Limavady councillors and “audit”

This one is in the Newsletter here.

It seems that the councillors have audited the council buildings and found items which offend against a “neutral environment”

The articles they find objectionable seem to be:
Three pictures in a hallway, at least one of which was a gift from a regiment at Ballykelly Army base following a visit to the council

One Royal British Legion certificate;

Artwork presented to council by the 8th Infantry Brigade;

A Charles and Diana mug;

One dragon from the 1st Battalion Welsh Guards;

A Royal Engineers paper weight;

A 22nd Regiment Cheshire plate.

Additionally after debate and apparently an internet search they discovered that they were offended by a statue of a William Massey Ferguson, a former native of Limavady who went on to become Prime Minister of New Zealand. However, he was also an orange man and as such his statue appears to be unacceptable.

One can only speculate at the horrific effects that a model dragon must have on the neutrality of the Limavady council’s enviroment.

Clearly unionist engagement is in full swing.

  • eranu

    From the Newsletter
    “So thorough was their trawl that the document reveals they had to do an internet search before they could establish if they were offended by a statue at the council doors.

    After some lengthy debate, they decided they were. And so they want the monument to local man William Massey Ferguson, who left the town in the late 1800s and became Prime Minister of New Zealand, pulled down.”

    you can just picture them crowded round a computer screen googling away. occasionally glancing out the window at the statue with an eyebrow raised questioning look on their face. then the results are displayed, they click on a link or two, scan through the information displayed, looking for anything, anything that will allow them to call it offensive…. then there it is! aswell as all that prime minister stuff it seems he was an orangeman!! yay! we CAN be offended!!

    the childishness of some people. to be honest i dont know how anyone can take people who are this bitter and petty seriously. hilarious and appalling at the same time, a real head scratcher..

  • lib2016


    The point of the exercise is to reveal how childish and petty the system was and is which makes nationalist Irishmen and women ‘non-people’ in their own country.

    Both cultures need to be respected, not just the one with a narrow majority. Until that happens expect further wind-ups. 😉

    Mind you, if the Orange Order doesn’t do something about cleaning up their own image they face further rejection by all sides. It’s not just Sinn Fein who find their antics offensive.

  • Citizen Anderson

    “the childishness of some people. to be honest i dont know how anyone can take people who are this bitter and petty seriously. hilarious and appalling at the same time, a real head scratcher..”

    Does this follow on from the previous post?

    Are we talking about Shinners or Newsletter columnists?

  • iain

    “you can just picture them crowded round a computer screen googling away.”

    do you know that anyone actually did this, or is it just speculation

    and getting back to the point of the post (as opposed to simply ranting against Nationalists), the audit was to identify items which offend against a “neutral environment”.

    this apparently is a quote from the newsletter so due care should be taken as to its accuracy.
    However, putting taste aside, are the items mentioned neutral or not? i would say they are not neutral in the strictest sense (its up to the council to decide if they are objectionable)

    Incidently, has anyone actually demanded that these items be removed? does anyone know? or is it better to just have a rant about petty/evil/insincere/whinging Nationalists are?

  • Citizen Anderson

    Small point,

    Aren’t councils under a statutory obligation to undertake periodic equality impact assessments? In North Down we recentlt had one which concerned the flying of the Union Falg (which we do outside Bangor Castle, on the Maypole in Holywood and outside the Queen’s Hall Leisure Centre). Apparently we concluded that they were unlikely to start a fight and we decided to keep them.

    Another mini adventure.

  • Harry Flashman

    [b]Éireannach Saolta[/b]

    *Harrry if i remember the program correctly Derry city council had 12 unionist councillors returned on 12,000 votes and only 8 nationalist councillors returned on 18,000 votes. Id say thats blatant gerry mandering.*

    Right so when all this gerrymandering and vote rigging and ballot manipulation and all the rest of the stuff that made Derry the so-called capital of unionist misrule was ended then Derry must have finally achieved its rightful massive Nationalist majority council then shouldn’t it?

    Er, no, actually in the 1973 election, when all the reforms demanded by the Civil Rights Association had been implemented the results were 9 Unionist councillors, 4 Alliance councillors (let’s call them small “U” unionists shall we), 10 SDLP, 3 Republicans and one Independent. Hardly any great change, yet a huge plank of the whole story surrounding Unionist oppression in Northern Ireland has been the myth of so-called gerrymandered Derry.

    Indeed if I recall correctly, and I can’t locate my source, but I believe the unionists only failed to get a majority of councillors in the “reformed” Derry Corporation as a result of second preference transfers, on a strictly “one man one vote” basis the Unionists would have had a perfectly legitimate majority of councillors in the so-called Nationalist bastion of Derry.

    It’s history folks but not as we’ve been told it.

  • eranu

    lib, what system is childish and petty? i dont follow you? if you’re trying to change the subject to hide the embarrasment of what councillors in limavady are like, then fair enough..
    what do you think of people who make a list of mugs, paper weights and statues of New Zealand PMs that cause them offence? i mean, S E R I O U S L Y !! dont you think this is just a bit mad??

    CA, nope. i read the newsletter article and had to check the date incase it was the 1st of april.

    people need to have a bit of self respect and just calm down. im sure councillors pick up gifts from lots of institutions and organisations around the UK, and probably from other countries too. if big Ian wanted to put that bowl he got from bertie in the castlereagh council office, would anyone seriously be offended??

    catch yerselves on in limavady..

    i think someone mentioned hunger strikers earlier. trying to say that council offices should display tributes to terrorists is frankly bonkers. come on now..

  • eranu

    ian, the newspaper article said they had to peform an internet search to find out info on the statue, i assume they used google. imagine googling something to see if you can be offended!

    if people cant see this sort of “thats offensive” thing for anything other than silly childishness then they honestly need some sort of therepy. its like something that would have been the main story on the portadown news.

  • RepublicanStones

    some people fail to realise to to many in the nationalist community, it was the british army who were the terrorists. so it seems to be a case of “we can put ours up but your not allowed put yours up” unionists double standards. british army memorabilia, does not a neutral working environment make. end of !

  • eranu

    RS, do you think anyone actually takes that line seriously? its just a tired old nonsense that some throw up, in this case when trying to divert attention when they’ve just made fools of themselves 🙂

  • nineteensixtyseven


    It has nothing to do with what offends particular councillors and everything to do with maintaing a neutral work environment. Either you are being disingenuous or you are just lacking in intelligence.

    “i think someone mentioned hunger strikers earlier. trying to say that council offices should display tributes to terrorists is frankly bonkers. come on now..”

    This proves you have barely even bothered to read the thread. Yes, someone DID mention hungerstrikers and it was in reference to the councillors’ decision to label a a republican book as one of the artefacts meriting removal not, as you have alleged, to do with displaying a tribute.

  • lib2016


    It’s the line that 45% of the population of NI accept, plus the vast majority of people outside NI who are aware of the situation here.

    The phantasy that British imperialism is still defensible in this century is held by very few people apart from Irish unionists and some readers of the Daily Mail.

    Your inability to see that republicans are pointing out how ridiculous it is to pretend that Irish republicans are ‘non-people’ in their own land tells it’s own story.

    The flags flown on public buildings should reflect society or they should not be flown.

  • good grief


    You’ve trotted that line out before, the one where you hint that the conflict in NI was IRA + Rest of World vis the Brits. It wasn’t. Get over it. If you can point out the groundswell of support for the IRA by democratically elected governments across the world i’ll agree with you. Otherwise i’ll continue considering most of what you say to be polemical and not based in reality.

    What is your claim about 45% of the populace of NI ? I have the feeling it’s something inane like the fact that this proportion of people believe the Brits to be terrorists but i’d like to here you explicitly state this before i fall off me stool laughing.

    That said..I agree with your last sentence. All nothing with the flags and emblems I say…at least in public buildings.

  • eranu

    nineteensixtyseven, sorry, i didnt read all the thread. alot of it seemed to be ranting which i dont bother reading any more. its a waste of time. but pro terrorist books shouldnt really be on display in a council office should they? (if thats what it was)
    do you actually support this petty picking out of things and saying they are offensive? do you think that is normal behaviour?
    i work with a guy from new zealand, should i tell him about a statue in NI of an ex PM that is so offensive that people want it removed?
    he would think me mad.

    the neutral environment thing just isnt practical. its the wrong way to be thinking if you want to have a normal society. people still havent figured that out. theres nothing wrong with a charles and diana mug, but there is with say putting up a poster of ‘C Company’. on a scale of 1 to 10, its really only the things at 9 or 10 that need something done about them.
    people who work in other countries will tell you what a normal working environment is. basically where people dont look for offence, they just do something if they are actually offended.
    the neutral idea will have to be got over at some stage in favour of tolerating difference. but at the end of the day, terrorist related stuff is never going to be acceptable.
    there should be a thread on it some time maybe.

    “It’s the line that 45% of the population of NI accept, plus the vast majority of people outside NI who are aware of the situation here”

    you think all catholics think the army are terrorists? im sorry but this is nonsense.

    what do you mean here? are we getting into the 1800s catchphrases that were phoning paddy the other day?

    “pretend that Irish republicans are ‘non-people’”
    who is doing this? and how?
    irish republicans lose the run of themselves and get offended over a paper weight. then you are saying that people are pretending they are a non people?

    to be honest i dont see how anything you said in that post relates to what they actually did.
    their actions show them to be very petty and in my view childish. sometimes things in the warped NI world get carried much too far. then when peolpe eventually stop for a breath they suddenly realise how daft they are being. this is such a case.

  • lib2016

    The fact is that European and to an extent world history for the last century is largely about the downfall of the European colonial powers.

    Does anyone seriously consider that those powers are seen as anything but oppressors by most of the world?

    Is anyone who has ever read an Irish history book seriously pretending that the story of British imperialism in Ireland is a story to be proud of?

    Britain is the country which has derided Nehru, Mandela and many others as terrorists, with the result that Britain is now seen as a bastion of state terrorism itself. The present war in Iraq has added to the widely held view of Britain as a rogue state.

    There are complications in NI due to the fact of a local majority in two counties but there were good reasons why, even in it’s closest ally the USA, thousands of PR people backed by diplomats and all the rest lost the propaganda war against a poorly resourced bunch of volunteers. The volunteers had the instinctive sympathy of decent people everywhere.

    The British army are seen as oppressors in nationalist areas. I’m sorry if you don’t accept that but it is the truth as I honestly perceive it to be.

    Provide me evidence that I’m wrong and I’ll be haapy enough to consider it – after all I have relatives in the British Army, myself.


    45% of the population consider that the Irish Tricolour is their national flag. Until that part of the population is recognised and their feelings catered for then they will indeed be ‘non-persons’ in the eyes of the state.

    You apparently don’t see the irony in the choice between sharing symbols or having none. For reasonable people the idea of a modern community which cannot agree on symbols would suggest that such a community has no future.

    If unionists see themselves as having no future that’s fair enough. At least we know where they stand, or in this case fall.

  • Good Gried

    Firstly lib…i’m no unionionist. I do not however subscribe to your romantic view of a bunch of murderers.

    If Britain is wildly held to be a rogue state, perhaps you’d be so kind as to detail the states which today impose sanctions against the UK. You’d also, given your analysis, be able to detail the sanctions imposed on Britain by Ireland in light of Britain’s rogue status. Or is it the case that relations between the 2 states have never been better ?

    I agree the Iraq war was a catastrophic, probably illegal immoral endeavour. No doubt you extend the same condemnations to the US, Australia, Poland and would have done so formerly to Spain, Italy and Japan. I imagine i might have missed a few participants out here.

    The following:

    “The volunteers had the instinctive sympathy of decent people everywhere”

    is trite nonsense based on the desire for international acceptance. You haven’t been able to produce a single utterance of public support from a democratically elected government for these republican terrorism. Why is that again ?

