Off-duty police officer shot in Londonderry

The BBC report that an off-duty police officer has been shot with a shotgun leaving his child to school in Londonderry – Lumen Christi Grammar School according the report here. Security sources [and the deputy First Minister – Ed] are blaming “dissident republicans”. According to the reports – “A car believed to have been used in the attack was found burned-out in the Creggan area of the city at 0900 GMT.” The officer’s injuries are not believed to be life-threatening. Adds From the RTÉ report

East Derry DUP MP Gregory Campbell said the shooting had all the hallmarks of an attack by dissidents. Condemning the attack, he said ‘if it was wrong to shoot a policeman 10 years ago, then it is wrong today. There needs to be absolute condemnation of this shooting as well as total support for the police throughout the entire community’.

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  • BonarLaw

    shotgun, burned out car- a forensically aware team of would be murderers indeed.

  • Thomas Neill

    In the last Assembly this would be enough for the DUP to bring out all of its supporters in demanding that the institution was Anti-Christ etc. Now look at what they are doing! The DUP are the greatest traiters to Orangism and all the good that it stands for.

  • “i beats me why people who know they are targets hang around schools. how irresponsible and i hope al hutchinson investigates this”

    Is this clown for real or is this what is known as a troll? :-/

  • Briso

    I rather suspect he’s for real.

  • Briso

    Or rather, Real.

  • I Wonder

    Troll alert.

  • joeCanuck

    Yes. oh yeah is a well known troll.
    (Hint) He really hates being ignored.

  • The Penguin

    “In the last Assembly this would be enough for the DUP to bring out all of its supporters in demanding that the institution was Anti-Christ etc. Now look at what they are doing! The DUP are the greatest traiters to Orangism and all the good that it stands for.”

    What utter garbage.
    Another troll, methinks.

  • interested

    Do you have a particular reason for mis-spelling the constituency which Gregory Campbell represents?

  • Dawkins

    This cowardly shooting is clearly an attempt to destabilize the Assembly. It’s also clear that such people are so wedded to evil that they must truly regret the stability of the past decade and more.

    I suppose the only way we can rid ourselves of such evil is to tell the dissidents as often as possible, and from as many platforms as possible, that nobody but the evil wants them.

    So here’s my message to them: Fuck off, boys.

  • Dawkins


    “Do you have a particular reason for mis-spelling the constituency which Gregory Campbell represents?”

    I believe it’s called “abbreviation”. The Los Angelinos and Johannesburgers do it all the time.

    BTW, your “mis-spelling” is a misspelling of “misspelling.”

  • interested

    Your pedantry is much appreciated, point taken.

    However, it doesn’t answer the original point. An abbreviation it may be, but one with connotations in Northern Ireland.

    It has a name – one which there is no reason, historically or otherwise to change. I could have accepted it if it had been commenting on a statement from John Dallat for example who constantly gets the name of his constituency wrong. However, I dont even see that example in this case.

  • harry

    i heard martin “chuckle” mc guinness on the bbc news condeming the attack (rightly).

    i was struck with the language he used to describe the attackers. he said that they had “no popular support” and that they had “no coherent strategy” for a united ireland.

    i thought it ironic that SF and their supporters will this weekend commemorate the Edentubber martyrs. These young men were killed (by themseleves) during the IRA’s Operation Harvest in the Late 1950s.

    i wonder will PSF leaders in speeches to the still faithful, say that the 1950s IRA had “no popular support or a coherent strategy for a united ireland.

    how martin, is your condemanation of CIRA/RIRA (whatever) attacks today, differ from SDLP attacks on PIRA actions throughout the troubles.

    Do you now accept that the PIRA had no legitimcay? or will grant the RIRA and CIRA a degree of legitmacy as they are going the same thing martin did years ago??

  • Dawkins

    FFS, interested, do get a life!

    (And FFS is an abbr. too.)

    A man was nearly murdered this morning in a city near you and all that engages you is how a blogger spells the city’s name.

    And you have the goddamned cheek to call me a pedant?

  • Shotgun

    “shotgun, burned out car- a forensically aware team of would be murderers indeed.”

    Bollix more like amateur night.

  • interested

    I’ve never said that this was all that engaged me.

    I’m not actually sure why you’re getting so exercised about the issue.

  • Dawkins


    “I’ve never said that this was all that engaged me.”

