Adams’ driver taken into MI5 custody….

Not much detail, but it seems one of Gerry Adams’ drivers was a British spy. The party is claiming he’s been under suspicion for several years, but it is only now that MI5 has acted to take him into protective custody… UTV name him as Roy McShane.

  • Brussell Sprout

    Surely it would be a story if he were not a tout. PIRA, like the UVF, were and are a Brit front group.

  • Paul P

    There are much bigger fish to fry than a driver. Is it not common understanding that the “senior” republicans were working for the British goverment for years. It has just been made official since 8th May when SF restarted administering British rule on the island.

  • Debbie

    McShane is from Turf Lodge, he’s been Adams driver for a long time.

  • p

    at this stage who cares?

  • It was Sammy Mc Nally what done it

    “It is understood the man, who is now in protective custody”

    Whatever for ?

  • Taxi

    He hasn’t been Adams’ or anyone’s driver for years. He was last seen a few years ago assigned the nightmare shift of ferrying de Brun about. Anyone that gets that job is clearly being sidelined.

  • Debbie

    From the BBC link posted:

    “He was one of a number of drivers who worked with Gerry Adams and other senior Sinn Fein members for several years.”

    Or is several years not a long time?

    My mistake then?

  • Kevin Hughes

    Remember Kevin Hughes who drove Adams about? He has been done in Boston fro trying to smuggle in weapons for a fringe group and was then part of a PIRA cell caught smuggling weapons post GFA into Eire. Was he on a payroll too?
    Isn’t it amazing how touting is now an approved nixer? How many touts did PIRA touts stiff?

  • red branch

    The party (Sinn Fein) said the driver had never been a member of the party and added that he was “not under any threat from republicans”.

    They said the same about Denis Donaldson!

  • I wonder if a driver for any other party was revealed to have been an informer, would he have to be taken into ‘protective custody’. The Denis Donaldson murder would suggest that it’s a sensible move on his part.

  • Brussels Tout

    Which of his passengers recruited him?

  • pfhl

    was the driver’s name marty by any chance?

  • interested

    Really only proves there were touts in the driver’s seats of the Shinners cars as well as the passenger seats….

  • Irish Republican In America

    Not much of a surprise that MI5 would put a spy in a position like that. Why bug a car when you can pay the driver to tell you?

    Must’ve been under threat if they whisk him away so fast.

  • joeCanuck

    Our Rory might be a bit of a psychic. He suggested shortly before this news broke that we should give up cars and go back to horseriding.
    (eight in the bed thread.)

  • Rory

    Wouldn’t work, Joe. MI5 would just recruit the horse. It’s amazing what the promise of “getting your oats on a regular basis” will buy.

    Remember Brian Faulkner’s horse, Cannonball – not only a secret Republican agent but an assassin to boot!

  • Speaking of matters equine, it’s a wonder MI5 pay low-level informers when they’re probably already getting the necessary information from the horse’s mouth much higher up the echelons.

  • Rory

    If we keep up all this horsey chat we might just sort of naturally segue/i> into a chat about the relative merits of the runners in the Champion Hurdle and the Gold Cup, both fast approaching. Unlike political argy-bargy, at least we get a result and accept it, win or lose.

  • willowfield


    “It is understood the man, who is now in protective custody”

    Whatever for ?

    Maybe he doesn’t want to end up like Denis Donaldson.

  • DiscoStu

    This is a matter of huge public interest, and in that context, what is the opinion of the site as regarding who is the top MI5 spy in Sinn Fein?

  • It was Sammy Mc Nally what done it


    “Maybe he doesn’t want to end up like Denis Donaldson”

    I think the big Fellah, Nigel and Peter plus Junior etc would be outraged at the suggestion that those with whom they share power with might in anyway be involved in anything illegal.

  • It was Sammy Mc Nally what done it


    As MI5 and the Provos have been on the same side for years (i.e. forcing through the the GFA )
    it probably doesent really matter much.

  • pith

    What a contrary world it is. I am sure there are others who remember when Ian Paisley was commonly referred to as the IRA’s best recruiting officer.

  • pith

    There’s a horse called De Valira (yes Valira) down to run in the Champion Hurdle. Not sure if it has form.

  • lib2016

    The British security forces have agents embedded in every political party in Britain, NI and the South. Those in Sinn Fein confirm that Sinn Fein is committed to peaceful progress and the GFA yet we still have people trying to exclude them from power on the back of spurious allegations as above.

