“In keeping with the Executive’s policy of openness..”

In addition to the draft Programme for Government [Administration – Ed] and the continuation of that draft Investment Strategy, the NI Executive’s Finance minister, the DUP’s Peter Robinson produced a draft Budget, or more accurately a draft of the proposed allocation of resources. You can delve into the detail here [pdf file], should you wish to.. but I’m more interested in the point that, being an administration rather than a government, all these draft proposals are to be subjected to a public consultation process which is due to last until 4th January 2008 – “Your comments will assist the Executive in reaching final decisions on our priorities, programmes and spending proposals.” [Of course they will.. – Ed]Adds It’s almost as if we, the public, are being tasked with the job of being the absent opposition to the Administration because our representatives in the Assembly can’t take on that role themselves.