    True, it’s my inference based on your silence over the attempted murder.

    “I’m not actually sure why you’re getting so exercised about the issue.”

    Could be because I don’t much like seeing off-duty policemen being blasted outside schools. I still don’t know how you feel about the issue.

  • BonarLaw


    we’ll see.

    Daylight attack, some degree of intel, and forensic awareness- perhaps not as amateur as some would like to suggest.

  • Shotgun


    I’m afraid to burst your little myth about forensically aware terrorists using shotguns, (that didn’t come from the spin over Donaldson btw? ), but the simple fact is that if the would be killer had the option of going up against someone most likely carrying a Glock, he’s sure as hell going to carry something at least as powerful as his opponent – and a shotgun doesn’t come anywhere near. The fact that the would be killer had to use a shotgun points more towards an armature than the trained professional killer your would obviously like to have us believe. Daylight attack? Don’t make me laugh. It’s not as if the unfortunate victim of the attacks was going to see this coming – when was the last shooting by ‘republicans’? Intel? It’s no big secrete these days as to which Fenians in the community are also in the PSNI.

  • Shotgun

    Apologies for spelling above

  • Joey

    ‘i thought it ironic that SF and their supporters will this weekend commemorate the Edentubber martyrs. These young men were killed (by themseleves) during the IRA’s Operation Harvest in the Late 1950s.’

    In the 1950s this was, right? Who were the IRA bigboys then, McGirl, Magan, Burke around that time. Obviously Adams and McGuinness weren’t on the Army Council as early as that. The whole history of republicanism has that ambiguous connection with violence, and traumas when formerly violent men renounce violence, e.g. de Valera from 1926, being forced when in government to turn co-ercionary tactics on some of their former comrades, fighting for similar goals. But it doesn’t matter. The important thing is the journey when a Collins, de Valera or Adams figure rejects that past political violence and condemns it in the present. It seems strange to turn this dissident attack into an attack on SF.

  • BonarLaw


    nothing came from spin. Just 15 years in the criminal courts dealing with expert analysis of crimes and the tools used to commit them. That said any info you might have on the MO of terrorist shooters relevant to this case would be gratefully received by the police- give 0800 555 111 a call.

    BTW there is nothing in this shooting that should be considered a laughing matter.

  • not as stupid as bonar

    bonar law forensically aware? How stupid is that remark? during the day etc etc. they were obviously stupid.

  • UFB

    Wow Bonar forensically aware because they used a shotgun?

    By your logic the PIRA must have been absolute numbskulls to use forensicallt traceable AKM’s, Armalites, automatic pistols etc?

  • snakebrain

    There’s something in what BL is saying. While those involved may or may not have access to other weaponry, it’s wise to look below the surface and try to see what can be inferred from the MO.

    Suggestions of forensic awareness and possible intelligence gathering should be taken seriously because of the degree of organisation they imply. Organisation implies the possibility of further attacks, possibly emboldened by a degree of success in this instance, rather than a one-off by a couple of chancers for example.

    I’d be concerned, and it’s sickening to see the return of incidents like this that raise the spectre of a return to the bad old days of fear and terror.

    Anybody should be able to drop their kids off to school without fear of attack, whatever their profession. That’s so obvious I shouldn’t have to say it. As a society, we have to be constantly vigilant to ensure that situation continues.

  • Turgon

    Bonar Law’s and snakebrain’s comments are of course completely correct. This attack would have have required significant planning. The terrorists would have had to know what car the policeman drove, when he left the child to school etc.

    The use of a shotgun was also obviously a good idea from the point of view of the terrorists as it would be impossible to trace and would have a high chance of killing the intended victim.

    Shotguns comments about going up against police officers are the sort of offensive nonsense one expects from cheerleaders. The terrorists were not “going up against” anyone. They were ambushing a man leaving his child to school. That is not some sort of heoric act. It is an attempted murder and a strategy frequently used by terrorists in Northern Ireland. Thankfully they failed on this occassion.

  • McGuinnesswatch

    Is the Martin McGuinness who condemned today’s attack related to the Martin McGuinness who said he would never end armed struggle until the British government left Ireland? So war is OK until Martin McGuinness decides it is not OK eh? Must be a very important man indeed.
    Either you believe in continuing resistance to British rule or you take British money and manage it. McGuinness has taken the latter route and that’s his choice, but it’s insufferable to hear him condemn others for doing what his organisation did for 30 years. For years the Provos condemned Sticks, WP, DL, FF, and other ‘quislings’ for having sold out…pots,kettles

  • Briso

    Please remove the post above. It’s a disgrace.

