“reflect the spirit, creativity, history and diversity of this city and its people..”

The £4 million challenge fund for the development of the arts/cultural sector in the Derry City Council area was initially announced in December 2005 by then Secretary of State for Wales etc, Peter Hain, as part of a larger regeneration plan. Half the fund was allocated in June last year and today, the current Culture minister, [and young-Earther – Ed] the DUP’s Edwin Poots, announced where the rest of that money will be spent – allocating £800,000 of it for the commissioning of an “inspirational piece of public art that will reflect the spirit, creativity, history and diversity of this city and its people.” [As inspirational as this? – Ed] Hmm.. The official website, for the Foyle Public Art Project, seems to be under construction. And another website states that the budget for the commission is UKP700,000 – scroll down. Before anyone asks, either way it’s not enough to pay for Columcille..

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  • Entrenched

    I suggest that they use the money to start up a hurling club here in the Fountain area. We have denied ourselves GAA representation for far too long so I’m willing to buy a bag of hurleys and sliothars and go and beat the Taigs at their own game. Our game now. An Foinse Abú (Up the Fountain).

  • cut the bull


    Why not join with the rest of your city and county and maybe even take in a few members of an ethnic minority.

    Lets say you would consider a cross community team with a few Indian immigrants.

    Imagine it, London Delhi Gaelic Athletic Association.

    I think Edwin P[otts would jump at the idea, cheered on by Gregory Campbell.

  • Entrenched

    I wouldn’t have anything to do with any of them [keep it civil – edited moderator]. I’m suggesting that we form our own association. The Protestant Hurling Association and run hurling competitions amoung our own brethern here in the Fountain, and other places like Cullybacky, Ballinamallard, Eglington, Carrickfergus, Larne, Tigers Bay. Who’s with me?

  • cut the bull

    sadly I think your going to stay entrenched.

    Maybe you should start an Ulster Scots shinti association and play foreaginst Irisch men n a hurley crood.

  • The Raven

    Hmm. £800,000 you say? Inspirational art work, you say?

    Average nurse’s wage – £16,000; average spend on a secondary school pupil’s meal – 60p; “NHS dentist shortage hits millions”; unemployment in the North West walloped by an extra 1300 people jobless over the next eight months;

    Sure what’s the point of going on with these stats? Increasingly this Assembly is incredibly Nero-esque. Give them games, indeed…

  • Ben

    Entrenched there’s no room in the Fountain to play much of anything, unless of course you use the lot where the bonfire goes. And no hurling anything over the fence at Alexander House!

    Art for Derry… hopefully something more engaging than those odd bits that protrude into the Foyle as a notional bridge.

    Thanks for waving off the statue Pete, we shouldn’t have to bury that thing again! Cheers, Ben

  • dewi

    Perhaps a digital display alternating between:
    “You are now entering Free Derry” and “Never Surrender” every 10 seconds?

  • gaelgannaire



    Good luck. They seem also be be somewhat given to the Erse but I am sure you can overlook this.