“it’s a crime against the community..”

This BBC report notes Garda Superintendent Karl Heller’s description of the invesigation into the killing of Paul Quinn as a “well resourced, professional and very thorough investigation”. And, along with claiming to have more than 400 witness statements and 1200 lines of inquiry, he has appealed for more information from the public

“The people who were involved in this crime will have loved ones, whether they be sons, brothers, they have family members. They may have noticed some change in their loved ones behaviour.

“They do possess vital information and it’s information which will help us solve a crime which was not only a crime against a young man, it’s a crime against the community.”

Although, that assumes that the blindness is not endemic..

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  • New Yorker

    “professional and thorough investigation” – I understand they have not even brought any suspects in for interrogation within the three months since the murder; one of the primary operations professional police would take in this type of case. The cops on the job should be dismissed and real professionals brought in to break this case. The incompetence of the cops in Castleblaney perpetuates the crime against the family and the community. This playing for time until everybody forgets is not going to work this time. The family and community will continue to ardently pursue full justice wherever it leads.

  • harry

    did the PSNI enquire off minister murphy the names of the PIRA members he consulted with in the aftermath of the murder?

    or does the police and media turn blind eyes to government minsters consulting with members of an illegal criminal conspiracy?

  • perci

    I think its a shrewd move to call it a crime against the community; as it prompts people to think they a duty to speak out.

  • New Yorker


    People will speak, not least because next time it could be boiler suits and bats for them or their children. Most in the community now want to see an end to provo brutality and want everybody to live by the law. But the Garda cannot try deflect responsibility onto the community. They should have charged the murders by now, instead the let the rabid dogs have the run of the country. Why weren’t the suspects hauled in and properly interrogated?

  • New Yorker


    Both the PSNI and the Garda should have fully interrogated Murphy by now, but I doubt they have. He has put himself very close to the murderers by his statements. It is inexcusable if they have not grilled him.

  • Dread Cthulhu

    New Yorker: “People will speak, not least because next time it could be boiler suits and bats for them or their children. ”

    Funny… I was thinking precisely the opposite. Folks will clam up precisely because the same boiler suits and bats will be applied to them and their children, with some SF muppet calling them petrol smugglers in the next days papers.

    New Yorker: “But the Garda cannot try deflect responsibility onto the community. They should have charged the murders by now, instead the let the rabid dogs have the run of the country.”

    Comes of not putting the diseased beasties down when they had the chance, New Yorker. A pity they’ve gotten run of the sheep.

    The older I get, the less tolerant I get of this sort of crap… The war is over, there are no more heroes… if there were ever any to begin with.

  • Lenny

    New Yorker

    “They should have charged the murders by now, instead the let the rabid dogs have the run of the country. “

    Here we go again. Kinda hard to charge the murderers when they live under the jurisdiction of another police force but of course you hold the Gardai to higher standards than other police forces. Its been three years since Mr McCartney was murdered, if the PSNI are to be held to the same standards, then the culprits should be doing time by now.

  • perci

    New Yorker, if we are to believe the independents resources and contacts in the gardai; then we may see some moves soon:

  • New Yorker


    One difference between the McCartney and Quinn murder investigations is that we know there was, and is, political interference with the PSNI on the matter of McCartney’s murder and so far such a claim has not been made regarding the Quinn investigation in the Republic – but given the long time elapse, it becomes a more likely explanation for this no-results Gardai exercise.

  • New Yorker


    I read that report and others yesterday. They give a tally of interviews and statements but do not say if they have brought any of the suspects in for serious interrogation, so I suspects not. It comes across as more smoke, no fire. I do hope they are making real progress to a successful conclusion but yesterday’s statement does not indicate that.

  • Pancho’s Horse

    Harry, the PIRA don’t become illegal just because the Great White Mother in London says it is so. Nor do they become illegal because some lickspittle cabal in Dublin say so. They become illegal when the Government of Ireland say they are illegal and not before. You read too many trashy English papers. you boy you!

  • sceolaing

    new yorker
    i wouldn’t worry too much yet about no arrests. let them wait and move when they are fully ready. no sense arresting suspects without full evidence and having to let them go. some of these mornings, may still be a while away, but i believe we will awaken to the news of widespread arrests. forensic evidence not even ready yet. would be great to see speedy moves but this is a major investigation and they will have only one chance at it. don’t panic.

  • New Yorker


    I hope you are right. I’m sure Mr & Mrs Quinn would like to see that morning soon. In the meantime, I hope they have them under surveillance and they do not bolt.

  • susan

    Three days ago the Quinn Support Group issued a statement that another young man from Cullyhanna had been visited by the PSNI and informed his life was under threat from PIRA.

    In today’s Observer, Henry McDonald reports that the threat is to one of the young men forced against his will to lure Paul Quinn out to the farm in Tullycoora where he was systematically and savagely beaten, resulting in his death at the age of twenty-one.

    Two key paragraphs from the article:

    “The issue of a fresh death threat to a potentially crucial witness in the investigation has raised tensions further in South Armagh. PSNI officers left a written ‘security threat form’ at the man’s home. The Observer understands that the written warning included a reference to him being under threat from the Provisionals. Yesterday the family declined to comment on the PSNI visit.

    A police spokesman said that the PSNI did not discuss ‘the security of individuals.’ However, he refused to confirm or deny that such a visit had taken place last week. The Observer has also learnt that the police advised the family that they had an intelligence source who informed them that he would be killed and later smeared as an informer. The man was with Quinn when he was lured to a small farm in Tullycoora, Co Monaghan, and beaten to death by a gang of masked men on 20 October last year.”

    McDonald’s piece may be read in its entirety here:


  • susan

    All of this can only add to the tension and grief of not only the Quinn family but so many young people from the vicinity of Cullyhanna who have been through so much this past year.

    With over 400 people providing witness statements to the authorities I have to hold on to hope that justice will be done. Justice resulting in the arrests and successful prosecutions of the men who planned and carried out the attack. I hope that the youngest and most vulnerable friends of Paul’s friends will continue to to stay strong and to carry on. Please know that so many of us truly are thinking and praying for you every day, and especially when we hear this song: