Limavady councillors and “audit”

This one is in the Newsletter here.

It seems that the councillors have audited the council buildings and found items which offend against a “neutral environment”

The articles they find objectionable seem to be:
Three pictures in a hallway, at least one of which was a gift from a regiment at Ballykelly Army base following a visit to the council

One Royal British Legion certificate;

Artwork presented to council by the 8th Infantry Brigade;

A Charles and Diana mug;

One dragon from the 1st Battalion Welsh Guards;

A Royal Engineers paper weight;

A 22nd Regiment Cheshire plate.

Additionally after debate and apparently an internet search they discovered that they were offended by a statue of a William Massey Ferguson, a former native of Limavady who went on to become Prime Minister of New Zealand. However, he was also an orange man and as such his statue appears to be unacceptable.

One can only speculate at the horrific effects that a model dragon must have on the neutrality of the Limavady council’s enviroment.

Clearly unionist engagement is in full swing.