Kidnap and assault of child

I have blogged before about the problems which “culture” can impose on the lives of women. At the risk of creating a politically correct storm this one from the Belfast Telegraph, though awful, should in my view be noted (thanks to wild turkey for pointing it out). It appears that a 13 year old Roma girl may have been forced to have sex with a 16 year old as part of an arranged marriage which was subsequently reneged upon. A complaint of rape seems to have been withdrawn after the intervention of a “mediator” and money changed hands. Clearly this is only a media report and everyone is innocent until proven guilty. However, this is a truly horrific episode and there seems to be a danger that there will be at least the perception of differential application of the rule of law; and a difference in the level of protection which that law gives to different persons. It may also be difficult for the Gardai if no one is making a complaint. However, imagine the outcry if this story encompassing rape, abduction and assault was about a native Irish child? What of this child’s human rights?

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