“a number of significant differences from the draft plans..”

We should find out tomorrow what differences there actually are between the Draft Budget and the one which is now reported to have been agreed by the Executive this morning – in a decision postponed from last week. And what effect the oppositional campaign has had. For now, though, we have this report stating

Details of the spending plans will be outlined by Finance minister Peter Robinson on the floor of the Assembly tomorrow morning. It is understood the final version includes a number of significant differences from the draft plans outlined late last year. The Department of Health in particular is believed to have gained substantially as a result of talks over the last number of weeks.

and is still constrained by outdated political dogma.. Adds BBC report And more reported details here

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  • shankly’s socialism

    If the health budget jump comes to pass that is quite the victory for McGimpsey and the UUP since Robinsons (plural) seemed to be so against our most charismatic of ministers.

    Robinson was also adamant that no one would get extra money without laying out clearly wheer that money would come from i.e. who it and what it would be taken off…..I dont know what he expected! perhaps someone to stand up and say they wanted to fund the arts at the cost of starving children with cancer?

    Anyway…..if margaret ritchie manages to get more for housing too it will be very interesting

  • steve48

    should it come to pass that McGimpsey has gained more for health is the Chair of the Health Committee’s position tenable given that she was so opposed to any increase

  • Mr Mean

    How could the Robinson due give Health more money after all the rows about it ? I for one will be watching the differences will be ?

  • shankly’s socialism

    I do not know how it happened, but listening online, it seems somehow…somewhere, Robinson has been bitch slapped by Ritchie and McGimpsey

    Now it might be they just turned out to be right and so this came through in the consultation, pushing Robinson to concede. However if this was negotiated in the Executive, the skills of the SDLP and UUP have increased drastically of late.

    Robinson was actually forced into literally backtracking on his insistence that money would have to be taken off others to increase any departmental budget.

  • steve48

    The biggest gain that health got was the ability to move budgets and finance internally as well as keeping any savings they make above the three percent effeciency savings they have to make.

  • shankly’s socialism

    Big finish from our self appointed Chancellor.

    But it seems he has had some sort of out of body experience.

    Talking about the importance of the voluntary and community sector (often ignored by the DUP) and highlighting how everyone has a role to play and that we should all take responsibility for our society (always ignored or even denied by the DUP)

    More progress on the humanization of the DUP, if it isn’t just a big finale for a speech, lets see if he loosens his well documented ‘control freakery’ – time will tell.

  • Insider

    To be honest – this Budget is about SF and DUP.

    I think they took all of the decisions based on what was right – for them(in terms of a compromise between the two of them).

    This Focus on Equality and new references to Equality Impact Assessments (what are they) – in the new Programme for Government (in the MLA’s pigeon holes today) would suggest a strong SF hand – and I always thought that they would be forced to come through on the housing front because it is such an important issue for their voters.

    The Health Unions were also very very VERY effective.

    There is more money for housing (as I say a SF issue).

    More money for Youth Services (a SF Minister)

    Roads (ditto)

    There is a new reference to the voluntary and community sector in the PfG (again probably SF)

    And this Equality Assessment (again SF)

    Is it possible that the DUP were looking at some other issue over the last couple of days – as the SF/DUP negotiatuions concluded (ring a bell).