Second man charged in Mullingar abduction case

Marvin Canning, brother-in-law of Northern Ireland’s deputy First Minister, Sinn Fein’s Martin McGuinness, continues to be held on remand, as far as I’m aware, on charges of causing grievous bodily harm, false imprisonment and possessing a gun with intent – on the grounds that the court was “satisfied there are substantial grounds for believing there is a risk of interference with witnesses”. And today RTÉ reports that a second man has been charged in connection to the adbuction of a couple in Mullingar in April this year. Sean Walsh, a 29-year-old man from Sligo, has been charged with burglary and the false imprisonment of Brendan Cranston and his partner Linda Doherty . As the RTÉ report notes

Detective Sergeant Willoughby said that gardaí were objecting to bail because the witnesses in this prosecution feared for their personal safety and there were concerns about the possibility of intimidation. An application was made on behalf of Mr Walsh for him to be released on bail, but after examining a passport presented to the court, Judge Neilan remanded Mr Walsh in custody to Cloverhill Prison to appear again at a sitting of the district tomorrow in Granard.

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  • steve

    I am impressed Pete you didnt include the fact that one of the suspects is the brother in law of Martin McgGuinness in the title, you waited all the way till the first point of the first sentence!

  • Somhairle

    Steve, how exactly does a German-Canadian from Manitoba become the poster boy for republicanism? A little case of ‘more Irish than the Irish themselves” or what? I mean at one point as Sean you used “we” to describe the IRA, so you must think that you have some sort of close connection to the republican movement. Do you support a Canadian republic? This isn’t a personal attack or anything, I really just am curious.

  • Slugger O’Toole Admin

    If you feel obliged to comment, try to keep to the actual topic.

  • Paul O

    This is an important story, and highlighting the fact that one of those held is a relative through marriage to a leading Sinn Féiner is a CRUCIAL point. It doesn’t matter that this story was well covered on Slugger before.

    Pete, if Canning continues to be held tomorrow – make sure you post a thread on Slugger letting us know.

  • ohyes

    good news from belfast court. have a nice xmas sean hoey from all sluggerites

  • steve

    Why is it a crucial point and more importantly judging by its placement it seems Pete thinks its the most crucial point.

    I certainly agree it deserves a mention but Pete chose to make it the focus of the story. Infact the story is not even about Marty’s brother in law but another suspect so why make the relationship between the two men the first point of the story