Whither the Legislative Assembly..

In the supposedly Legislative Assembly today.. In an answer to a question from the Alliance Party leader David Ford, a member of the NI Executive told the Assembly that, in effect, it doesn’t matter what they resolve.. a Minister, any Minister, can do what they want – unless the Executive utilise their collective responsibility in advance of any decision, no doubt. In this particular case, it’s the abolition of the Agricultural Wages Board. Recommended for abolition by the Review of Public Administration, in March 2006 then Secretary of State, Peter Hain, announced the board’s demise.. and then a few weeks later, after lobbying from trade unions, reversed his decision. The Agriculture Minister, and her party, have undergone a similar Damascene conversion, after lobbying from the same trade unions and hearing for the first time, allegedly, the other side of an argument which they now claim “does not stand up to scrutiny”. Whither the Legislative Assembly, indeed..