“What affects us most…”

A RTÉ report refers, in particular, to one response from Taoiseach Bertie Ahern in relation to the proposal for a strengthened e-border – as noted here. But his argument – “What affects us most is people entering the UK illegally and coming across the Border to the Republic” – ignores some of the other reasons behind the need to re-inforce border controls.. along a virtually non-existent Maginot line. Reasons such as this. And that’s before the effect of cross-border smugglers, or some of the benefits of implementing Schengen, are considered. Nevermind those other, more global, considerations.. Update According to Mark Devenport’s blog

UPDATE: A Home Office statement says “There are no plans to require domestic passengers to produce passports on all domestic air and sea journeys”. So does that mean NI passengers won’t have to produce one to sail to Stranraer?

If it does, those new UK border controls will have to be mirrored by the Republic of Ireland if they’re to be effective.