“designed to ensure the safety of the whole community..”

The BBC are also reporting that the PSNI have issued a statement about future opreations

In a statement the police said they were increasing operations across Northern Ireland to “disrupt” dissident republicans. The police said the public are likely to notice increased police activity, including vehicle checkpoints. They appealed for people to be patient and co-operate with officers as well as reporting any suspicious activity. They said the operation “is designed to ensure the safety of the whole community”.

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  • aquifer

    Thanks to all you informers out there. You are patriots.

  • BfB

    I’m thinking Maze II.

  • francesco

    i hate dissident republicans…

  • Should there be any concerns about the possible actions of dissident Paisleyites?

    Also, anniversaries have special significance here as we’re approaching the 10th anniversary of the Belfast Agreement let’s hope there’s no Bad Friday.

  • flora margarine


  • Gerry Lvs Castro

    The old ones are always the best eh Flora?

  • p

    met a checkpoint at 7am this morning

  • George Smiley

    Increased thread my arse. I’d say this is nothing more than the new inhabitants of that building in Holywood testing the ground and using the PSNI to gather low level intelligence for them.

  • Dec

    If anything, it points to a lack of precise intelligence. Though, a post-Omagh Ruling PR jamboree cannot be ruled out.

  • lib2016

    Absolutely nothing to do with the upcoming coat-trailing exercise in Armagh then, so that’s alright. Loved the symbolism of HM bringing charity money to her loyal subjects. Somebody in Holywood must have a sense of humour.

  • sceptical

    Can we at least hope that all the officers on “static duty” checking speed and road tax will be re allocated to more important duties.

    The crew in the van that sits opposite church road / ormeau road junction, just below upper galwally could stop eating, and perhaps patrol to keep forestside safe.

    Unfortunately I doubt this since despite their presence at the moment thare is a wave of crime in the area.

    I must accept however if the criminals speed off, at least a ticket will be issued to the owner of the stolen car they are travelling in.

  • As Tic

    Loved the symbolism of HM bringing loyal money to her charity subjects.

  • RepublicanStones

    “right lads….we gonna do more checkpoints, stops and generally increase our presence in order to disrupt or better still, catch some of them peky dissidents. but first lets just inform them through a press release…..”

  • Dry up

    Stones, its called a visible deterrent. Covert operations, I have no doubt, are continually being mounted ref the “specific” intelligence.

    If the cops did nothing while attacks were carried out slugger would be awash with finger pointers and naysayers.

  • J Kelly

    sceptical you need to be careful that could be construed as collecting information likely to usful rebels.

    RS this is in response of the recent interviews by the dissident republicans in bith the british and irish media. on sunday the rira told the Sunday Tribune that afte 3 years reorganisation they were ready to launch an offensive. So who is fooling who.

  • Dec

    …its called a visible deterrent.

    ..or ‘being seen to be doing something’. Since the dissidents have moved away from the assembley and manufacturing of large bombs to less infomer-friendly operations (targetting off-duty PSNI officers, incendiaries etc) it’s difficult to determine any operational value of pre-announced, 6 county-wide vehicle checkpoints.

  • slippy joe

    Was a checkpoint on my way to work today, policemen standing with guns, haven’t seen that in a while.

  • Curious

    Where are the checkpoints that people have seen so far?

  • p

    one outside camlough this morning at 7am

  • northsider

    They are now shooting at Cathlic policemen using guns imported by loyalists and paid for with drug money.

    If you didn’t know it before, you certainly know it now: they are a group of disaffected, criminal neanderthals who will eventually disappear up their own backsides.

    In jail. And forgotten.

  • RepublicanStones

    Stones, its called a visible deterrent- dry up

    wow so a press release is now called a visible deterrent !!!

  • ice-9

    I could never quite work out how burning down a B and Q was supposed to bring about a United Ireland anyway?