    Your non-person comment is confusing, I’m suggesting it’s a fantastically contrived analysis. Each of these non-persons can vote can they not? Each of these non-persons are currently engaged in a political process aimed at democratically resolving our territorial dispute. Factually (i.e. without using your imagination) explain how they are non-persons? Actually..define ‘non-person’. Please.

  • lib2016

    Good Gried,

    The British government is the most prominent client state of the only current super power, i.e. the USA. By virtue of it’s not inconsiderable size, the relics of past power such as the seat on the Security Council, and the fact that states tend to be amoral when planning their foreign policy what you say has a certain narrow truth.

    Nevertheless the party forming the government of South Africa, the ANC, considers Sinn Fein to be it’s ‘fraternal party’.

    No government takes sanctions against Britain over it’s invasion of Iraq although the last head of the UN pointed out that Britain and the US had engaged in an illegal war, just as no country took sanctions against Pinochet, at the time.

    That may change as Pinochet discovered before his death.

    In any event the Irish Peace Process, designed and pushed through as it was by Hume and Adams against the wishes of the then British Government has been welcomed and praised around the world.

    As you say relations have never been better between Ireland and the English Government. That might not be unrelated to the fact that the Brits have now accepted the Irish Peace Process, much to the alarm of the main unionist parties.

    Given their isolation in Europe and their dependence on the USA they didn’t have much choice really. Being an international embarrassment in this day and age mustn’t have been too comfortable.

    As is becoming ever more clear the British not only subverted their own legal system but were also deeply involved in the sectarian struggle by the unionists to exclude Catholics from power.

    Not a good place to be in a Catholic dominated alliance like the EU nor in tandem with the USA which likes to pretend that it has an interest in Human Rights.

    As for the non-person comment? That was merely an attempt to convey the feeling of growing up in a society where one’s identity was under constant attack.

    If you don’t accept it then you don’t accept it. Strange then that you are so ready to cry foul at any attack on your British identity.

  • lib2016

    And by the way I’m no believer in physical force republicism. The physical force bit became inevitable when the British refused good government but it was always wrong, just as British oppresion was wrong.

  • Prince Eoghan

    Citizen Anderson

    Ach we’re jist a great wee gang ae oddbaws. Stick aroon an wee might let ye join.


    Va fungoo.

    I’ll just have to get someone to show me in person how tae dae it, canny be handsome, blessed with a big middle stump and a whiz kid wi technology. It jist widnae be fair noo wid it?

  • RepublicanStones

    its historical fact that the british army were engaged in many dubious and notorious incidents not just during the recent conflict, but throughout all their colonial fuck-ups, to suggest otherwise is revisionism or blind ignorance. the wider world is well aware of britains record in this respect, which helps explain the massive support irish nationalism has worldwide when compared to unionism. the fact that this imbalance is so stark should tell people in whose favour the moral scales are tipped. it is not nationalsim or republicanism’s fault that unionists pledge allegiance to such a underhanded, secretive and unpopular government.

  • barnshee

    “So they found absolutely nothing that would represent a Nationalist or Republican in a Council that has a majority that votes that way? The Nationalist or Republican items were missed as Unionists self-excluded from the review? Or the Council has all this pro-British memorabilia and not one item that reflects the views and history of the majority? ”

    Simple bring in a photo of the gravestone of every person murdered by persons now represented by that “Nationalist or republican ……Council that has a majority that votes that way”

    That should shut them up for a few minutes at leat

  • darth rumsfeld

    The really amazing thing is that after controlling the council for ten years the best the nationalists could come up with is a book on local hungerstriker Kevin Lynch to present to the council.

    Nothing on the great tradition of harpers, John Mitchell the Dungiven racist,or Saint Columba and Saint Aidan? What about the Celtic treasure trove known as the Broighter gold? The great clan of O’Cahan must be miffed, especially with one of them in the running for US President.Even the excellent Cara Dillon of Dungiven could have signed a CD for them. I’m sure even we unreconstructed TUVvies couldn’t have objected to that!

