Hain donors contacted by police…

PETER Hain’s woes continue as the police begin to contact those who donated to his campaign for the deputy leadership of Labour. Embarrassingly, the biggest union to back the former NI Secretary – the GMB wants its money back if the police find out that £10,000 of its donation that has gone AWOL wasn’t spent on advertising. Maybe his mum/part-time secretary knows where it is. Meanwhile, Guido‘s scalping of Hain has prompted the BBC’s David Gregory to ask if political blogs have any sway and argues that “blogging is clearly shaping our political conversation”. It’s a pretty weak article, so perhaps readers can fill in the blanks and say why or why not in the comments.

  • What is the point of this linked BBC article, by David Gregory?

    ‘Weak’ is scarcely an adequate description. Maybe it gave him a chance to visit hos old work pal, BBC journalist turned blogger, Adrian Goldberg, aka The Stirrer.

    The intro to the article (possibly penned by a hapless online sub, rather than Gregory himself) even gets Peter Hain’s Cabinet job wrong, calling him the Northern Ireland Secretary. Oh dear.