    The questions we should be asking are why has this information been released now and who benefits? Donaldson was thrown to the wolves by the British because he had become expendable and no-one knows who killed him. Was it the British themselves to encourage others who were trying to get out? Was it a rogue republican with a grudge? None of us knows.

    Who knows why this poor guy’s life has been ruined or what threat he is now under? Again, none of us knows the answers but it doesn’t stop the kind of feeding fever on display here and this is coming from the people who claim that they are the ‘moderates’. No wonder the electorate have rejected them.

  • New Yorker


    You state: “The British security forces have agents embedded in every political party in Britain, NI and the South.” Have any agents in the other political parties been unmasked as this fellow was? What type of evidence is there for agents in other parties?

  • fair_deal

    Is this the same guy whose car was found to have a rather large listening device in it a number of years back?

  • Horse Box

    “Is it not common understanding that the “senior” republicans were working for the British goverment for years.”

    It is and it is called Stormont.

    “Our Rory might be a bit of a psychic. He suggested shortly before this news broke that we should give up cars and go back to horseriding.”

    How very apt – twenty-five years ago to the day that Shergar was kidnapped from Ballymany Stud in Ireland, by the dysfunctional sons of Ireland.

    “The British security forces have agents embedded in every political party in Britain, NI and the South.”

    They also (allegedly) have people who trawl every message that is posted to every political website on the net……

  • jake

    lib2016: (incidentally what a ludicrous handle, since nothing is going to happen in 2016!) – you keep on saying ‘none of us know’ and that just sounds so lame, as if this one of the great unsolved mysteries of life like who made the universe – we do know a lot, we know for instance that the provos were so riddled with british agents the british might as well have been leading the provos and because the outcome of the peace process suits both the adams leadership and the brits (forget about the nonsensical securocrat red herring raised by sf) one has to ask whether this infiltration of the provos actually suited the sf leadership since it helped to undermine the ira armed struggle and make politics a more attractive alternative – that’s what we know;
    you also say, poor deluded lib2016, that this revelation is another attempt to deny sf its place in government – where on earth do you get that from? no-one has said a word about this affecting sf’s place at stormont! perhaps you ought to take another tablet, draw the curtains and lie down for a bit – maybe you’ll dream about irish unity in 2016 and if you do, that will the nearest to it actually happening!

  • RepublicanStones

    jake me poor aul pet, having 2016 in your handle thus illustrating ones hopes and wishes is not nearly as deluded as actually believing you can see into the future

    ‘since nothing is going to happen in 2016’

    your real name wouldn’t be Sam Beckett would it?

  • Twinbrook

    again this highlights the unaccountability of the British secret service….
    they`ve been caught with their trousers down bugging the conservations of a Muslim MP and all hell breaks lose in the good old u s of a sorry the UK…

    it happens here….

    who cares, they`re all paddies!

  • It was Sammy Mc Nally what done it

    The Provos have not gone away did you know that?

    Did you also know that they have a policy of killing informers?

    They have killed loads of informers – did you know that is what they do?
    Accusing the Provos of killing informers is like accusing Kerry people of playing gaelic football or accusing the Orange Order of marching up and down.

    Simply blaming the Englezes everytime the evidence point in the Provos direction aint gonna wash even with me, and I am Republican lite – never mind with the majority of people in Ireland – it just sounds silly and/or like someone repeating the ideological line.

    Get a grip on your tricolour knickers.


    MI5 worked with the British government and the Provos to ‘persuade’ the Unionists to hand over power to the Provos – post ceasfire MI5 swithced sides as the British governement’s ideological position ( Ireland for the Irish )was closer to the Provos than it was to the Unionists

  • lib2016

    More lame claims that the British security services were behind the London and Manchester bombings and the mortar attacks on London Airport? Can’t you do better than that? There was penetration by British agents, no-one denies it but the cell structure was designed to beat it and seemingly did so.

    As for denials that MI5 has agents within the political parties in Britain – that’s what Google is for, children. Go forth and learn.

    Jake, asking the DUP to bring down the executive over unproven allegations about Sinn Fein involvement in murder sounds like an attempt to exclude SF from government to me. That strategy destroyed the UUP. Why would the DUP follow them into oblivion?

