Second phase of Titanic project launched..

Various reports on the Environment minister’s announcement [also here – pdf file] that the Planning Service have granted outline planning permission for the second stage of the largest scheme they’ve dealt with – the Titanic Quarter redevelopment, to include the Titanic Signature project. The minister’s statement praises Planning Service for the speed of processing the application – a result of their “new streamlined process which has been introduced to deal with strategic projects” – and the pre-application discussions with the applicant which produced “a good quality application which included the necessary environmental information”.. let’s hope no-one objects to any Environmental Impact reports then..

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  • Is this to be public or privately funded?

  • Pete Baker

    Good question.

    The Titanic Quarter archives reveal at least one PFI project.

    Another chunk of public money and a Lottery Fund application.

    And a reference to international financiers.

  • Moochin Photoman

    So does this mean that they have planning permission for the conversion of the Drawing Offices just like that?
    A listed building with such history attached to it can be converted to a 5 star hotel because of the new streamlined application system.
    Hmmm the wheels of industry do move swiftly indeed

  • gram

    The Titanic Signature Project “is a bag of sh*te”. How is that gonna attract tourists? We have an opportunity to build a new landmark for Belfast based around the Titanic. Instead we get another Waterfront Hall and a sop by the developers that won’t get in the way of their primary objective which is to build more luxury apartments.

    The initial idea of a to scale replica was much better. Visitors and tourists love nothing better than unique buildings (Guggenhiem Bilbao)and things you can go up (Millenium Wheel).

    I can’t see many tourists getting off the plane and saying “lets go and hear a lecture on Belfast’s maritime history”.

    I’m surprised theres only been 3 posts on this thread. Someone needs to start making a stink to stop this project.

  • eranu

    i cant believe they’re going to turn the drawing office into a hotel. how stupid are the people that run NI ??? we have virtually zero old sites, monuments or buildings that tourists would want to see. what do we do with the building where the titanic was designed????? gut it and turn it into a hotel.. F ing morons….
    it could be turned into a tourist attraction showing the design process and construction process. thats something no other titanic exhibition would have. people could wander around the fully restored offices looking at different sets with period dressed dummies and props etc. it could be an interesting and informative place to visit. im amazed that this is to be lost so that a hotel can be built. if you want to build a hotel then build a replica of the ship and use the cabins as hotel rooms. that would be something that tourists would want to see and to stay in.
    dont people realise that tourists want to see the history of a place. they dont give a toss about new signature buildings, or any of that modern art sculpture crap.

  • Moochin Photoman

    I agree ereanu, what a waste of a glorious opportunity. It beggars belief that a 4 star hotel(not even a 5 star one at that) is what the drawing offices are destined to become.
    How can a listed building be so mistreated?
    Haven’t the relevant bodies(National Heritage, UAHS,) got anything to say (or do) about this? As a listed building surely there are safe guards in place?

  • Sorry to come late to the party.

    I’ve just picked up the BBC feed on this story, after the follow-up on

    Correct me: have I got this right?

    Right, now, does this not mean that the heartland of the Belfast lefty Proddy working-class is about to be yuppified?

    And that, potentially, the one thing that made East Belfast great among the nations of the world is going to be tippexed off the map?

    Belfast Lough is the only deep-water port (really deep-water) in the UK… lost and gone for ever.

    And no regrets? And no commentary?

  • Alice Burns

    I think it is disgusting that our elected officials are so easily led by the flash of cash and the lure of a foriegn accent! Who are the investers that managed to provide the planning department with such a well managed application? Why is Mizz Foster so eager to approve same?

    For Gods sake leave the drawing Offices alone!! I am sorry if I offend, but “we” have the gall to make the Maze an historical site and want to make one of the most important sites on the Island into a flippin hotel?

    It will be another disaster in the Titanic History if this goes ahead and just like the Waterfront Hall will eventually fall victim to yet another Odesy ballox replacement.