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As noted here previously, Northern Ireland’s First and Deputy First Ministers are off to the US this weekend. But before they get to shake the hand of President Bush, for all his help in The Process™, they have an image to project to Times Square, as this BBC report notes.

[Leslie Morrison of Invest NI] says that while there’s still some “residual nervousness” about investing in Northern Ireland, the image of executive ministers working well together and interacting in a positive way helps to convince prospective investors that the process is here to stay and that it’s “for real”.

And here’s how that message will be driven home: when Ian Paisley and Martin McGuinness visit the Nasdaq stock market next Wednesday morning, they’ll be invited to open the market by signing an electronic screen and pushing a button.

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  • This is a good thing, I hope all goes well.

  • red branch

    The thought of either of these guys being lauded and applauded in America is nauseating. Together they did more to wreck the economy of Northern Ireland than anyone else.

    Canary Wharf, the workers strike, the destruction of town centres and the murdering of leading industrialists.

    We live in a cray world, we come from a cray part of that world and we are represented by …. those guys!

  • Those guys are symbols really. They’re largely a symbol of the very economic/social/political destruction that went on during the troubles. They are probably the best individuals to represent NI for those very reasons. If the most polarised individuals can work together the world, and more importantly in this case, the investor has nothing to fear. It’s a good move by the NI government so long as both of them can play nice during this trip.

  • Hogan

    They have both pushed some buttons in their time, it should come naturally.

  • The Raven

    Well. Isn’t this a turn up for the books? Let’s send the Chuckle Brothers off to the States to promote FDI.

    So…I wonder if Seagate will be on the meet-and-greet list? Or perhaps they will just be meeting several other companies who will come, see, conquer and then leave again.

    In the meantime, the maximum grant that an indigenous business can get through the business start programme, is around £400. Nice.

    I will leave the troubles-based significance of this for others to ponder, while I try and calculate how many indigenous start-ups could have been initiated through the cost of this – doubtless important and wholly cost-effective – “trip”.

  • NYC is famous for its cuisine so let’s hope there’s a mess of pottage for the Big Man.

  • Dewi

    We must get a video on Youtube – I have to sat the thought og McG and PAisley jointly opening the NASDAQ day is the most surreal thing I can think of. Brilliant.

  • willis


    I think you assume a knowledge of the Scriptures which not all readers may have, how about a link?

  • willis

    I think we will all just have to accept that Ian and Marty actually like each other, Religious, Tee-Total Grandfathers who distrust the Brits that they are. You could never see Big Ian getting on with Smart-arse Gerry

  • Damien Okado-Gough

    I wonder how many people duck when Martin McGuinness pushes the button….

  • Danny O’Connor

    I see in last nights Belfast Telegraph that Sean Brady is’nt the only one who has gotten a red hat for Christmas.

  • pith

    Wonder if they’ll visit Bob Jones university while they are there. They could surely wangle an honorary something for Martin.

  • harry

    ach Martin will be switching on the NASDAQ market. sure isnt that nice for him.

    and i’m sure all his heros would be proud. I’m sure old Marx, Engels, Che (with the exclusive cigars) and even James Connolly would have loved the same honor.

    perhaps he can he regal all the wall st whizz kids with stories of how he and his party are on the one road to creating a socialist state in ireland.

  • Thank you willis, I assumed that everyone once went to Sunday School. In the Book of Genesis Esau sells his inheritance to his brother Jacob for some stew, or a mess of pottage. So when I alluded to the same pottage being served up by a NYC chef, it was a jibe at Papa Doc who happily does now what he spent 60 years denouncing.

  • lib2016

    Surely any sensible person would wish them well and hope they get jobs for NI?

    Northern Ireland and it’s problems are already passé. Hopefully the novelty of this particular pairing will give them acess to the right people.

    And no, harry. I don’t want my representatives and definitely not my grandchildren riding boxcars and recruiting for the wobblies. We’ve all moved on from those days.

  • pith

    ‘Surely any sensible person would wish them well and hope they get jobs for NI?’

    Surely any sensible or even half-sensible person can see this for what it is. What Mark Twain could have made of that pair of boys and their pointless, expensive circus act. The Thrilling Tragedy of the King’s Camelpolard revived for our times.

  • harry

    lib 2016

    of course we have moved on from those days.

    after all james connolly was a misguided old fool. died for ireland yes, but misguided all the same.

    and of course Che is only a picture on the Shinner’s wall, an excuse exclusive cigars evening in dublin.

    and of course socialism gives Ogra Sf something to talk about in their increasinly spare time. god blass their wee cotton socks

    we know, dont we, Lib, that the 32 socialist republic is only a pipedream.

    as is.. eh..
    brits out

  • lib2016


    For 50 years republicans tried the abstentionism route and it didn’t work.

    As for me – I believe that if one doesn’t like a system one should get stuck in and change it. The GFA gave our children the tools to do that and they will, though society still won’t become just “one big union”. Have faith.

    In any case you are putting words in my mouth. Please stop doing so.

  • Nevin

    Will the Chuckle Blues Brothers, our soul men, be fronting the latest buoy band, Northern Rock, with their new offering, “Just like a Virgin”?

  • pith

    If the old Paisley were to comment on the new Paisley, which of his favoured terms would he use? Would it be Judas, Lundy, cohort or plain old enemy of Ulster?

  • pith

    They are ringing the bell (together ah) tomorrow so sell your shares now. I’m really looking forward to whatever bemusing ha ha ha remark Paisley comes up with afterwards.