  • Cuchulainn


    now come on better ring than sinn fein/ira

  • The Devil

    ******* The Roy McShane Interview *********

    I phoned Roy at his home and went through several operators with English accents before I was eventually put in contact with a refined Oxford educated telecom engineer called Rebecca who refused to connect me to Roys home due to ongoing operations.
    I informed him that I was a reporter and that I had to speak to Roy as a matter of urgency and that I wouldn’t be taking no for an answer, Rebecca inquired as to who I worked for and it was a measure of the esteem that the Any Trash News is held in that upon hearing the very name Rebecca was most obliging which demonstrates how wide spread the A.T.N readership is that even BT engineers fixing phone lines in the street are aware of us.
    I was able to speak to Roy although the line was decidedly crackly but Rebecca who stayed on the line explained that this was normal under the circumstances but wouldn’t elaborate, well he obviously wasn’t aware of the inbuilt intuition of an A.T.N reporter on a story as it dawned on me as to what was going on so I decided to impress him with some local knowledge and electronic savvy, Rebecca I said we at the A.T.N aren’t stupid with all the clicks and English voices it’s pretty damned clear it can only be one thing and that is your preparing the local exchange for broadband, I knew I was on the money because his stunned silence spoke volumes.
    Rebecca spoke to Roy first, “Roy there’s some bell-end from the A.T.N wants to talk to you, give the tosser five minutes to grab a few lines OK” I could pick this technical stuff up very handy indeed a “Bell-end” was obviously someone hanging on the end of a phone-line and the “Tosser getting five minutes to grab a few lines” was obviously a telecom engineer who hauls the cables through Roys house. There is no question with my intuition if I didn’t work for the A.T.N as a tough investigating journalist then a career in intelligence beckoned.

    I arrived at Roys house to find him busy loading the back of a removals lorry with the contents of his home, I asked him was he moving and he replied he “needed a change of scenery” and that he had taken medical advice to move for the sake of his health. I asked would it be okay to ask questions as he worked, Roy assured me he wasn’t stopping for “love nor even more money” and continued pushing the sofa into the lorry while looking over his shoulder to keep an eye on passing cars. I asked what he was worried about and he replied that if he didn’t get the lorry filled quickly enough that someone may send up a squad of guys to pick him up, it appeared Roy was so concentrated on his loading of the lorry that he was unaware that he had mistakenly said the squad of guys would pick him up instead of saying they would pick up his furniture, the removals game is competitive but a squad of guys so enthusiastic in their work that they would bundle Roy into a back of a wagon was unlikely I assured him.
    Roy stared hard at me and said “you have no idea how rough these bastards can be” I laughed and said “Roy they may truss you up like a parcel but they’d have to take care of you,I must have reassured him a little because Roy nodding agreed saying “oh yes they’d take care of me alright”
    So there you are Roy I said if the squad do turn up for the job they’ll not be wrapping you in brown paper and putting you on the washing machine, I know said Roy “it’ll be more like wrapped in black bags and on the television”
    Roy loaded the lorry with all the belongings that meant so much to him such things as a Framed Proclamation, the writings of Bobby Sands, Ten Men Dead, and an original Tri-colour from the rising were left on the road in order to make room for the valuable stuff like the books of Gerry Adams, the poems of Martin McGuinness, Who Dares Wins, and the Hume/Adams document.
    Roy I said there’s no getting away from it I’ll have to ask you the “Hard Question” have you been working for Special Branch as an agent? “No absolutely not” he replied you have your wires crossed he continued as four very noisy PSNI Landover pulled up nearby drowning out his voice, “I have been working for MFI”.
    “You’ve been working for MFI while driving the Sinn Fein leadership about 24 hours a day,” I yelled back trying to make myself heard over the Landover engines. Yes he replied for years and years “we’ve all been doing it for fucks sake” I was stunned to think that there was this tireless long standing republican driving the leadership from meeting to meeting and at the same time stacking kitchens in Sprucefield for MFI, this man was a credit to our community and I felt embarrassed that I had to ask him the “Hard Question” for the sake of the readership of The A.T.N, Roy closed the doors on the lorry I asked him where he was going and he replied “Oh somewhere between South America and Sorrento but definitely not Donegal” and he drove off as true and committed a republican as any shinner around.

  • The Devil

    The D.U.P are as thick as champ for years they called them Sinn Fein/I.R.A when we all know now it should have been Sinn Fein/MI5

  • New Yorker


    Regarding agents in political parties, your reply seems to be: “As for denials that MI5 has agents within the political parties in Britain – that’s what Google is for, children. Go forth and learn.” That’s not crystal clear. Are you saying that there are actual human government agents in political parties? Or are you saying that they may do some web research?