  • A person from Derry

    Sorry to burst your bubble oh yeah, but most people in Derry arent asking that question. Only some people with warped minds, that think shooting ANYONE outside a school, as they leave their wains off, will bring a United Ireland are asking that question.

    Gone crawl back into 1974.

  • fourwinds

    ‘Oh yeah’ who do you vote for?

  • A person from Derry

    he wasnt shot outside a school. go to bishop st and have a look.

    Posted by oh yeah on Nov 09, 2007 @ 09:48 AM

    Alright he was shot up a bit from Harry Grants shop. 50 Yards away from a primary School and 100 Yards away from a primary and Secondary school. That makes it so much better. Good job no one in Bishop Street walks to Nazareth house/Lumen Christi/Long Tower.

  • Realist

    The flat earthers responsible for this cowardly attack have no future.

    They’re beat – and what we’re seeing are the desperados hissy fitting in the knowledge that their day has pssed them by.

    No support worth talking about.

    No plan.

    No future.


  • A person from Derry

    So then oh yeah, besides me obviously not noing bishop street, enlighten me on how killing that police officer would have brought about or furthered the cause for a united 32 counties?

    What changes would this have made to the political goals of republicanism?

  • harry

    how killing that police officer would have brought about or furthered the cause for a united 32 counties

    of course your right.

    how does irish republicans killing people in
    the 1798 rising
    the 1803 rising
    the 1867 rising

    are any of these deaths in these years justified in the struggle for a united 32 county republic.??

    by your logic person from derry they are not.

    the only differnce is that these dead people are safely in past. not happening in a steet beside you .

    but the irony is that all nationalist parties have honored commemorated theses “murderers”.

    fianna Fail
    Fine gael
    sinn fein

    and horror of horrors the SDLP.

    they all fawn over the 1916 leaders. but did they not KILL people in the cause of the Republic. ??

    the psni are still upholding british law in ireland, no matter if martin’s pary has reconciled themselves to that fact or not.

    history has shown that these groups that attck the british in this counrty are in their day

    small in number
    lack popular support
    kill people

    but given time the nationalist establishment will out singing thier praises.

  • DerryTerry

    Of course this attack has hastened the day of the unification of the country. We only have to cast our minds back to the most recent elections, when every dissident republican in Derry rallied behind Peggy O’Hara and swept the boards, putting the Shinners, the Stoops and everyone else in their electoral place.

    Now, that electoral victory has been placed within its correct political – military context. Must be only days away from victory, eh?

    Or else this was another piece of crap from an organisation that has covered itself in glory, and once again putting the needs of the community before their own strange worldview. Like in the week the PSNI, with community support, respond quickly to an alleged rape, our heroes response is to shoot a PSNI man. Coincidence?

  • A Person from Derry


    You are correct in that given time, the ‘dissidents’ will be regarded as Nationalist Heroes. What you have neglected is that between the dates listed above there was no support for a rebellion. Now people are tired of killings and bombings, they are war weary. And by shooting a well known and well liked guy the dissidents are not gaining support. You dont have to shoot the cops to show you dont like them.

  • mcguinnesswatch

    A Person from Derry

    Which dates do you mean? Armed struggle has never, ever had mass support throughout Ireland, but Harry’s post is correct. McGuinness stands on the steps of Stormont condemning the shooting of a cop, but a couple of days earlier carries the coffin of a guy who would have gladly killed every cop/soldier in Ardoyne in his day. Republicans cannot pick and choose the dates/eras when killing people is OK. You either support the idea as a necessary form of brutality within an anti-colonial war or you don’t support it ever – historically or now – and Harry is therefore correct. FF, SF etc all supported it in their day, so their credibility in condemning it now – when the British haven’t relinquished their sovereign claim – is zero.