  • nineteensixtyseven


    No I don’t think pro-terrorist books should be on display in the Council Offices which is why I support their removal, along with pro-monarchy mug and militaristic paraphernalia because it is not APPROPRIATE in a Council Office nor should it ever have been. Limavady Council Offices can at times look like a British war musuem and the situation has been ongoing for years. They should just take the stuff and give it to a group that appreciates it and display it somewhere more appropriate and less politically sensitive. There is no point in referencing so-called ‘normal countries’ because NI continues to be a deeply divided society and no one needs one-sided and antagonistic artefacts displayed in a public building.

  • Slightly off topic but as an Alliance supporter I find Harry’s idea that Alliance are Unionists with a small u insulting to say the least, as I’m sure would “hard line unionists Kieran McCarthy and Sean Neeson”. I guess even after 30 years he still can’t his head round the idea of the Princple of Consent.

    From Wikipedia: “It also placed great emphasis on the consent principle and therefore only supported the Northern Ireland’s position within the UK as long as the people of NI wished it”

  • Harry Flashman

    Oh dear I’ve offended the Allianzes, with my “Alliance were unionists” remark again, OK the Alliance wasn’t a unionist party per se, but they certainly weren’t nationalists or republicans either and the fact remains that they mostly received votes from disenchanted unionists voters so my point about gerrymandering not being the major cause of the unionist majority in Derry stands.

  • lib2016

    The BBC are reporting a disturbance outside a Limavady Council meeting with two Sinn Fein members complaining of harassment. “Up to 50 protesters” apparently.

    Can’t find any reports elsewhere.

  • ozy

    aww the poor wee Majority-Rule-SF councillors being harrassed by protestors…

    my heart bleeds, really it does. just because the Majority Rule Shinners were trying to ethnically cleanse all traces of minority culture from their mighty Council Building, they now have to face protests from the despised minority? such a shame…

    terrible terrible. i can but imagine the oppression they must feel being members of a majority of only 70% or so around Limavady, yet faced with such oppressive reminders of the existence of a unionist minority all around them!

    a statue of a former prime minister of new zealand – gosh the pain, the pain of being in its very presence!

    life sure must be tough for republicans west of the Bann – but hey, they’ve got the majority so why not just use it to clobber the local prods into submission! that’s what democracy is all about eh?

    parity of esteem? unionist engagement?

    all bullshit when u look at the actions of republicans when they’re safely in the majority!

    cultural ethnic cleansing of unionist minorities = an “ireland of equals” ?????

    cultural ethnic cleansing of unionist minorities = somehow being “republican” ????

    like i say, utter bullshit.

    why dont these Majority-Rule Bigots just go the whole way and cut the orange out of the Irish Tricolour, lest it blind them with its clearly inherent offensiveness?

  • darth rumsfeld

    “The BBC are reporting a disturbance outside a Limavady Council meeting with two Sinn Fein members complaining of harassment. “Up to 50 protesters” apparently.”

    Y’know I know we should really condemn the incidents at the council last night but I’m just not going to. If you poke someone in the eye you’re going to get a reaction. In fact you’re looking for a reaction- coincidentally in the week the Shinners open their new Limavady advice centre.

    And of course it’s not nice to be spat at or have your car bumper kicked, nor do such unpleasant actions achieve anything for the perpetrators except possible criminal records, but political protest has always teetered on the brink of provoking violence since the dawn of time, and the Shinners have been the most successful exponents of the tactic in NI.

    Indeed unlike the other parties the Shinners weren’t particularly bothered when violence resulted, as their military wing killed several politicians. So they can hardly claim to be neophytes in the world of street protest.

    And being honest about it,in scale and duration this was nothing like what was inflicted on Nick Griffin and David Irving by those nice liberal students at the Oxford Union a few weeks ago. Noone really cared that those two odious persons got some rowdy picketing. Would we all have tutted if they’d got a rotten tomato in the face?