  • Rory (South Derry)

    An organisation riddled with Touts and informers for years!

    Now most of them are sitting in stormount unrolling the plan!

    Forget 2016 – (Fantasy)!

    The Provo’s sold out in 1986 and continue now as public paid informers under the guise of MLA’s!


    The most disturbing part in all this is that M15 & the British Intelligence Services have effectively been driving the conflict for 4 decades. There are dark corners that not even senior British ministers and Prime Ministers know of. These people are the real government and power because Labour & Tory administrations come and go but Smileys people are a constant giving the thumbs up or down. They have a multi million £ budget to justify and by playing one group off the other they fooled people that they were the honest broker. How stupid are the public? There are 100’s of innocents on both sides in their graves because of them. We were all conned during the Troubles because it’s obvious all was NOT as we perceived it. I would go so far as to say that most senior Loyalists & Republicans were controlled by them as were others in the political world. It comes as no surprise any more and I also wonder who exactly is behind these new shock & fear stories about dissident republicans, the UDA feud and attacks on Orange halls/GAA Clubs. Stalker & Stevens were 0.00001% in a spiders web of deception and Lord Eames & Denis Bradley have just uncovered a tiny tiny little morsal. It really is time sensible and educated people opened their eyes and looked, especially unionists.

  • tisk tisk

    When he wasn’t driving Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness to secret meetings, Roy “The Rat” McShane liked to relax over a round of golf or a pint of stout at The Felons Club in West Belfast. But the veteran IRA man had another activity that yesterday cost him his relaxed, family lifestyle and forced him to flee into “protective custody”.

    The Rat, as his comrades jokingly called him, was an informer in the pay of MI5.

    Sinn Fein was reeling last night from another spy scandal after the driver who worked closely with the Republican leadership fled Northern Ireland, apparently under the protection of his security service handlers.

    Roy McShane, 58, was once part of the so-called security team of the leadership of the Republican movement, which looked after transport arrangements to numerous secret meetings where Provisional IRA top brass were hammering out its peace process strategy.

    The news was broken yesterday afternoon by Sinn Fein, which admitted that he had been working for the intelligence services. The party said that Mr McShane had left his home in West Belfast early yesterday.

    Police refused to comment on the disclosure, which will be deeply embarrassing for Mr Adams, the Sinn Fein president, after the sensational disclosure two years ago that one of his closest aides also worked for MI5.

    Denis Donaldson, 56, who headed Sinn Fein’s support team at Stormont, was later shot dead near Glenties in Co Donegal. Donaldson served a sentence for an IRA bombing and later was instrumental in the Republican movement’s contacts with Middle Eastern groups.

    Mr McShane, a former IRA man from the Clonard area of Belfast was a long-term driver for senior republicans, including around the time of the developing peace process that led to the signing of the Good Friday Agreement ten years ago.

    Even though he would have been considered no more than a rank-and-file republican — he was described yesterday by former associates as a “working-class foot-soldier” — he would have been privy to highly sensitive information.

    The small, grey-haired Mr McShane was a popular figure and would sometimes chat to reporters in the margins of the negotiations, revealing his fondness for golf. Not surprisingly, now that his secret life has been revealed, opinion in republican circles has switched. “I always knew he was a slimy bastard,” said one former friend in the Felons, a republican drinking den where membership requires you to have served time in prison as an IRA member.

    Others said that he was a drinker with a roving eye for women. The divorced father of four was understood to be living in Divis Tower, a landmark building at the foot of the Falls Road that for decades had an Army lookout post on its roof.

    “I always knew there was something not right about him,” a former friend said. “He’ll never be able to show his face round here again.”

    Donaldson was shot dead five months after he admitted working as a double-agent, but republicans said that Mr McShane had nothing to fear if he returned home. They claimed that he had been under suspicion for a number of years.

    Alex Maskey, a Sinn Fein member of the Northern Ireland Assembly, said he had been advised by Mr McShane’s family on Thursday.

    “Rumours were on the go and he confirmed to them it was the case. We did have our suspicions about him. As far as I’m concerned he’s safe. Let’s face it, the war’s over. His family’s quite distressed and it’s up to this man to make his peace with them.”