  • harry

    there wasnt really suppport for rebellion, even when the rebellions were occuring. the people of dublin spat at the rebels at they where paraded through the streets

    as for war weary. I think people were always war weary. who the hells wants to see young people, or just people, being done to death in our streets.

    it strikes be as ironic that chuckle maguinness can come and condemn this shooting. his associates were at this carry on for years and years. lack of support or the horror of ordinary didnt dissuade the RA.

    the shinners had no electoral support when the blew the crap out of derry and other towns in 70s

    the shinners had no electoral support when the killed in claudy.

    the vast majority of nationalist voted sdlp and against the likes of actions that martin explained away.

    what then is the differnce between the provos of yesteryear and today C or R IRA ???

  • Briso

    Posted by oh yeah on Nov 09, 2007 @ 09:19 AM
    >how is it a disgrace briso. its a perfectly reasonable post. thats what people in derry are

    Oh yeah? I think they’re asking different questions. Maybe it’s the company you keep.–

  • Yer Woman

    Oh Yeah, you probably associate with the very scum that carried out this attack. I bet you were rubbing your hands with glee whenever Dennis Bradley was assualted infront if his son in that Brandywell bar. And do you have a quiet chuckle to yourself each time some brainless drunk twat decides to petrol-bomb the home of Pat Ramsey?

  • oh yeah yeah

    So given that would you condemn the attacks on Dennis and Pat?

  • harry

    oh yeah,

    not being from derry myself, i not understand the references to jm doherty.

    whats thats all about?

  • harry

    oh shit,
    doherty is the cop’s name

  • oh yeah yeah

    oh yeah, I’m fascinated with your agreement with Pat Doherty but whats that got to do with the price of butter.

    Was the attack on Dennis right or wrong? Were the attacks on Pat’s home right or wrong? Was the attack on Jim right or wrong?

    Because if Jim took 40 pieces of silver, commonly viewed as an attack of betrayal, then surely the only difference between him and your 2 muckers is that your mates got a hell of a lot more than 40 pieces.

  • Thomas Neill

    How is this comment garbage?
    It didn’t even require a photograph from the IRA for the DUP to jump into bed with their SF axis. If the IRA are now the good guys then fair enough the dissident Republicans (sic) are alone but who believes that? The trolls are the DUP lundies who are now backtracking and saying it’s ok to be in partnership with IRA/SF but it wasn’t ok for the UUP/SDLP (I support none of the above).

    “In the last Assembly this would be enough for the DUP to bring out all of its supporters in demanding that the institution was Anti-Christ etc. Now look at what they are doing! The DUP are the greatest traiters to Orangism and all the good that it stands for.”

    What utter garbage.
    Another troll, methinks.

    Posted by The Penguin on Nov 08, 2007 @ 11:33 AM

  • oh yeah yeah

    Where are these areas? Last time i looked the Real’s political representative got a few hundred votes in the area where all these events took place and was eliminated very early in the race for a council seat. And last time out every member of the boys of the grudge brigade got less than 1800 in the entire city.

    I don’t mind you making a fool of yourself, but you can hardly claim for whole areas that clearly don’t share your views.

  • Answer the question

    Oh Yeah, are you incapable of answering a simple question?

    Should these attacks have happened or should they not have happened?

  • harry

    how may votes did psf get in 70s when they were blowing the crap of northern towns

    they showed their respect for electoral politics when they shot a female electoral office worker.

    so the psf/ira has already demonstrated that votes are not nescessary to wage a war.

    they didnt apply that standard to themselves, so why the hell are they leveling it off others now

  • snakebrain


    Stop letting oh yeah wind you all up.

    Troll, troll, troll….

  • snakebrain

    Your perception of very civilised and mine obviously differ by quite a bit.

  • Rory (South Derry)

    Martin McGuinesses Condemnation is pathetic

    He should just take his BRIT SALARY and stay out of the Republican struggle which will continue in every century until the Brits leave the Occupied 6 Counties.

    Clearly an army exists in the background with a clear agenda to continue the Armed Struggle.

    Sinn Fein and the Provos took the 30 pieces of silver and sold out the struggle.

    [If this continues to be a grafitti-only zone the thread will be closed to comments – edited moderator]

  • Rory (South Derry)


    Does that mean that you are also part of the Brit/Provo PR Machine covering up truth and reality at evry given chance?

  • joeCanuck

    oh yeah is a well known troll. It’s a huge mistake to feed him. He absolutely hates being ignored.

  • K man

    Whats the weather like in 1916? Or can you not see over the ivory battlements?