    So we should listen to oleaginous Annie Brolly’s bleating with a great deal of cynicism- her party group is out of control in Limavady (can’t imagine martina’s successor as Unionist outreach officer will be pleased) self-indulging their bigotry that will displease the chuckle brothers

  • ozy

    After all, if the wikipedia entry on William Massey Ferguson was enough to “offend” them so much

    you’d imagine that

    would be enough to send them apoplectic!

    Maybe Martina should be organising her next “cavalcade” down to Dublin to protest and demand a more “neutral” environment for republicans in Dublin?

    (after all they’ve only one seat left down there…)

  • Bemused

    Shame on you Darth – thought you at least would know better…..

  • lib2016

    Nice to see you all displaying the charm and fairmindedness for which unionism is so justly renowned. The ‘what about’ argument especially has proved so successful in the past.

    Despite all the bluster the question remains – Parity of esteem or do we finally accept that NI is a failed entity where we cannot tolerate each other’s opinions or identities?

  • ozy

    Well in this case lib, its so-called ‘republicans’ who are doing all the intolerance of minority identities.

  • lib2016


    “all the intolerance of minority identities.”

    How many times does it have to be explained? This is about finding out whether unionism can live with parity of esteem. Republicans want all communities to be able to enjoy their own identities. As soon as that goal is achieved then the campaign will end.

    Only in NI would the hatred and intolerance of one community for another be such that anyone would actually consider that the choice of no symbols is a serious option.

    Republicans are attempting to shame unionists into reappraising their attitudes. The communications failure is very nearly complete as is shown by the fact that unionists are unable to understand even the concept of such a project.

  • Dec

    Yes, typical equivocating bullshit and arch whataboutery by the usual suspects who appear to think 50 jobless wankers assaulting 2 female elected representatives is a legimate reaction to removal of a small dusty plaque. Funny how when a professional footballer spits on another player it’s disgusting but quite understandable to do it to a woman.


    In future, to save us all precious time, instead of repeatedly typing in cultural ethnic cleansing, just type in I am a cretin once.
    Also, since this is about the 1 millionth time I’ve read a variation of “Is that what they mean about Unionist engagement” whining on this site, I’m personally offering a crisp five pound note to the first unionist who can submit a sentence that contains the phrase “Nationalist engagement”. Just once.

  • eranu

    nineteensixtyseven, im sorry you are so stoked up with hate. there seems to be nothing that can be said to republicans/nationalists that will help them see the chip on their shoulder.
    its clear that you are of the same mind as them and that you just hate anything remotely british, no matter how petty it is.
    why do you think a mug of the royal family or something related to some UK armed forces etc is not appropriate in a UK council office? if things are on display in the office then they are probably related to some council business or some historical person or event in the general area.
    everyone reading this thread knows theres nothing wrong with the items in the office and also the statue outside.

    think about the mentality of people who search the internet to see if a local man from the 1800s who became a PM, could somehow be linked to ‘themuns’. thats all it is. they are just looking for things that could somehow be linked to themuns so that they can get rid of them. totally crazy.

    theres people on both sides who think like that. sick minds. to be perfectly honest, they need professional psychological help.

    imagine if i was a belfast councillor and id been to dublin for the weekend. id got myself an ‘i love dublin’ mug with a shamrock and a tricolour on it. id also been to a museum and got some memorabilia of an irish army regiment, and i had both on my desk on monday morning.
    if you came to speak to me on monday and saw those things on my desk would you –

    A blow your top and get ‘offended’
    B ask me how my weekend was

    if its A then all i can say is its time to see the head doctor.
    if it was B then id say i had a nice time and then ask you what i could do for you.

  • Prince Eoghan

    >>How many times does it have to be explained?< < Lib Please do the following; Stand up, exit your building. Proceed to the nearest brick wall and commence smashing head against it. I'll guarantee it will be far more satisfying than trying to deal with brain dead eedjits. Darth >>So we should listen to oleaginous Annie Brolly’s bleating with a great deal of cynicism- her party group is out of control in Limavady (can’t imagine martina’s successor as Unionist outreach officer will be pleased) self-indulging their bigotry that will displease the chuckle brothers<< Now we know that you see yourself as a bit of a clown, but perhaps the irony of mentioning anyone's bigotry obviously escapes you, your contribution on here and the Derry thread is proffering you unwanted exposure.