    Mr McShane would have been one of MI5’s top informers, reporting regularly to his handlers and getting paid for information

    Sinn Fein insisted that the unmasking of another agent did not come as any great surprise but there was shock and disbelief, especially in West Belfast, where he drank and socialised, that someone in his position could live a secret double life.

    Mr Adams is due to meet party members in Dublin today to discuss the Lisbon Treaty, but he is also certain to face questions about Mr McShane.


    Denis Donaldson, one of the most senior figures in Sinn Fein, was named as a spy and expelled by the party in 2005. He was shot dead at his rural home in Glenties, Co Donegal, in April 2006

    Raymond Gilmour infiltrated the IRA and INLA in the 1970s and 1980s. He went into hiding in 1982 and is now thought to be living in the South of England

    Bobby Quigley acted as a supergrass in the 1970s and 1980s and claimed that Martin McGuinness was implicated in IRA activity. Mr McGuinness was never charged

    Sean O’Callaghan was a member of Sinn Fein’s ruling council who was also working for the Irish police. His activities led to the interception of a trawler that was carrying seven tonnes of weapons. He now lives in London

    Eamon Collins informed on the IRA in the 1980s and published a book about his exploits, Killing Rage, in 1998. He was stabbed to death a year later

    From the telegraph

  • RepublicanStones

    Official Secrets Act……..we’ll only ever know as much as the Brits want us to know (not very much)

    im off to watch ‘Hiddan Agenda’ again !

  • sceolaing

    ‘why was this man outed now…?’
    At a pinch I would guess it was to send out a warning to a much higher and far more important placed tout or touts that if he or they do not deliver on their promises they will also be outed. Does that make sense lib?

  • Rory

    I suppose there must be a bidding war among publishers going on just about now for the rights to the anticipated new blockbuster Memoirs of an IRA Chaffeur.

    I can just imagine the questions the author will have to field at the press launch:

    “And tell me, Mr McShane, just how many engines did you blow up?”

    “And was your limousine designated a safe non-smoking environment?”

  • lib2016


    My theory is that we’re getting this guff about republicans to distract from the fact that MI5 is still worried about the threat from unionism. It’s their last feeble chance to disturb the GFA and that’s where the real danger to the future comes from. It’ll be another few years before republican dissatisfaction becomes dangerous and by then the success of Sinn Fein will be more obvious. When the Brits focus attention on one hand I’m always tempted to check what they’re holding in the other.

  • heck

    Nor Iron is comparable to eastern Germany after the fall of the wall. like east Germany we a slowly find out that the ever-present state was spying on everyone and has a huge network of informers and spies.

    Any rights legislation should have provisions that control state intrusion.

  • Jimmy

    So the Brits have had informers in Sinn Fein and the IRA for years at every level, hardly surprising! One has to ask how did the war continue for so long if the security forces agents were so embeded in the Republican movement?
    That being said another agent has walked to join the likes of scapatecci et al, some ‘alledegedly’ become joint ministers and some have yet to be exposed and some are expendible like Donaldson.
    In the meantime I cant help thinking of Jean McConville and others who never got that chance to walk away.People should remember that rather than the goings on, or not, of another rat.

  • The Dubliner

    “In the meantime I cant help thinking of Jean McConville and others who never got that chance to walk away.” – Jimmy

    And so you should remember her. I wish more did. In her life and in her death, and the stories of her ten children, you’ll find the real truth about PIRA, Adams, et al, and the others who turned ‘republicanism’ into a vile word when they stole it to mislabel what those self-serving sociopaths were really all about. Alas, a united Ireland lies in the same grave as The Disappeared.

  • willowfield


    Donaldson was thrown to the wolves by the British because he had become expendable and no-one knows who killed him. Was it the British themselves to encourage others who were trying to get out?

    So Lib2016 suggests that “the British” murdered Denis Donaldson in order to “encourage” other informers.

    Why would the murder of one informer encourage another?

  • Glen Taisie

    Adams knew!!!!!

  • Twinbrook

    half the posters apart from actually not living here and the one who does, never leaves his sleepy suburbia….to see real people in the real world….

