“If this clarity isn’t given, the uncertainty remains.”

Interesting comparison between the reaction from the Council for Catholic Maintained Schools and the reported statement by the Northern Irish Catholic bishops to the Northern Ireland Education minister’s ‘visionary’ statement. First the CCMS

The Council welcomes the direction of travel indicated in the Ministers statement to the Assembly.

In particular, the clarity for pupils, parents and teachers in the primary sector on the ending of the Transfer Test now provides the flexibility to fully embrace the Revised Northern Ireland Curriculum.

The Council recognises that further guidance will be required on the details of how new arrangement for transferring children at 11 and 14 will operate and how the schools can be structured to deliver for the educational needs of all children.


The Council agrees that 14 is a more appropriate age at which to make important subject and course choices and that the delivery of provision can vary to meet local circumstances under Area based Planning.


The bishops’ statement said: “Much, however, remains to be clarified by the minister and her department.

“There is an urgent need for clear details as to how pupils will transfer both at 11 and at 14. “If this clarity isn’t given, the uncertainty remains.”

And what about those other RPA proposals on Education reform?.. or is that where the minister’s proposed ‘Community’ selection will come into play..