United archipelago – redux

In the absence of a public debate on the implications of UK immigration controls on the Common Travel Area, the UK government is pressing ahead with those new border controls. The 10 key changes announced today include fingerprint checks on anyone applying for a visa.. which, interestingly, the Republic of Ireland has already announced will apply to non-EU nationals.The BBC report lists the 10 key changes


Check fingerprints before a visa is issued. To be brought in within 15 days

Spot fines for employers who do not make right-to-work checks, within 60 days

Introduce a new points system for managing migration, within 80 days

Introduce a single border force and police-like powers for frontline staff, within 100 days

Confirm number of foreign national prisoners deported in 2008 exceeds 2007, within 180 days

Activate powers to automatically deport foreign national prisoners, within 200 days

Expand detention capacity within 300 days

Begin issuing compulsory ID cards for foreign nationals who want to stay, within 300 days

Count foreign nationals in and out of the country by Christmas

Within 360 days to make and enforce 60% asylum decisions within six months