Sometimes it’s best not to have a holding page…

Someone should drop a hint over at the SDLP that ‘Everything Communicates’: even a blank page! H/T to Frank!

  • BOM

    Well at least you are having a look at the website Mick!

    Maybe the SDLP are generating a bit of interest at the min?

  • This ‘joke’ was already on earlier today. Next…

  • Frank Sinistra

    So you’ve had ages to think up ten things and are still brainstorming? I know a facilitator.

  • Billy Pilgrim

    Ah come on now El Mat, don’t be humourless about it! Hold the hands up – you have satirized yourselves with this one!

  • hercules

    Hehe LOL good one.

  • Mekong

    Says it all, brightened up my night.

  • Nevin

    Here’s one that’s very close to a holding page from the quaintly acronymed BINNOC – io 😉

    “On the agenda of each meeting are areas where the commissioners can co-operate across the geographical territories. Also the commissioners discuss ways in which public statements can be made to increase effectiveness.”

    There’s just one item of news – dated 12 December 2005.

    Look out for SCYPP and our very own NICCY!!

  • Popeye

    jeepers el matador, what a humourless person you are. sort it out…

  • This ‘joke’ was already on earlier today. Next…
    Posted by El Matador on Oct 23, 2007 @ 09:13 PM

    If that doesn’t suit your sense of hunor we could ofcourse start making new cracks about the SDLP “youth” aka The Communist Party of (Northern) Ireland.

  • The Dubliner

    It seems like the SDLP’s website’s webmaster needs to be a tad more politically astute.