  • nineteensixtyseven


    I am not personally offended by the items nor am I full of hate but that is not the point. I still find them or any equivalent items from the nationalist/republican side inappropriate in what should be a neutral public zone. I had an amiable conversation with one of the loyalist protestors this afternoon, despite our political differences I would consider him a friend so I don’t need to take any lectures about being full of hate.

  • unionist

    Its pretty obvious that the Dungiven Shinners are a little less than impressed with Northern Ireland’s constitutional position. Roll on RPA.

  • Observer

    Word has come down from the Chuckles that this needs to be sorted. But we have a problem. The group set up to look at neutral working was based on d’Hondt. This means two Sinn Fein, one SDLP and one unionist. Hardly neutral, eh?

    The unionists wouldn’t engage based on the voting record of Sinn Fein. They felt the outcome was decided before the work began.

    So some might say, well too bad for the unionists. I would subscribe to a different view. Now rumour has it that the Leadership of Sinn Fein has told the minions in Dungiven etc, not to give away any seats. But might this not have exacerbated the situation?

    Might the magnanimous position not have been to give the unionists an equal say in this matter. After all, that’s what a shared future is all about…

    But the real problem is the notion that what Unionists did in the past (real, imagined or otherwise), is good enough behaviour for whoever is in power now. The shoe is on the other foot, so let’s hand out an equal kicking.

    This situation in Limavady is pretty much representative of the underlying discontent that pervades the region. All may well be ok with the Chuckles up in the Belfast cuddles club, but all is not well on the ground.

    It’s a shame Cllrs Brolly and Donaghy were caught up in this. I think the blame – if we really have to go there – lies with their two colleagues, and the orders they received from further up the line.

    But sure, 930 jobs aren’t really that important in the context of things. So let’s continue to focus on the important issue of the damn statue.

    Not looking too good for Sinn Fein if they end up going with Coleraine, is it?

  • William

    YOU TWIT, EWI….it is not as you write below. The NZ Prime Minister’s name was William Ferguson Massey.

    William Massey Ferguson

    Any relation to the tractor…?

    Posted by EWI on Jan 18, 2008 @ 11:27 PM

  • RepublicanStones

    Barnshee…thats some idea you had about hanging ‘pictures’, lets have parity of esteem in this idea and put up a few more dozen gable walls to accomadate the pictures unionism and the british accounted for !

    also if its chips on shoulders, all unionism needs to do is look left or right and lo’ and behold there is the grand canyon !

  • William

    Rebulicans / Terrorists and their fellow travellers, the Stoops miss one point….all of the items that ‘offend’ their terroris who now sit on Limavady Council were not bought, erected, put up by any Councillor, least of all Unionists, with the exception of the statue of one of Limavady’s most famous sons. The items that now ‘offend’ were donated by organisations / Regiments of Her Majesty’s Forces who were stationed in Ballykelly and were grateful for the services provided by the Council and the education their children received in Ballykelly Primary School and the various second level colleges within the borough. Therefore, if the Shinners/Terrorists/Repubicans want these removed, are they going to seek the premission of those who presented to the Borough of Limavady? These people have no objection to the Queen’s head on the vast sums of money they get from HM Government so why the worry about a few items, that they had to scarpe around to find and search the internet to find what might offend them. What a useless bunch of tossers these Republicans and that old fool, the stoop Coyle is.

  • BonarLaw


    “So we should listen to oleaginous Annie Brolly’s bleating”

    Anything is better than her singing…

  • willowfield

    Maybe he joined the Order as a man in New Zealand?

  • willowfield

    Sorry, above in response to Citizen Anderson’s question about how could he have been an Orangeman when he left Ireland aged 14.