    Lest we forget….

    the British secret service murdered innocent catholics on a daily basis….

    but then the stoops and all the other pro-british here would like to forget it…

  • sceolaing

    Yes, the Brits did murder a lot of our people and we should never forget that. We should also never forget that a lot of our people were murdered by the I.R.A.,in some case to protect Brit agents, in others simply to forment trouble and instill fear in local areas (as instructed by agents). The input of Brit agents must be addressed no matter where it leads too, even to the very top of S.F. and the I.R.A.. If we ignore this then all is (as I fear it is) a sham and has been a sham for many years.That will include the Brit input to developement of S.F. strategy! There are a number of families still awaiting the return of missing bodies and it wasn’t the Brits who ‘disappeared’ them. Who told the curly headed Derry man that it would be a good idea to use ‘human bombs?’.

  • RepublicanStones
  • sceolaing

    Yes, Rep/stones, I have had a look at globalresearch and it is the same old story!! Sad and yet so many don’t want to face the obvious!

  • The informer incidence was so high before Gerry
    stepped up and called it a day, there might have been one in the boot of his car too, and maybe a couple of midgets in the glove compartment.

  • IRA spy row deepens

    The Church of Ireland Primate and the ex-priest were unavailable for comment this weekend. So far they have refused to comment publicly about any of their findings. However, sources close to their inquiry told The Observer that both men had been shocked about the depth of penetration of the republican movement.

    ‘They have been stunned by how many agents the RUC and MI5 had inside the Provos,’ one source said yesterday. ‘When they were in London, they were shown three cabinets of files on the use of republican agents alone.’

    Well, it has been around forty years and some of these people may have been little more than casual contacts, perhaps not fully aware of the status of the folks they were imparting information to.

    Did they have an opportunity to look at any of the contents or were their observations superficial? Might there have been any ‘household names’ on the larger files?

    Were files maintained on Eames and Bradley? Bradley has/had been a long time associate of Martin McGuinness.

  • Realst

    Could this latest exposure be yet another smokescreen omitted as a distraction?
    How many journalists are involved in a meticulous dig for the slightest morsel that
    will bring any one of the many possible theories to over ride all others.
    Perhaps one of those digging has gotten too close for comfort alas the sacrificed lamb.
    In today’s papers it’s reported that the Intel department of the ra has an extensive wide ranging search for more moles within, surely sheer propaganda for mere rebuttal use.
    The sold out section of republicanism will never go down that road in the knowledge that exposing all the moles leaves the leadership in the open to be scrutinised and with no stock of fall guys possible collapse.
    Many have speculated at the speed of big Ian’s about turn and jumping into bed with
    the Fisherman and co in total contradiction of all before.
    Could I add another possible theory (I will anyway thank you?)
    On the 11th hour when it looked as though the deal for GFA was again doomed with big Ian as usual wanting more (which is what they were all there for even if Spinn Fein capitulated early on). Then the brits called him aside to discreetly explain to him that contrary to his beliefs Marti, Gerry & co had in fact been systematically stripping the ra of its assets since the 80`s to such an extreme, certain guarantee’s he was holding out for were actually now irrelevant.
    Should this have been the case we can assume the big man as not easily fooled has asked why was he not informed of this years earlier, logic would imply that should he have been in possession of these facts much earlier resulting in him applying a mellowed attitude to the hated enemy with the result of opponents of the leadership becoming suspicious and calling a halt to the treacherous strip down.
    To some it could have been a divine intervention however regardless of what, who, why when he could not have ended up as snugly accommodated by any other deal.

  • Kathy_C

    posted by Kathy C

    I’ld say the british have been driving the adams and mcguiness agenda and mem for some time. THe irony of life… Am I the only one who think adams and mcguiness are so tarnished they should resign?

  • lib2016

    “Am I the only one who thinks Adams and McGuinness are so tarnished they should resign?”

    North-South links, formal and informal, are increasing all the time while traditional unionism is being undermined by the realisation that real republicanism threatens no-one. It’s in all our interests to build a thriving stable economy on this island and managing that will automatically build political unity.

    800,000 Unionists have real fears which are being tackled and dispelled, the South has wasted millions supporting a border with which they never agreed and perfectly naturally want re-unification which they support, to be a peaceful process which doesn’t endanger their own prosperity and nationalists in the North see their political power grow with every election.

    Most importantly for the success of the GFA all the participants and their supporters have agreed on a framework for going forward together. You seem to be claiming that this is not a success, on the contrary it is a remarkable success for all.

    Tarnished? We’re on the brink of Irish freedom and the two people you insult have done more than anyone else to get us to that position.

