More advice to the “Procrastination Committee”..

Noel McAdam’s report in the Belfast Telegraph reveals that, not only did Senior Counsel for Northern Ireland Bernard McCloskey, QC, provide his legal opinion on a decision for the Social Development minister, he also provided his advice on “the public projection” of what would have been another Executive non-decision.

“If this advice is accepted, the public projection could be something along the lines that ‘… the minister is giving anxious consideration to a final decision in this complex matter and, to this end, has asked for fully updated information and advice from all material sources, including in particular security and legal advice.'”

Interestingly, such a non-decision would have fitted the pattern so far of those “tired old warmongers” re-reviewing reviews.. and add to Splintered Sunrise’s call for the NI Executive to be renamed “the Procrastination Committee.”A quick reminder of some of the non-decisions so far..

Local Government reform

Water charges [at least partially undecided]

The Giants Causeway development

Irish Language Act

Health Service restructuring

Victims’ Commissioner

Policing and Justice ministry

Environmental Protection Agency

Planning Policy reform

The “radical new future for Northern Ireland’s education system”

And then there’s what to do about the past..

Not that anyone thought it would be an overnight transition..

[Sceptical not cynical.. – Ed]

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  • parci

    its a fledgling democracy we must recall, but this week has shown that the two big beasts need no lessons in the machievellian arts..

    yerp Robbo’s at it again, choosing not to have a fun day out with the missus, or watch some footie… he feels the need to make counter allegations .. sleepless nights I wonder?

    NI Assembly political row deepens

  • IJP

    Actually the Irish Language Act was a ‘non decision’ as opposed to a ‘non-decision’!

  • Pete Baker


    Apart from the quote picked up by Splintered Sunnrise from Poots – that it was not a final decision.

  • WTF is the government QC doing giving advice on spin? Stick to your knitting Mr McCloskey, surely?

  • Pete Baker

    Indeed, Mark.

  • darth rumsfeld

    I can never remember a barrister’s opinion being quoted in a newspaper- nevermind on the front page- and then parsed by the media. It seems to me that the opinions are being used by political spinners, and that no account is being taken of the fact that they are not intended to be used as manifestoes. They are supposed to be confidential to the client, as too generally the identity of counsel should be unless/until court appearances.I can’t imagine that m’learned friends are too happy at being plastered over the mediaand produced as champions for the two sided in this argument