“The ending will never spoil the memories..”

The 25th anniversary of the kidnapping, and subsequent disappearing, of the champion racehorse Shergar in 1983 sees a number of articles about those events. Jockey Walter Swinburn reminisces here and, after a brief introduction of some the wilder conspiracy theories, there’s one of the more thorough accounts here. UTV’s Ivan Little also reports below – including on what “one veteran republican” had to say about the sanctioning, or otherwise, of “a spectacular own goal.”

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  • Dewi

    Sorry Pete – but what’s the problem with 6 nations stuff?

  • It was Sammy Mc Nally what done it


    admittedly 3 or 4 years back but I can remember a Heineken cup commentary on RTE along the lines of “and they are almost over the try line.. and we’re off to Lepoardstown for the 3.30.

    Horses always take precedence – as we’re probably the best horse racing country in the world.

    Cracking Irish team for tomorrow – unfortunately still wont be anyway good enough.

    Strange that Wales appointed Jimmy Savill as defence coach – though he does seem to know what he’s doing.

  • heck

    That was the time of the supergrass “trials”. The rumor was that Shergar when is search of his own super grass. LOL

  • Greenflag

    ‘My horse my horse my republic for a horse ‘

    doesn’t quite have the same ring to it .

    Wales will hammer Scotland and Ireland will pip France in a nail biting finish . Trimble in the centre with O’Driscoll will make a difference -O’Hara is in form and Heaslip and Jackman will be anxious to do well’