  • Realst

    I would be more inclined to give the praise of us being closer to just about anything to John Hume a real people’s politician who had a gifted vision
    He was shuffling all round and making international friends when all others preferred to stay here collecting a salary for a short TV interview consisting of letting rip with the same old traditional insult every other week as a means of justifying their wage.
    And who was one of the principle architects for drawing up any past attempted agreements.
    Do we not have sunning dale?
    Tell me one idea Spinn fein has brought to the table that will be value for money to, we the tax payers. Any thing they have proposed on the run up to GFA has been money rackets with something in for them as that’s become their aspiration.
    Community group grants for wiping their ass.
    They are a bunch of gangsters who will railroad over anyone in their way for as long as the people remain within the traditional community fear factor.
    Would you rate their performance so far?
    I pity any one with children approaching the 11+ bracket.
    As for the fisherman he only has to stand behind big Ian no doubt under orders to be quiet as Ian can explain all the decisions he’s made quite well by himself leaving martin with nothing else to do except force that stupid looking grin.
    Sure it will give him plenty time to think up a new cover story for the next young man his hoods murder.
    They bummed them selves up with the statement of their vision and courage having brought us so far from the bad old days. What vision the brits bought them, to the point of not even pursuing their ill gotten gains proved by the fact big
    Alan Mc Quillan was chasing after loyalist poke men and not allowed to touch the northern bank money. Lets not forget stake knife would have known the details preceding the heist and their foreign attaché Donaldson would have been to Bulgaria to set up the property contract.Weren`t they all the one
    What about all their posters on the falls road in the lead up to the elections spouting of their stand against water charges, removed early the morning after whilst their other election posters remained for weeks.
    Did they not demand iniminity for the vote on the same issue?
    Martina Anderson practically dragged people from their houses in an effort of filling 2 small bus loads for her big colourful and noisy fanali to (Stormbound )demanding better for Derry only to vote with every other spinn fein and Dup member against her demands within days.
    And what of goobley goo`s treatment of the classroom assistants, really gifted at public relations
    The reality of the whole set up is that Big Ian is running the lot and they’re happy with the new found respectability coupled with the blind eye on all their illegalities proved by big Ians deafening screams at the murder of Paul Quinn.
    Should things not be pulled into line and functioning as normal government shortly we’d be better off with direct rule for the foreseeable future
    Gis a break.

  • Realst

    cathy C

    I would die (well nearly die) to see most of the leadership of spinn fein not only getting dumped from the party but taken to book on charges against humanity
    Someone somewhere has to be held accountable.
    Look around us
    Your bank manager should have a urine dispenser about 18 inchs above the entrance to the bank every customer activating it by whatever means, allowing the customer to get pissed on.
    By the time they rob you at the cashiers desk you`ll be so mad you`ll never cop on ( shit nobodys going to jail)
    You`ve most likely (unless you`re in your teens) to have been robbed in broad daylight at least 6 or 7 times a week with no one coming to your aid and why should they, sure the person who`s technically just carried out a crime directed at you and your hard earned cash hasn`t even taken a redner. Should some one do this to you in a public place tomorrow i`d like to think normal brain function would compell you to take action. Worse again they rob you even when you don`t go in.
    Now i`ll finally get to ans the Q.
    Kathy C
    The leadership of the party in question have just spent 20 + years destroying middle management and many other essential services required to run a small army and a war.
    They were dispenced of by some sick methods including murder and replaced with yes men.
    As a result when things go wrong in any internal departments martin and gerri`s backs are well covered.
    I can only assume they`re (the yess men)in fear for their lives should they attepmpt
    There will be lots out there who will defend them regardless of any wrong doing which is what i myself had been guilty of up until recently.By coming onto the internet and viewing various news related articles in various sites has totally changed my outlook of those same leaders. You`ve probaly guessed by now I look on them as Bank managers with the differance in that they`ll definetly kill you with out a thought for any unwanted questions or differance of opinion
    I was treating matter what warwardiscussed

  • Jimmy

    Well said ‘Realst’ on your last post, Further to that why on earth do tens of thousands still vote for Spinn Fein at every election? When will people, like you and myself have thier moment of realism?
    I mean theres taking a damage limitation exercise(Sinn Fein electoral success) in the face of complete failure to the limit, before people should surely realise they;ve been duped?
    Of course you could be right, as Huxley has put it ‘we love our slavery’ The ones who vote and encourage Spinn Fein get what they deserve.

  • The Devil


    I read your last post about being on the brink of Irish freedom
    and for the sake of my sanity I need to ask you a question which is do you do grass?????