“our novelty value isn’t going to last for ever..”

UTV’s Ken Reid can’t have been too surprised at the insistence of Northern Ireland’s First Minister, Ian Paisley, that he intends to serve a full 4-year term – it’s the same declaration he got in April. As for not being “some miserable sod sitting up here in Stormont planning some way to bring disaster to the country”.. well, he would say that wouldn’t he? [It will not be an overnight transition, after all.. – Ed] Of more interest, however, is the apparent lack of confidence in the First Minister’s continued good health and mobility from the Stormont source quoted in this Irish Times report [subs req] – on the short tour of the US in December, by the Two Monsters First and deputy First Ministers, when they’re expected to meet with President Bush.

“We have to take advantage of what we have achieved because our novelty value isn’t going to last for ever, and it’s also fair to say that Ian Paisley won’t be in a position to keep flying around the world,” a Stormont source added.