“wholly failing to address the key issues that caused this dispute”

It seems that Chris was being somewhat premature.. The BBC are reporting that, as well as the immediate additional cost of the new offer to classroom assistants coming in at £15million, NIPSA members have rejected the offer [pdf file] and this week’s three-day strike will go ahead.From the NIPSA statement [pdf file]

NIPSA’s negotiator Alison Millar said;-

“NIPSA’s elected representatives of Classroom Assistants unanimously rejected the employers’ offer tabled on Friday as wholly failing to address the key issues that caused this dispute. The 3 days strike action starting tomorrow must therefore go ahead as planned. We will be consulting urgently and fully with all Classroom Assistants to prepare for the all out strike from next Monday, 8 October if the employers continue to fail to address the key issues in dispute.”

NIPSA’s General Secretary John Corey added:-

“NIPSA represents over 3,000 Classroom Assistants and our members have made very clear their determination to take strike action until the employers come up with proposals that address the key issues causing the dispute. They have the full backing of NIPSA.”

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