? Although that may not meet with much enthusiasm from Iris or Peter!

  • James W. Sutton

    I suspect it would have been Poots…but given his appalling image reflected on H&Ms;last week against Allister, Allister would be bound to top the poll! Something the Party wouldnt want as Allister would claim victory over Unionism.

    Therefore it could be a big enough player.

    If you look at MPs maybe David Simpson is an option.

  • Butterknife

    Daddy is First Minister
    Son is junior minister in service of his daddy

    Daddy is MP
    Son is his researcher even though he has well paid job as MLA that is supposed to be full time (pay reflects this fact!)

    Daddy has constituency office
    Son claims allowance subsidy from public purse (the highest allowance claimant allegedly)

    Daddy went to St Andrews to get an alternative to the Good Friday’s Agreement
    Son went to feather his nest and to commit the perfect con job on the DUP electorate!

    Is it normal UK politics you want or old style Paisley NI politics?

  • pith

    Three jobs, no work. Like father like son.

  • why?

    Lets forget for one minute that all the buzz over the past few months has been about Ian Paisley Junior. Lets imagine that itstead of our esteemed junior minister, MLA, Parliamentary Researcher, property owner, sometime lobbyist, lobster fisherman etc( have I forgot any of his talents?) the subject of all the info being published had been an Ulster Unionist or even a leading light in the TUV. Can you even start to imagine the spite that would be getting pushed out by the over paid scribes in DUP HQ. Can’t you just see Ian Junior in front of the camera’s with his lips just curled a little bit to the side while he pours out the bile with a few half funny one liners that he sat up all night writing and spent all day in front of the mirror rehearsing. Can you even start to think what he would have made of the situation if the target had made a statement that he knew of someone when everyone was privy to the real depth of his friendship with the person he knew off? We haven’t even heard the mute of a funny one liner from Sammy Wilson who can usually produce a bit of clever and funny put down when needed. However the real shame of all this farce is the silence of everyone else up at the big house. If the scandal involves one of their own, and I mean the whole 108 of them, you need not expect any probing from them about it. Trouble is they all have skeletons in their Stormont closets and they all like their pay packets. Mr Dallet would usually be in with both feet but has been unusually quiet on these issues. Then he is alleged to employ someone from his family in his publically funded office I understand! Maybe thats why he is keeping his head down. Muck can spread very easy especially if clever PR people want to divert attention from their own.Wonder who will have the courage to just stand up and call it as it is? Don’t hold your breath. Isn’t “normal” politics really exciting with no street disorder to keep our attention away from the hobby of stretching the limits to aid pocket lining.

  • joeCanuck

    In the case of raking in the money, it’s for the same reason that some people want to climb Mt.Everest.
    The tap needs to be turned off.

  • When Ian Paisley decided on the biggest flip-flop of his political life last year, he cast off the unionist right, a constituency which the DUP has always tried to dominate. (It’s unfortunate, from his point of view, that a proper heavyweight like Allister is available to lead that constituency.) But the flip-flop and events since then have also brought another Paisley quality to the fore: a sense of personal destiny and towering egotism. Only that can explain the reckless way in which Paisley has allowed himself to get the Chuckle tag, a gift in the hands of an operator like Allister and a source of embarrassment to others in the DUP.

    Allister also has Junior partly to thank for the TUV vote in Dromore. Junior typifies another unpleasant feature of the DUP: nepotism. He owes his position to his daddy and is there to cover his daddy’s back. Remember how hard the DUP lobbied for its first peers? Paisley Senior promptly nominated his own wife who had played no role in public life for 30 years.

    Given the EU rules on double-jobbing, the DUP has a serious problem in picking a candidate. Most of its leading figures are in Westminster and won’t be for stepping down and creating tricky by-elections. As for the remaining MLAs, Plug’s performance against Allister on Hearts and Minds shows why the DUP will need to put up someone who can take on their biggest critic.

  • darth rumsfeld

    Watchman,isn’t it obvious?

    Cometh the hour cometh the man- committed DUP member, high public profile, friend of the ould croc-oops sorry, “known of” constituent- well heeled to fund the campaign
    step forward DUP candidate for 2009- Seymour Sweeney

  • Purgatory

    You know I would have thought Europe would be the perfect place to send Jnr.

    Alright Dromore might have been uncomfortable for the DUP but they’ll still romp home with at least one MEP such is the power of their vote.

    Thus a european election would be the perfect way to get rid of a liability like Jnr politely just like the shinners did to Barbara Debruin…we haven’t heard a peep out of her for years apart from the occasional uncomfortable looking pic with Mary-Lou McDonald.

    I’d be very surprised if the idea was not discussed during these Portugal crisis talks.

  • Mark Fartlighter

    I firmly believe that if even half of these revaltions concerned any other MLA from any party in the assembly, they would have resigned long ago.

  • Chuckle Vision

    William McCrea has let it be known that he intends to put himself forward as the DUP’s candidate for Europe.

  • steve48

    The whole point in resurrecting Alistair was to block McCrea from getting to Europe. Robinson will not want him on the ticket.

  • pith

    Is Robinson still in control? He has played things so badly recently that his own position must be weakened.