Crime-desk round-up..

Busy couple of days for the police here. Yesterday three arrests were made as £700,000 was seized in what is described as the largest cash seizure under the Proceeds of Crime Act in an investigation into money-laundering in the Newry area. Today sees 7 9 arrests in an ongoing operation in Craigavon, County Armagh, where a ‘suspicious object’ is now being examined. And, while we wait to hear a statement from the Social development minister on the funding of that UPRG project, there’s a report of shots fired in an attack on a house in Carrickfergus which the local mayor, DUP’s David Hilditch, believes to be linked to the UDA feud. Adds The UPRG’s Frankie Gallagher is blaming a third element – “This situation has been created by a criminal third element in opposition to ongoing talks and mediation to resolve any dispute between south east Antrim and the UDA.” And the ongoing operation in Craigavon – “Like all policing operations it is intelligence-led.”