An implausible road to the Presidency…

One of the ‘stickiest’ stories of the last few years has been Sinn Fein’s ‘grand plan’ to progress sufficiently in the next install Gerry Adams as President of Ireland in 2012. Not everyone bought the line (Malcolm has something to say on it too). But a lot of people have. Some of the speculation undoubtedly arises from the fact that Adams now finds himself without office beyond his function as party President. Today in the Irish Times, Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin dismisses it also:

I have no doubt SF has – in it’s less grounded moments – pondered the idea that Adams might be elected President. But there’s many a slip between cup and lip. To get to that point would need a lot more than 12 TDs. Would in fact need… why 20 TDs and Senators. A figure that quite frankly is unbelievable as a realistic number today and was equally unbelievable in May of this year. And for all the talk of long term plans, which having come from a party with fairly utopian visions of its future, I don’t find quite as unbelievable I suspect that they might not have been quite as precise.