Loyalist Paramilitaries: Their uselessness Mk2

Following on from my discussion about the uselessness and immorality of loyalists they have demonstrated themselves again. (thanks to Wild Turkey for pointing this one out).The UVF appear to have been behind beating and humiliating two young men on the Shankill Road. If you read the Observer’s article on this it seems that the young men have been warned not to speak to the police (unsurprising that). Fred Cobain has denounced all of this, I wonder if Dawn Purvis would like to comment? If so which specific weasel words and hypocrisy will she use?

Not to be out done it seems the UDA are also into this (see Observer article) with an attack on a man in Taughmonagh estate.

The fact that these punishments are for alleged drug dealing is of course particularly ironic in view of the loyalist paramilitaries track record of drug dealing.

The whole thing of course yet again demonstrates that the loyalist paramilitaries continue to hold a malign grip on some Protestant working class communities helping ensure that these communities have little future and little hope (exactly the way the loyalists want them).

This makes one remember the UDA’s statements in November does not it? And it is to be hoped that the courts will help ensure that the UDA do not get any of the CTI money.

By the way no loyalist cheerleaders showed up to defend themselves on the last thread. Any fancy coming out now?

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