“MI5 has taken charge of national security in Northern Ireland”

A follow-up to yesterday’s note of intelligence-led policing operations. As the official hand-over of responsibility for National Security from the police to MI5 takes place, there were reports of police involved in that operation, in the Craigavon area of County Armagh, being attacked and preventing the hijack of a lorry and a bus and, as a result of that operation, reports today of finds of weapons, ammunition and explosives. From this UTV report

A spokesperson added: “All the necessary service level agreements are in place and this step brings the Police Service of Northern Ireland into line with the arrangements in all other UK police services.”

Adds “The transfer of powers took place at midday on Wednesday” Update Of the nine arrested, one charged, one released pending a report.

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  • Glen Taisie

    “MI5 has taken charge of national security in Northern Ireland”

    When was it that they were n’t in charge ?

  • It was Sammy Mc Nally what done it

    Sooner or later the issue of whether SF will actually co-operate with MI5 is going to arise – they have fudged every statement I have heard. This may be acceptable to many Nationalists but I can’t see the DUP running with it as UU will use it to embarass them

  • gareth mccord

    They all worked together and got and get away with murder so what has changed???

  • Nevin
  • ulsterfan

    Watch it lads all posts are being monitored.
    Be on good behaviour please!

  • joeCanuck

    On the St. Andrew’s shopping list?
    Unbelieveable. The stink is becoming overpowering.

  • Pete Baker


    There are other posts where that snippet of information could be discussed.

    We already have a topic here.

  • parci

    on thread, yeah I’m glad of the CIRA arrests.
    What I’m thinking though is “will the same even-handedness” be applied to the UDA?

    Or is it a case of: well the UDA aren’t a threat to national security, so we won’t be moving against their criminal operations or their weapons.
    Actually we ( MI5 ) probably gave them their weapons !!!

  • Sean

    Catch yourself on its only the IRA that has guns and kill people

    the UDA just tickled people till they thought they would die and then let them go with a free taxi ride and a 8 ball of heroine

  • parci

    aye sean the poisonous foundations of the state!

  • latcheeco

    Dd anyone in Conolly House bill them for those “get the the fuck out a there quick” courses we were offerin for thirty years and that they used in Basra?

  • Nevin

    Pete, I put St Andrew’s link up as a hat-tip. I thought you would be interested in a new thread. I’ll add it to an earlier one.

    PS How about a h/t box accessible to all the bloggers so that new stories can be speeded up? Speed of response is one of the virtues of blogging.

  • GavBelfast

    No selfish strategic or economic interest in Northern Ireland?

    Must be a selfLESS strategic or economic interest in Northern Ireland, eh?


  • francesco

    from bad to worse, what’s next lads the SAS taking over the psni..
    shoot to kill policy anyone?

  • joeCanuck

    Sorry Pete.

  • Doctor Who

    Gareth McCord

    They all worked together and got and get away with murder so what has changed???

    I think you left out the IRA there pal, I´m sure Martin is looking forward to sharing a few pints with his old handlers.

  • Patrick

    Got away with murder get a grip. Gerry talked about a war. He must have read about it in the papers.

  • gareth mccord

    doc who very true, very true!!

  • bought for free at last

    “MI5 has taken charge of national security in Northern Ireland”

    So, ultimately that’s what the hunger strikers died for. That’s what the Provos sent thousands to their graves for.
    Did SF even issue a press release expressing their outrage at this? They certainly didn’t organise any sort of resistance. Oh yes, they got an undertaking that MI5 won’t have any role in handing out speeding fines or investigating burglaries – the much vaunted ‘civic policing’ exclusion.
    The SF republican vision died not with a bang, or a whimper, but with a craven, silent acceptance of the organisation SF holds responsible for the deaths of Finucane and Nelson and hundreds of less celebrated ordinary Catholics moving into a superfortress in Ireland. Meanwhile the ‘power’ they wield in the north extends as fas as refusing to intervene in a dispute with classroom assistants, lest the actual impotence of these ‘ministerial’posts is laid bare. The SF project in the south is finished. MI5 can do whatever they want in Ireland. Pitiful.

  • rob

    bought for free at last,

    Its good isn’t it..